A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 010: The Price of Victory
As told from the perspective of Sir Tobi
15th – 16th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 010:
The Price of Victory

We begin in the midst of a stalemate between the party and group of Abashi Devils. Thayd puts his foot down and has had enough of talking. Holber in the back of his mind does know that higher level beings never simply die, there is usually a remnant of a soul after the death of the body. As Thayd hears the negotiating over the body of Isosil, he looks up and says: “No fuck this!.” He yells out: “Isosil, lend me your strength! Lend me your arms!” He tries to use Call Weapon: allows him to call the weapon of an ally within 30 feet. The greatsword from Isosil’s large grasp flies over into Thayd’s arms!

Mercy dashes down the hallway to channel a healing burst which heals up Tobi and Taiven. All hear the voice, “Foolish mortal you dare to touch me, creature of neutrality. You will pay dearly. But first we will bring woe to evildoers.” The greatsword in Thayd’s grip glows in an azure light. He grows to a large size. Thayd feels that the greatsword is using his soul to power itself. It appears as though the Greatsword is intelligent and decided to go on its own initiative. “Craven creature of neutrality destroy the servants of evil.” Thayd feels a compulsion in his mind to attack a servant of evil. He immediately strolls into the room easily swinging the sword and cleaving a Lemur in half instantly slaying it. Thayd’s fortitude keeps a tamp on his soul energy. Tobi swings his hammer furiously at a floating White Abashi and a Lemur. Holber, while invisible walks into the corridor, and Mercy channels to heal everyone. The Intelligent Greatsword finally takes over Thayd’s mind. As it does so, Thayd’s Speed drastically increases and he proceeds to double chop against several of the White Abashi demons, demon parts flying left and right. The Black Abashi hovers high above the battlefield and double pushes the button which closes the Wall of Force off to the hallway: it orders the 3 summoned White Abashis to focus on Thayd and take him down. Tobi fends off several grapple attempts by lemurs. Thayd slashes with with Intelligent Greatsword instantly killing one White Abashi and painfully hurting another White Abashi. Tobi takes out one Lemur as it tries to grapple the Templar but leaving itself open to an attack of opportunity. Tobi then swings his hammer finishing off one of the White Abashis in the room with the lake. Thayd steps up closing the wall of force behind the Black Abashi with Mage Hand. The blade speaks: “Creature of Neutrality you have shown courage of your type, but I am killing you. Release me now or you may very well perish.” Thayd lays the blade back into the coffin, afterwards his body shrivels considerably as though his body is partially a husk: he looks as though something just sucked the juice out of him (think “Meth face”). The second to last White Abash at the back of the lake tries to cast a fear ability at Taiven, but thanks to Tobi’s Aura of Courage it fails to effect him. The duo of Tobi and Taiven are back together again! Mercy gives combat advice to Tobi and casts Evil eye on the White Abashi next to Tobi. Taiven goes wild on the two Lemurs that have been pestering Tobi, destroying one and heavily injuring the second. “Taiven where you been buddy!?” “Yeah I just needed a pick me up Tobes.” “You’re looking fresh man. But Thayd… he doesn’t look so fresh anymore.” “You need to lick the flaking skin off my nutsack and thank me for what I did.” The battle continued on until all the demons were slain from the Hell whence they came. The last demon killed himself in the hallway the Abyssal Wolf made his home. Thayd walks up the victorious group, he is coughing blood heavily into a rag. Tobi says: “We’ve missing a wizard corpse guys?” Holber says: “I’m here!” Tobi says: “Tough fight, tough fight.”

All of the sudden, a dwarf appears out of seemingly nowhere. Full plate armor, battleaxe, and very handsome. He has a bow stowed in his backpack. The dwarf has a symbol of Moradin on his shield. He looks confused to be here. His clan is from the Barrier peaks, which closed off doors to non-dwarves 45 years ago. For almost 5 decades it has been warring with drow. “I’m Thorgle.” “Is that with one or two Grrl?” “I am a Templar of Phlthus.” Thayd walks over: “My name is Thayd and I am a Sea Prince of— HURL.” “Do you need any healing?” “I need all the healing.” “Where does it hurt.” “Where am I?” “This is a place of law.” “I am a follower of law.” “Then you are amongst friends. I suspect this place of Law summoned you here.” “Well a friend of mine cast a spell on me, some kind of change location spell, whilst we were fighting drow.” Holber states that the Underdark is famous for its wild magic zones which has unpredictable effects upon spells. Tobi will give the bodies rites of Burial. There are still some unidentified items on the bodies: elven boots of unknown value and ability. Mercy will re-establish links to everyone relevant. Thayd says: “The weapon is made for a diety and it overcame my will. Every moment I held the sword it stole a piece of me, would have killed me if I hadn’t let go. It was as though Tritherion himself. The creature before us is a demigod if not a god himself. Any mortal who would pick this up and grasp it would suffer the same.”

Tobi tried to touch the Intelligent Greatsword: Overwhelming sense of good, law but also hostility. “You were a lucky fool.” Tobi lets go. “It did not wish to be wielded. We move on.” Dwarf explains his combat abilities to the group.

Everyone heals up, regroups and begins exploring the watery cavern. Thayd spots a box partially floating in the water. Examining it further revels it to be an old fashioned coffer. It is not set in place, but floating beneath a mushroom. Thayd runs his blade around the floating coffer, finding a chain holding it to the bottom. It looks as though it was originally hidden underneath the mushroom but in the heat of combat may have gotten disturbed in some manner. Detection of magic, evil, and poison fail to yield anything of note. Thayd disables a poison trap on the coffer. Examining the chain finds another coffer with another poison needle trap which Thayd also disables. There are no false bottoms, duplicate tops, portals etc. Inside the 2 wooden boxes the party finds treasure!

Session 009: Deals with the Devil
The heroes are in a fight for their lives and consider dealing with the devils.
15th – 16th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 009:
Deals with the Devil

Under the watchful eye of the ebony angel the party slept, awaking to the silent realization of the tasks ahead. As everyone awoke the realization of the wealth they slept with started to seep into their bones. The awareness that just a small amount of the wealth in this room could solve so many problems began to blossom in their minds. Toby, however, looked around the angel’s treasure room, telling everyone to “Don’t take anything out of this room. We don’t know what would happen.” Palis asked “what about just the armor or weapons? “. Toby retorted “Nothing. Take nothing!”. As they all exited the angel’s last resting place they all took a last look around at the sheer accumulation of wealth they were leaving behind. Swords and bows were drawn, necks were cracked into place, and spells readied for the days work.

From the night before the party new that pushing the button twice next to the door opened the force shield leading to the next room. They built their pyramid Palis climbed up and stuck his finger in the hole twice; the force shield shimmered and blinked out. They’d looked around saw Palis staring off into space, waiting and nudged him with his chockrams, “Check for traps on that door, would you?” Palis stepped up looked around the door, into the lock, and felt confident there were no traps. However, instead of opening the door Palis stepped back to let someone else take the first steps. They’d looked at him sideways and checked the door himself, then opened it. Sir Toby gestured to They’d for Taiven and They’d to follow him into the room and Toby step across the threshold towards the dark pool of water inside the cavernous room.

As Sir Toby reached the dark pool, writhing masses of flesh reached out to pull him into the depths. Reacting to the sudden appearance of mounds of writhing flesh, Sir Toby lashed out with his sword and taking a step back to see what was reaching for him. The cancerous mass writhed and teamed with elven, human, and dwarven faces pressing themselves against a hellish membrane seeming to torture the souls inside. The twelve humanoid infused membranes seeking only to devour Sir Toby’s soul, struck at him, but the armor of his god held them at bay. The swarm of hellish mutilated flesh leached toward Sir Toby who seized the moment to put one out of its misery, but soon after Toby was unidentifiable in the mass, sending Taiven and Palis to his rescue.

Mercy, Brugge, Holber and They’d entered the darkened hallway being careful given the action occurring at the other end. As they cautiously entered flying hellfire appeared from the ethereal in the shape of a dragon/demon and shook the stragglers to their core.

Mercy and Brugge fell to the ground helpless, seeming to writhe in pain.

Holber’s legs went weak and he sprinted out of the room.

They’d Steeled himself and threw two chockrams at the devils causing them to back away, but they just smiled and persisted. The devil dragons sensed the blood of a good and kind soul. They began to lick their lips, their black onyx eyes gleaming with soul-consuming desire. Mercy saw the danger closed her soul to the world as she did so many times before, praying to be let loose from her bonds. This time Mercy’s prayers were answered. As these Abbashie licked their lips and skulked closer and closer, the greed in their hearts palpable, Mercy’s eyes went clear. The fear left the former slave and began to sink into the he bones of devils. A cleansing fire sprang from her eyes melting the devils where they stood. Mercy’s prayers were answered; she was alive and the 2 of the greater devils were not.

They’d understood how unbelievably helpless the position was for everyone in the hall and acted. He had to make a choice; he had to choose between Mercy, the person who has save every single one of us from deaths door countless times and Brugge. Mercy was drug to relative safety into the ebony angel’s crypt and Brugge felt the cold teeth of the Abbashie devils begin to devour his soul. His last thoughts were of the terror that consumed him as the devils did the same.

Palis looked down the hall and saw Brugge bleeding; being consumed by devils and redoubled his efforts. Focusing, he drew his short sword and stepped behind one of the lemurs. In a single thrust he downed a lemur set on Sir Toby’s blood and turned his attention to his next victim. Palis recognizing his situation slipped into the shadows and waited for his opportunity; he saw it in a lemur that tried to take the downed ones place. Again, swift as lightning two more strikes and another fell. However, as he felt the final blow to the lemur others filled in behind him cutting off his escape. Palis’ calculus knew it was going to be his life or the life of Sir Toby and in a selfless act shoved his blade one more time into a the writhing faces of the devil to protect his friend. His blade spent lemurs came from all sides stacking one after another crushing, biting, and tearing Palis’ soul from his body. He lay dead mere moments after saving Sir Toby’s life.

Oblivious to what was happening behind him Sir Toby was focused on the flying devils and writhing faces to his front. They were thick over his armor; understanding that there was fresh succulent Paladin soul for the sipping if they could just peal back this metal from the flesh. Sir Toby took his hammer to the lemurs pulverizing their wet fleshy bodies on the left and right. The devil dragon however was a different animal. He kept just out of reach seizing his opportunity while the lemurs took the brunt of the Paladin’s abuse. To Sir Toby’s right Taiven saw the predicament and leapt in the air and drug one of two devils to the ground and looked back at the Paladin. Sir Toby’s wry smile let Taiven know he knew what to do and dropped the hammer straight on the devils head sending brain matter across the cavern. With the script written Taiven jumped and drug the second to the ground drawing it’s ire. The devil latched onto Taiven with its teeth and with on quick motion stabbed Taiven in the torso with its needle-like tail. This gave Sir Toby all the time he needed to send his maul to the head of the devil; it was enough to hurt it, not kill it. As Taiven held fast to the devil the sting of the tail finally took hold and a searing cold took over causing his senses to go black. In was seemed an eternity to Taiven but for Toby was mere moments, the Paladin called to his god reaching out to seal the wounds of his friend and comrade.

When he awoke Taiven saw his predicament. He laying on the ground. Lemurs all about him. Sir Toby engaged with the Abbashie and no way out. He lay motionless hoping that the lemurs pay him no attention but he knows a reckoning is coming.

In the crypt room They’d and Mercy saw the plight of their friends and began to make a plan to save them. As they stood the largest of the devil dragons appeared in front of them some 40 feet in the air. His eyes seem to role back into his skull and three more Abbashie appeared. As they materialized choices had to be made “go after the wizard or the priest and her well kept consort”. They’d acknowledging their dire straights reached into the recesses of his mind and found the twinkling of a spell. A simple spell. One that was taught to him years ago to protect him when he would venture into the wood. He hadn’t called on it in years, but it came fast; it came faster than the Abbashie. They struck the barrier and recoiled in pain. They kept trying to pass; to get to the fresh soul of one so connected to her god but They’d’s spell was to practiced, to steady, to powerful. All devil ten devil eyes turned to Holber the wizard. The only prey left to the starving devils and they began to collect around him like dogs around a butcher.

The summons devils surrounded Holber. The largest amongst the devils looked directly at They’d and Mercy and pronounced “give up now. Drop your weapons and leave this place or your souls will suffer under my torture for an eternity. They’d looked evenly at the monster and said “what are your terms?”

Session 008: Unwelcome Barghest
As told from the perspective of Sir Tobi
15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 008:
Unwelcome Barghest

Sir Tobi asks the Tomb Guardian: “Can you watch over us?” The giant answers: “This is but a remnant that has mere seconds left on this plane. Be warned: This is a holy place that has been desecrated.” With that he lays down and the force animating him seems to extinguish. Meanwhile, the Sea Prince Thayd is examining the doors and walls of the chamber. The walls are 2 feet of stone followed by a wall of force followed by 2 feet of stone. Sir Tobi tries to reach for the doorhandle, but a wall of force stops him.


Tobi thinks that whatever force animated this creature was an ancient magic that doesn’t discern intent too much, but Tobi’s guess given same moral background, Tobi would have the best chance of not being instantly zapped. Sir Tobi goes to pick up the corpse: instantly he sees flashes, skeletal face, giant sword, huge battlefield, but afterwards he is able to snap his senses closed. Sir Tobi moves the corpse to the front of the coffin and puts the corpse in a sitting position. Beneath the body lays a giant ornate scroll. The Mage Holber examines the scroll, unable to make anything of it: it appears to be made of hide or something like that. Someone probably skinned something to be able to write on it. The scroll is magical, or has magical properties, and is made out of a creature’s skin. Bruug recalls with his knowledge that any object can be used as a scroll: this particular piece of flesh is definitely extraplanar in origin – otherwise it wouldn’t last this long (e.g. human or elven flesh rots after centuries). This skin is, in fact, abyssal. Sir Tobi touches the scroll and an enervation spell misfires not effecting Sir Tobi. Below the scroll is a staircase that leads down, and that opens up into a small walkway that goes towards the right side. Sir Tobi picks up the scroll, but no one can read it. No one knows what language it is written in, but it is in a repeating pattern of a very structured language. The scroll is 7 by 3 feet in dimension: overall it might take 4 hours to copy. Sir Tobi mentions that if we end up resting Holber should try to make a copy or tracing of it.

Paylis points to something unnatural 40 feet up above the door on the left: it’s a depression in the ceiling about the size of a pinky. The same small tunnel is present above the other door on the right. Holber finds that it does not detect as magical. A similar hole is present above the front door (entryway). So, Holber takes a glob of melted candle wax and standing on top of Sir Tobi’s shoulder will plug up one of the holes using mage hand: it seems successfully plugged by the wax. The open hole at the other end of the room is the next to be investigated. The party makes a human pyramid. Paylis at the top of the pyramid finds a button to disable the blade that cuts off things that are jammed into the small holes (so far 4 of our arrows have been destroyed like this, but this destructive mechanism stopped after the button was pushed). There was no button above the left door that was found. Above the front door a button was found and pushed, this stopped the front door hole from cutting off objects placed inside. Putting an arrow inside the left-door hole deactivated the right-door field of force, but only for 2 minutes, after which the force field reactivated. The party uses candlewax to force the force field to stay open.


With the right force field down, Paylis examines the right door for traps, not finding any, but hearing something moving on the other side of the door. Paylis picks the lock successfully. Sir Tobi opens the door a crack to peak inside. Palyis stands on one side of the door and hides himself. The rest of the parties readies their actions to attack what’s on the other side of the door. Tobi opens the door and sees an empty dark hallway, stepping inside and beckoning the others to follow him. After a few paces, Tobi encounters a man-sized wolf 5 feet tall.



The wolf says: “Welcome, dinner.” It bites on Tobi’s armlet ineffectually. Tobi swings back but being flustered misses the massive canine. The gaze of the creature seems to stop Taiven in his tracks. Mercy summons a spiritual weapon that fizzles out of existence when it contacts with the giant wolf. Thayd chucks a chakrum but misses. Holber casts grease and the black wolf trips falling down. Bruug does an orc dance at the wolf, and the wolf becomes shaken, standing up and running back down the hallway whimpering. Thayd hurls a chakrum but most of the damage is reduced by the wolf’s thick hide. Holber tries to recall what this creature is, but his memory fails him. Sir Tobi charges at the wolf yelling: “Bad Dog! Stop resisting!” His hammer crashes into the wolf dealing his maximum payload of damage. Paylis rounds the corner and the wolf stares him down also causing him to be utterly paralyzed from the canine’s gaze. Thayd’s second charkum connects but fails to penetrate the hide utterly. The wolf chomps down on Tobi’s arm, and trips the Templar, but Tobi calls forth healing and stands right back up. Multiple party members are paralyzed at this point. Thayd chucks a chakrum straight at the canine’s throat, dealing massive damage. Mercy casts her Evil Eye at the giant wolf, reducing its defenses (-2 AC). Mercy follows that up with a Stardust, blinding the wolf partially. However, even Mercy succumbs to the wolf’s paralyzing gaze: at this point every single party member except the Templar is completely frozen paralyzed and unable to do anything for at least a minute. The wolf continues to trip the Templar. From the ground, Sir Tobi calls out to Pholtus and Smites Evil against the giant dog, reducing it to dust as it disintegrates from this plane of existence.



The rest of the right-hand room and hallway is entirely empty. Therefore, the party backtracks to the main sarcophagus room again. Most of the party is exhausted and ready for rest, however, Sir Tobi decides to investigate the small passage that leads beneath the sarcophagus. He finds a warded door, but putting his hand on it, the ward dissipates. Behind the door Tobi finds a treasure room. The treasure room beneath the sarcophagus contains magical armor (Chain Shirt, Full Flate, Half Plate), magic weapons (Scimitar, Longsword, 2-Handed Sword), and 17,000 gp including gems, jewels, scrolls, spellbooks: which hold Mirror Image, Knock, etc. Tobi will warn everyone not to steal anything from the room and to rest here since there are so many wards to this place. Finally, the group figures out that the button on the ceiling above the left door works as follows: 1 click opens the Right Door, 2 clicks opens the Left Door. They decide to rest beneath the sarcophagus in the treasure room, which was wise as there are no ill encounters overnight.

Session 007: The Blood Oath
The Heroes must choose between their conscience and law
15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 007:
The Blood Oath

We begin in the entryway of a large ancient room.


The door does have a crack behind us through which we can escape after the door mechanism has been fiddled with. There are 8 torches that are elven made ahead, in the center of a well lit room. Bruug is immediately unable to move, and is frozen in place: he is held. An eerie silence permeates here, as though it has stood by itself for thousands of years. Tharg looks around the room, and thinks that he sees that recently in this room there may have been recent movement: as though a trail has been swept away and covered up. Holber steps up to detect magic ahead, detecting some type of magical presense. Mercy steps forward 15 feet into the room. A gout of flame erupts from one of the torches and skathes the rogue with a line of fire. Then, a spiritual sword appears out of thin air and swings at Mercy. It critically strikes against the soft skin of Mercy’s left hand, but it doesn’t remove it from her limb. Baron Tharg states: “The torch flickered right before the discharge of fire.” Paylis throws a bomb at the first torch on the left: as it hits the bomb slides through a green energy field and the bomb impacts, the firery bomb not appearing to effect the torch lantern. As Paylis steps forward at the far wall ahead 4 heavy crossbows flip out of the wall: one bolt strikes Paylis, and one bolt strikes true at Tharg, but 2 miss Sir Tobi. Tayven steps forward to roundhouse kick the lantern, but his leg rebounds against a green energy barrier, taking damage and suffers a temporary negative level (enervation equivalent effect). A second spiritual weapon appears next to Bruug and begins to wail at the helpless held victim. Thayd throws 2 charkums at the the far right torch. Tharg approaches the right torch and attacks it, losing (3 points) of strength and incurring poison. The mage Holber fires a splash of acid, toppling the first torch on the right. The left torch fires a burst of flame at Paylis, Mercy, and Tharg – immolating Paylis left lung: it shall forever remain shut and never take another breath. Tobi and Holber recognize this as a glyph of warding. This is a bastard sword: heroneus, cord, hextor, and a dozen others. Recognizing that the spiritual weapon is a Bastard Sword, Sir Tobi steps forward to grasp the spiritual weapon in his glove and intone in a strong voice: “In the name of Heroneus and Cord I bit you cease to be.” The spiritual weapon extinguishes. Meanwhile, two more spiritual weapons appear on the battlefield. Bruugs breaks through the spell holding him and roars in rage, putting his defenses up. Holber also steps away from the newly manifested weapon and prepares his defenses. Mercy lets out a healing burst from the Goddess healing the bruised party up significantly. Paylis shoots an arrow at the lantern, bouncing off the steel ineffectually. Emboldened, SIr Tobi steps forward to extinguish another weapon. Taivan tries to punch one of the ghost swords, of course missing. Meanwhile, two etheral weapons on the backlines are attacking the back ranks. Seemingly in response, one of the torches in the far back corner of the room on the right-hand side fires at Taiven with a magical missile, and a nearby lantern fires a ray of enfeeblement at Taiven, missing – then Thayd dismaltes it with an expertly thrown pair of chakrum. Sir Tobi announces for everyone to retreat back to the initial platform, as he extinguishes yet another flying ghost weapon: he thinks that some of the defenses are perpetual and automatic regardless of player motion, but other defenses are responding to the advance. Several crossbow bolts fly out, one of them critically maiming Paylis’ liver, jetting forth a gout of blood from his abdomen as he clutches at his wound feebly. Another bolt critically hits Mercy in the right atrium chamber of his heart. Several party members back up to the starting platform, as Mercy channels the power of Nayaless healing everyone to full health except for the haggered rogue Paylis. Magic missiles soar out at several members of the group as they all congregate in formation at the starting platform. On the ceiling, Thayd squints and sees glowing blue runes. He immediately discerns multiple traps: there is a total of 12 runes. There is one set of runes over each torch, and four runes over the sarcophagus. Tharg fires a bow at one of the runes, it shatters ineffectually but Tharg does feel a wave of magic effecting his will washing over him, but his anger fights off the intrusion of magic. Holber casts Read Magic and reads the runes:" Servants of evil you will find no peace here. Do not disturb this holy place." It seems the runes were warped to cause some kind of different effect. It seems that it used to be these runes effected only evil, now they effect EVERYONE except lawful good creatures. The ceiling is 40 feet high. Paylis shoots ineffectually and gets by magic energy.
Tobi motions everyone to stay back and not attack. He climbs the stairs, noting that both doors on either side of the entryway have a thin layer magical force rippling over them. A telepathic voice says: “Here lies Aycosil, hero of pesh, slayer of miska. Bow and show reverence.” The sarophagus has 2 rather complicated looking hinges that i’m pretty sure double as locks, but locks are not Tobi’s expertise. The telepathic voice was in a Lawful GOod Alignment tone: that way of speaking is super archaic – only touched up by the most ancient of the ways. This was in the way of ancient ceremonies. In ancient times, each alignment had its own tongue so alignments could tell each other apart. Holber, thinking back on his knowledge of planes, knows that Miska was a demon lord of some ill repute: fairly powerful. No one knows what Pesh is or was. The sarcophagus is made of blue ore, never before seen in my life: this is separate from the blue ore we saw outside. “Show wisdom this is a holy place.” The two hinges on the sarcophagi pop. Tobi will walk downstairs, Quarter inch of density of a Force wall covers the wall. Its clear in consistency. He attempts to pray to the wall of force intoning Pholtus, however this has no noticable effect. “Beware this is a holy place. Here lies Acosyl, Slayer of Miska, Hero of Pesh. Show wisdom.” As Tharg steps up: . The base metal was mixed with gold; intricate work. Probably about 400 lb each, worth about 3,000 gp or 4,000 gp each. Tobi speaks to the guardian telepathically: “I will try to restore the braziers.” To the rest of the party Tobi says: “Give me a few moments to clean up these braziers.” Holber tries to cast Prestidigitation to try to clean up as well, but in return gets a Ray of Enfeeblements. Simultaneously, a rune for the nearest torch activated as the Ray of Enfeeblement hits Holber.
There seems to be some language inlaid into the sarcophagus. Tobi warns everyone of the telepathic guardian that seems to be watching. Tayven received a telepathic warning:“Beware here lies Acosyl slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” Payles got no warning at all whatsoever.

Paylis touches the slab, and it immediately slides open automatically: inside is a nearly 8 foot tall ebony-skinned bipedal being that is wearing armor, which is so finely crafted it actually looks like skin. Next to this being is a gigantic sword, usually wielded with 2 hands, but was wielded in one hand. Next to him is a mace, four rings, a necklace, a belt and some boots. He is also laying on a sort of scroll that has writing on it. Mercy approaches the sarcophagus getting the following telepathic message: “Here lies Acosta slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” Thayd examines the door to the right of the entryway: he is certain that in the area by this door all around there is NOT solid stone. Stepping next to the sacrophagus, Thayd gets this warning: ‘“Beware Here lies Acosta slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” As Tobi continues to clean the brazier, he sees something wet was in here at some point: some residue that isn’t dust. There is a tube that runs down the brazier: it is fueled by liquid fuel. Holber got the same message as usual ending with, “Show wisdom.” Taiven will look for a faucet to switch on: he finds a circular button, one that can be stepped on.

Meanwhile, Paylis inches a hand towards the dead giant’s chest and gently touches him, a telepathic message immediately appearing in his mind: “Servant of Chaos, your doom is come.”
The giant rises and attacks Paylis with its massive weapon, bringing the thief within an inch of his life almost immediately. The rest of the party kneels and begs it not to kill their fellow party member, idiotic as he may be. After much diplomacy, it agrees. (Bruug did use a Fortune Hex on Sir Tobi after all).


The creature telepathically speaks: “There is no point in attacking the helpless. Pholtus was but a child when we walked this land. And Demigorgon must be stopped at all cost. However, you cannot ally with creatures of chaos. Leave this place and never return.” As the ebony giant stands up, Holber can see that beneath him, under the ornate scroll, is an opening through which a person could fit. The flames in the braziers part and a knife appears at the bottom of the braiser. “Swear obedience to law. The Blood Oath.”
Thanks to Fortune, Sir Tobi knows that he is asking everyone here to voluntarily change alignment to Lawful (usually would incur a level loss, but won’t happen on this one). However, once you become lawful, should you stray from that path, bad things may happen such as loss of level. (barbarians cannot be lawful). Primary axis would change to Lawful. Chaotic Neutral would be changed to Lawful Neutral.
Mercy speaks: “I am a Cleric of Nayaless. I must follow my god’s tennats of neutrality.” Taiven, Bruuge, Holber and Sir Tobi make the vow. Tomb_2.jpg
Thayd says: “The sea is calm for no man. Let me bring law to where there is chaos.” Thayd will reach into the brazier to grab the knife and will sneak attack Paylis with the knife: this immediately changes Paylis alignment.
The giant says to Mercy: “Servant of neutrality you have acted with honor and compassion during this venture. I find you worthy.” To Tharg it states: “Creature of whatever you are. You have refused to take the oath you stand ejected. Leave this place now of your own accord or swear fealty to servant of law. Make your choice swiftly.”
To Tharg he states: “While you are in this place you must act lawful. Law is timeless, law is order, law is good.” Paylis gives a smartass answer. The black giant states, “I understand you’re new to this.” Regarding Tharg: “Only if all of you swear to pay the weight of his crime and be responsible for his actions will I allow him to continue. I want to make this very clear; should he choose he may leave right now unharmed.”
Unfortunately, several characters including chiefly Thayd are unable to swear on their own lives that Tharg does not act in a chaotic manner in this place (yes controlled rage includes this). So Baron Tharg cannot enter the dungeon further and returns via the leylines by the guidance of the Hound Archons.


Session 006: Guardian of Law
Our heroes investigate the druid grove and meet unexpected guardians.
14th – 15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 006:
Guardian of Law

We begin in the middle of a corrupted druid grove. Arixidor’s body has been buried and respects given. Thayd and Brugge (half-orc) have already arrived via griffin. Magic radiates from the center of the clearing, from within a crop of trees and rough-worked stone. Thayd finds a pressure plate trap in front of the middle grove of the trees and stones that stand central in the clearing. While Thayd hold the trap down, the rest of the heroes come past into the center of the grove. He disables it by placing his pack on it, as blinking dogs appear out of thin air and bite chunks out of his flesh. He slays two of them and follows his comrades.

A dizzying wave comes over everyone, as everyone except Thayd appears in the midst of another druid circle that appears constructed much better with mithral. The spellcasters realize they appear in a different position: it feels as though both time and distance has passed. The half-orc tells everyone that there has been some type of interdimensional travel more potent than teleportation: “I think we just traveled through a lay-line.” These haven’t been used in tens of thousands of years, but recently they’ve been used more thanks to the death of Dolt God of Portals about 25 years ago. Runes adorn the mithral structure of this grove, in a language that no one recognizes. The mithral seems to be of the purest strain ever seen, mixed in with another mysterious blue metal. The mithral structure is 20 feet in radius, standing in a clearing of 60 feet radius. Trees surround the clearing. Based on the relative position to the sun, at least 2 hours have passed. Brugge discerns that manipulating the layline can be very dangerous because it can cause transportation to a very different time/place.

12 dogs appeared in front of the grove about 40 feet away. The dogs do not register as evil by the paladin and he announces this. One of the dogs in the middle steps forward steps forward to speak in Sylvan (a cousin tongue to elven): “Vile invaders your intrusion stops here. This is a sacred place and it is protected.” Translating through Palis Tharg says: “We’ve been send to find and rescue an elven druidess.” The dog says: “We have already suffered an attack upon us by one of your vile members (referring to Thayd). The Princess has entered the grove she will not likely return: we will not others to enter save one. No you cannot speak to her. You servant of law may pass but know that if you do you may never come out.”

“Greetings I am Astenosis. You are in the Ardi Forest, on the Continent of the Flaness. You are approximately 48 miles from where you once were. IT is an ancient place where no mortals should come. Even elves are best to avoid here. 2 of my pack are dead. You are not to tamper as you did in the prior grove. Things must remain as they are, undisturbed. There is no evil here: we have kept its presence at bay for time upon time so long that no one even knows. There is no evil here, there is only a shadow of what once was. The princess may never come back: the princess was very friendly to my packmates and they allowed passage to the grove where they should not have. You are a servant of law. I am only 17 years old however my pack has guarded these groves as far back as any of us can remember. This particular time of season a strange things always come about here (referring to dreams).”

Blinks dogs are ultra lawful, known as excellent guardians as good creatures. They bar our passage until SIr Tobi points out that these mortals may not be good but they do follow Baron Tharg, i.e. they follow their own strange laws.
“I will allow you to go. There will undoubtedly be dangers. DO not defile what you see. Act with honor and respect. And perhaps I will see you.” Turns out Thayd killed 2 parents of 17 pups. Thayd asks for his equipment pack: it is soaked in urine. “The only evil there comes with you. I urge you not to go.” But allows us to pass.
“The grove contains the same type of layline, however the magic is old. Perhaps it would behoove your group should somebody take a deeper look at it.” The third grove is even older than the second. Brugge thinks that we should all travel in the same timeline as the elven princess. He thinks we should wait here until the time comes along that is ideal to follow the princess.

The party rests near the blink dogs, recovers fully. More of the same visions come to the group. Meanwhile, Taiven copies the runes on the layline. After the party rests, we appears in front of a gate: a building made out of a bluish metal. On the front gate is the same type of glyph: ancient and magical: strong abjuration magic.




We see tracks and blood, which is confirmed by Mercy to be elven blood: it is not fresh, but still slightly wet. The door has a indentation where a hand may be placed in. As Thayd opens the gate, a ray attacks him in the center of his chest. As Thayd steps in, the gate attempt to close so he jumps back out: we all see the ray illuminated him in faerie fire. The group gets ready to run across the threshold again as Baron Tharg pushes his hand against the door: only one force bolt hits him and the entire group makes it across as the door shuts behind them with a deafening thud.

Sesssion 005: The Forest and The Druid
Strange visions disturb the caravan and a missing druid complicates the situation.
11th – 13th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 005:
The Forest and The Druid

During the evenings routine many saw Thay’d, one of the main saviors from the previous evening, and the elven Prince Siradar enter into an intense conversation. They stepped away from the rest of the caravan seeming to enter into an almost meditative state, only intermittently and quietly the elven prince touching on points instruction. After a few hours of conversation Thay’d went to his sister and entourage. There he was seen having a short and terse exchange with his right hand. Turning he met the eyes of his sister, gave her a hug, tied a light pack to his saddlebags, leapt into the saddle, and left the caravan behind. Tharg and Palis later walked over to find out where he had gone from Thay’d’s sister; she only said he had gone to see the elven court and would be back in a few days.

Later that evening as the caravan slept many were roused in the middle of the night by vivid dreams of an ebony army doing battle with a hoard of disfigured demons. As the caravan started to wake several of the party saw visions of this same battle standing awake and in shock. It was the Druid princess that felt the pull the most, heading towards the reverent wood with haste. The ever vigilant Eric caught the movements of the princess as she made her way into the dark forest and calling out to her tried to give warning; asking her to hold and wait for the elven rangers to escort her. The princess persisted asking Eric if he hears the calling, saw the visions…saying “They beckon me. They beseech my presence. I must go now; come with me young Eric.”

Eric having the wit and wisdom to know when to seek help reached out and held the princess tight. Saying ”please trust me. Wait for your rangers. We will keep you safe in your communion.” Holding fast to her arm Eric heard a low guttural growl over his left shoulder. A cold chill came over his arm and the princess took the opportunity to break the grip and flee into the woods with her bear keeping close watch on the adventurer/protector. As the rest of the camp roused Tannis came up and spoke to the bear absentmindedly gripping the big beast’s fur. He turned to Eric telling him that the princess has the right to enter the forest to commune with the forest if she feels it’s pull and was not particularly alarmed.

Lord Tharg, Sir Joss and the rest of the caravan leadership came upon the seen. With the bear’s not-to-happy expression making it plain that none should chase after her friend Tannis Calmed the beast telling it that “We must be civil to the riffraff.” All was explained to the group and the non-elves were extremely nervous. Lord Tharg explained to Tannis his concerns for the well-being of the princess. “We were charged with her safe return to your people, but were told to expressly stay out of the forest. How are we to accomplish both of these things when she runs into what is effectively off limits.” Tannis chuckled, saying “ I see your quandary.” He offered his help in entering the forest to find the princess but could not be gone long because of his leadership duties. Tharg accepted his help and the party began to prepare to enter the forest.

As Tharg began to prepare himself many of the caravan felt abandoned. They saw their leader leaving to help a fare princess maiden, with little regard for their safety and well-being. Sir Joss the stalwart, Sir Joss the caravan’s protector, Sir Joss the brave and loyal champion of the people stood to take the reigns of power in the Baron’s absence. The ever present Sir Joss has already seen to the needs of the his people and will do his duty in caring for all how are under his charge. Rumblings have been heard throughout the caravan that the dragon man does not care for the little humans and it is only the protection of Sir Joss that prevents him from devouring any who cross his path. \

Tannis saw the party into the forest and soon picked up the elven princess’ trail . A single kinkedblade of grass gave the princess’ hurried steps away and the party was soon on her trail. Tannis found a the resting place and we set off in the direction he sent us, but even the great elven tracker Tannis of the elven wood stood no chance against a Druid in her own home. We soon lost the trail and for the majority of the day wondered lost. Tannis, already away from his charges to long, bade us farewell and went back to the caravan to assist with feeding the people. Lord Tharg to the lead and began tracking the princess with few results. As the sun hit early afternoon and the party hopelessly lost, we took a rest. Mercy explained to the group that she could take a look above the trees to see if she could find the princess. Lord Tharg wondered how she would be able to see through the thick “FOILAGE!!”, and she replied her senses allowed her to see through the vegetation. Everyone agreed, the best hope is finding the princess was to have Mercy take a look. She closed her eyes, spoke a few words under her breath, and as she opened her again a flash of translucence shot into the air. Looking around Mercy could not find the princess but she did find a Druid Circle (a likely place for Druidic communing) and mountains of mobile vegetation heading in the party’s direction.

Shambling Mounds
Baron Tharg attempted to circumnavigate the moving mountains of putrid compost but as we entered a slight clearing of trees three of the monstrosities attacked. Holber, Mercy,, and Eric were trounced at once. The mountains of vegetation had eyes and stomachs for elven blood. They attacked each of our elven friends with devastating efficiency. We were not to give up our friend so easily and Baron Tharg reached into his dragon soul releasing the fire given to him by his mother. With reckless abandon Tharg tore into the putrid shrub getting its attention.

The second of the shrub mountains saw its chance to taste sweat elven meat and locked its attention on Eric. As it attacked it connected with one of its large trunks battering Eric, but as it tried to rend Eric in two he went translucent and the blow past right through him. Sir Tobias, seeing his compatriot in dire straights leapt to Eric’s aid and cut the monstrosity in two with one great strike his sword.

The third mound of putridity sniffed out another of the half-elves and almost tore Holbar in two. Feeling the rotting vegetation surrounding him, Holbar reaches into his front pouch, produces a vial, drinks, and vanishes. The next the party sees of Holbar when he appears in a a flash of light as it is hurled towards the mound that attacked him. The mountain of rotting trees roars as it reaches for it’s eyes and reacts by slamming its tree trunk arms into the ground finding no purchase Toby seeing Eric is safe charges the mound and cuts in to the ground dead

Taiven spins, leaps and takes a tactical point behind the first mound, strikes with a knee crashing it into it’s side. The first pile of refuse knows that it must get through the dragon man to get to the elven flesh and so beats the shoulder of the Half dragon as it grabs and attempts to tear him in two. Taiven watched though as the monster clearly snapped Tharg shoulder it began to knit itself back together. Looking around to see who may have done that Taiven saw Mercy standing looking as though her shoulder was out of place. Seeing his advantage, Tharg rushed the pile of grass cutting it first from shoulder to midsection. Then repeatedly slamming the six-foot long blade into now unmoving mass like he was reaping wheat.

After the battle was finished Mercy and Sir Tobias generously gifted the party by leading all. The mounds began melting away and within were found a potion, a pair of boots and 400 gold nobles.

As the party continued to wander lost in woods a clearing was spotted. Thinking it the clearing Mercy had found, the band made haste to see if they could find Princess Estinas. Instead as they entered the clearing music could be heard, superficial dancing shadows could be seen along the fringe of the clearing. In the first light of sun seen in hours they witnessed two nymphs enjoying each other’s company in the most adult way and a Satyr lifting his spirits with a tune from his Pan flute. As they entered Eric, Taiven, and Holbar found themselves enraptured by the scene. The Satyr friendly as can be, said “ Welcome friends!! Share my circle and all within! I haven’t seen people in such a long time. No one enters this forest and I am missing the company of intelligent beings.” He smiled and handed a bottle of what smelled to have been very strong alcohol to the group in general. Taiven walked into the circle, smiled, took a single large swig, and passed out.

Eric seeing the intertwined nymphs flooded at the Satyr; the Satyr looking between him and the nymphs, smiled, and said “Be my guest friend.” Eric slinked between the nymphs and began to feel the warmth of the nymphs dance. It soaked into his veins as he closed his eyes and began to keep time with the nymphs music. Sir Tobias shrugged “interesting elven custom.” and turned his attention to the Satyr feeling something afoot.

Sir Tobias stayed back taking in the scene with the contempt reserved for the weak. Holbar and Tharg both saw the goings on and smiled, reached for, what one could only assume, was a bottle of alcohol, and drank. Staggered the two faring better than the passed out Taiven and Toby suspected that the Satyr was not just the jolly free-loving forest icon known for stories. Suspicious of the openness, Toby asked “ Good Satyr have you seen a elf in these parts in the last day? We are in need to find the maiden and return to our friends.” The Satyr, irritated by the break in revery, said “Why should I answer such questions from a man that would not break break with me or share my drink? You can never trust anyone who does not partake.” “And you lass”, speaking to Mercy, “come join my nymphs as your friend has. Take that ugly armor off and come join the fun.” Mercy at once fought wind of the deceit. Her eyes narrowing she stepped back from the Satyr next to Toby.

At this point Toby, Tharg, and Mercy were weary of the Satyr’s act and were looking to get out with there pride intact. Tharg spoke up “I have partaken and my friend speaks true. We need to find the elf maiden and get back to our business. Please good sir, if you have seen her give us her direction and we’ll be on our way.” The satyr sighed resigning himself (for he was definitely a male) to the loss of his quarry. The elf maid went towards the Druid Circle that way, pointing to the north. Here’s a map that will take you there.” Reaching out he gave hugs to each of the party saying his farewells, as we were saying our farewells to a significant portion of our treasure. The only one of us who received services for the payment made was Eric. The party went on their way following the Satyr’s map until the party was lost again.

Back on track the party saw the deep shadows falling across the forest floor and decided to stop for the night. Many in the party thought traveling by night would be a fools errand and decided to make camp. Taiven handed out hard tack to everyone to get something in their stomachs after a long day of being fleeced and beaten. Guard duty was set and everyone else went to sleep. Peculiarly, Taiven climbed the tree built a hammock and fell fast asleep with everyone else. Tharg heard a sound coming from the darkness and as he crouched he began to hear the sounds of giant. “I smell food stuff from over this way”. “Many different smells; yummy elfy smells, other smells too.” The green long nosed giants crept into view of the Dragonborn and his side kick. He shook Mercy awake saying “wake the others; trolls.” The trolls raced in to attack and were met with steel from Tharg’s massive blade. The trolls countered tearing a huge piece of flesh from Tharg’s chest. Mercy seeing the violence goes into action and in a loud voice reached into her well of magic and sealed the wounds inflicted by the troll.

Mercy’s battle cry awoke the rest of the party; Eric quickly assessing the situation tried to step back away from the nearest troll. But, the troll see his quarry beating a retreat slammed both of his giant hands into the elven archer, severing his arm, and dropping his lifeless body to the ground. Taiven looking down from his perch jumps to Eric’s aid, if a little late, and lands next to the giant meat eater giving two swift punches to the kidneys sending the troll back a step.

Holbar quickly rose from his sleep and stepped away from the fray readying a spell and as the green Goliath pursued Holbar sprayed a spell at his feet. The troll looked at what the Wizard pointing to and fell flat on his back. The wizard grinned and began preparations for the monsters demise.

Palis readied his bow and let loose an arrow straight at the first green meat eater. In position Tharg screamed into the monster’s face and released a torrent of steel in retribution for the fallen Eric. The Troll feeling the wet sticky green substance pouring from his wounds smiled and returned the favor sending Tharg reeling back towards Mercy. However, as Tharg stepped back into the fray his wounds had noticeably diminished from when the blows had been landed mere seconds before. Taiven, trying to distract the beast, dove into its back. The troll looked over its shoulder and smirked at the little man. But, before the monster could remove Taiven’s head from his body a blinding light hit each of the monsters causing them to reel in pain.

As the trolls attempted to look up, the first troll slammed an attack that went wild missing Taiven by a mile. Holbar smiled and said “They’re bind. Cut them into tiny bits but save some of the blood so I can bathe in the morning.” The pack knowing their advantage set to carving up the beasts with steel. Holbar know trolls for the regenerator monstrosities they are dumped acid all over their bodies to seal their wounds.

The rest of the night went rather peacefully.

Session 004: Prairie Fire
Ser Baahl and his bandits attack the caravan with devastating results.
8th – 10th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 004:
Prairie Fire

We begin this session amidst planes, with bandits on the hunt for our caravan. Jimbo, our ranger, may be able to obtain clues by examining the tracks.

A group of four rides out to parley waving a white flag: it includes Tobi, Tharg, Mercy, and Holber. A small group of stealthy types including: Thayd, Palis, and Jimbo shadow the main group covered by grass. Taiven and Arixidor using Silent Image to creep up. The main party is flanked on both sides by allies at 60 feet on either side.

We run into a main encampment with 20 humans, lead by a full-plated man on a horse. He is armed with a huge broadsword. They are riding out on horse to meet us.

“We’re under orders to watch [the caravan] from my commander.” The armored man has his men flatten out a circle of 30 by 30. He has the markings of Uz: Crimson throne with a skull. Uz is the Cambian son of a demon lord and a human mage female. Officially a demigod in the pantheon of gods, evil and a principal protagonist in Greyhawk wars. Uz rules Doraka, capital city. “Instability in a kingdom next to our own may give our kingdom instability. We came to make sure no dangerous things go on.” He pings as evil relatively strong with detect evil.

Chain mail and half plates are on 18 of them and 2 are wearing robes. “We’ve been following you for days and infiltrated your camps, with several operatives. You aren’t gonna be able to fight off my force when I bring it to bear. I have no intention of killing all of you. We’re here simply about money. I want 200 able bodied individuals and 3,000 gp which I’ve been told you have at least double of. We can both walk away happy. Or we can attack and you’ll probably repel us and lose at least 200. I’ve almost 100 men at our attack. We’ve already got the ambush set up. We’ve been planning this for days. We’ve been planning this since we knew refugees are going to come.” He claims to be Sir Baahl. 1 on 1 would be a hard time taking him, he is probably more powerful than Sir Tobi. In talks with Baahl, Thayd changes his offer to 2,000 gp and 300 slaves. Then 4K and 500 slaves. Baahl says he will send a rider to see if we agree to his terms. As we discuss our options, Sir Joss approaches us and tells us that two axles have been sabotaged.

A messenger arrives dressed in robes of Uz, unashamedly evil, with half-plate underneath. He looks half-orc with an eye-patch and heavy flail. i.e. a priest of Uz. He waves a white banner. Introduces himself as Gorbadok. “I am not to speak to lizard man. My lord is willing to sign the contract. I was sent to ascertain whether or not you still were willing to enter into the contract. There seems to be confusion in your leadership.” Tharg formally declined the offer to give up our slaves, and Gorbadok seemed pleased that combat will be joined.

Tharg gives a rousing speech to the caravan who all seem to begin to panic at the sight of Gorbadok.
During the night, Paladins defend the wagons against attacks from common citizenry. 100 people slipped away in the dark, including Bolthus.

On day 6 of travel, we come across a river that needs to be crossed / forded. At its smallest width 27 feet wide, will take half a day to cross with all of our people, about 8 feet deep at the deepest.

Tharg and Tobi each borrow a STR+4 bow with arrows from the group loot stash. We decide to camp 120 feet away from the river and camp out at night. At night, 12 men set the wagons on fire and that is the signal for the bandits to shoot a volley at us. The 12 men run away into the night. Our men fire back and injure the enemy slightly, enough to let us know they are due East where none of our men are. Several areas of grass have been set aflame. Luckily, Taiven stamped out the grassland around the camp so it is not on fire. The infiltrators cut the horses loose, they ran away and probably burned up in the fire. There is still a bit of grass towards the river. 72 lost to arrows in the camp. 400 unaccounted for. Now our population is around 2,000 people. There are whispers that the dragon-man should have just paid the brigands, and instead was greedy. Our plan is to begin to ford the river, while setting the opposite shore on fire. Now everyone is across the river. The elves are now a day away.

Day 7, on the opposite side of the river, as morning breaks we find the burned bodies of about 30 people that are troops of Uz that died as they were caught by the fire: 40 gp worth of coins were found, mainly copper. About 30 short swords and 30 daggers. 5 heralds of Tharg disperse information to the refugees: that we are a day away from the elves and 30 of the enemy were burned. Our plan is to go to the elves and buy food with weapons. The fire has burned all the way to the forest. About 2 hours out from the edge of the forest, the elves come appear: a dozen elves come out to meet the caravan. The main party rides out to meet the elves: Arixidor approaches and introduces himself. Elves introduce themselves: “My name is Siridar, I am nephew to the prince of Ardee forest. This is my wife Astenis (an obvious druid). Who do you serve? Were you serving your race when you set fire to the plains? You burned our source of protection and our source of food. The followers of Uz can be killed with arrows without touching our beloved forest. You set fire to the lands and you come to seek aid for humans who have historically done nothing but trample and ruin these lands.” Arixidor: “I saw their pathetic festival to show off the superiority of our skills, and to get some human pussy. I have information that is useful to the elves.” Siridar: “We captured near a score of these Uz-ites. They were caught in the conflagration.” Arixidor: “I have much sympathy for this group of humans. You know of the great beast that plagued the countryside. It’s slumbering in the human city. It may awaken and attack. I fear that humans may take over this world.” Siridar: “You know as well as I do that every time we help these humans they slap us in the face. We taught them magic, all of the arts, and they turned it all against us. These are refugees, you have to know we won’t know these humans inside our borders. How many mouths? A little over 2,000? We cannot feed that many for long.” Meanwhile, to assist in the story, Thayd makes a show of demonstrating some crying children. Turns out, Edgefield was destroyed by the Great Beast, along with many half-elf ‘abominations’. Siridar: “We will provide no elven protection outside our own borders. We will allow the caravan to straddle the border of the forest for the 3 day journey to Edgefield, we will provide what food we can and water. We will not provide weapons. There will be an escort. It will be Astenis and about 20 elven rangers. We trusted paladins 400+ years ago, under leadership of Caragoth and his 13 death knights, then they rode out and raped and pillaged. As you go to Eastfare, there is a great council being gathered to discuss the creature. Right is right. We have the ability to feed, clothe them, and tend to some of their injured. No fires. No axes to the woods or the trees. No animals killed. If these things happen, whether its even by accident, we will withdraw our offers of protection. We have a half-orc cleric who almost got eaten by the fire. He is alive for now. You may not interrogate him now. He was a follower of Uz, too near to our lands, we took him captive along with his people: about 20 of his men. Those who attacked our people were summarily executed. The rest we are deciding what to do with. I need to report to my Lord, Astenis will go with you all the way to Eastfare along with her 20 rangers. She is my wife, the mother of my child, if something were to happen I will hold you responsible.”

Tharg wants the elves to know that anyone who goes near the forest is to be shot. Elves give the caravan the equivalent of a half-ration for today: berries, boiled grass, some fish.

Session 003: March of the Caravan
The caravan begins the journey to Eastfair and runs into trouble.
1st – 7th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 003:
March of the Caravan

We start in the ruins of Raxus. Tharg and Palis were sent off to Eastfare: it suffered damage not to the same degree as the capitol Raxus. They did lose two thirds of military much of their command structure, many nobles died: there is mass exodus of people from the city. Of note, there is one survivor: the Fifth Great Cousin of Avid the Fifth has a daughter, his fourth daughter named Illisandra who is 13 years old. Supposedly her hand is being offered in marriage to help secure the kingdom. The Great Old One Uz is sending a delegation to Eastfare to speak to the Queen-Regent Illisandra, due to arrive in at least a fortnite (20 days) from Uz lands. There are still 3,000 refugees remaining in Raxus. Banditry is rampant though as the law is absent. Refugees are being robbed, raped, heroes being killed. Eastfare now is the de facto capitol. The party is thinking about going to Eastfare and taking the refugees there. They discuss planning logistics. There are currently 20 paladins and less than 40 soldiers outside of Raxus.

As the paladin walks away, the party starts to ask the Flind questions. The knolls has a master named Silitar a human, bald, middle-aged, tattooed with Holy Symbol of Demigorgon on each side of his face. He states that the Flind was cleaning up and making ready to leave the cave. “People come and make ritual, they want no trace of ritual left. The Clerics, scary-looking Knight guy – looked like a big skeleton-looking dude that wasn’t alive, wielded a huge 2-handed obsidian broadsword, but only used it in one hand.” The Flind gets hung upside down, almost crucified and finally stabbed to death.

Holber, a new Tower Shield Specialist joins the group in Raxus, having just awoken from a hospital bunk bed.
Thayd comes over to the Paladin (Corporal) overseeing the food supplies. Diplomacy does not go well, the Paladin demands that he must first receive orders from Malagar or Ermie before being able to move the wagons containing the food to begin the evacuation. Thayd disarms the paladin by grabbing two his swords. He is backed up by Taiven who is tangling with the Paladin’s militia guards. One militiaman gets killed by one of Thayd’s house guards.

Meanwhile Tobi and Baron Tharg seek an audience with Malagar. Thalagar informs them that 2 sages have been dispatched from the Arcane Citadel specializing in this sort of issue. Tobuscus informs Malagar that the servants of Demigorgon have prepared this disaster as direct revenge of the events 400 years ago. There is food and water for a fortnight. He recommends the aid of the elves. There is 8100 gp in the hands of the crown. This coin may be offered to the elves in exchange for aid. Malagar expects Tharg to swear an oath to Queen-Regent Illisandra. Its a 7 day journey to the High Elven forest, then a 7 day trip to Darnago and then 5 more days to reach Eastfare. At this point in their conversation, a guard rushes in to inform Malagar that bandits are attacking the food stores. The group of heroes rushes towards the sound of combat.

Arixidor happens to be a low noble of the high elves.
Three more paladins and archer militamen approach Thayd and Taiven, “Lay down on the ground and unhand Sir Joss so be fired upon.” Thayd surrenders himself to Sir Tobi. The House Guards of the Sea Princes are allowed to retreat and are kept under watch, but are not jailed. Malagar shows up and announces that Baron Tharg is in command, loudly, to all Paladins.

Some time later, all of the parties meet in Malagar’s tent to decide upon the fate of all wrongdoers. After much deliberation, a were-gild is paid by the house of the Sea Princes. A commendation is given to the militiaman who died in the dispute. Regarding the fate of Taiven, Sir Joss Van Duren is appointed to watch over him (as a minder of sorts). After all, the Van Duren line of Paladins has 1400 years of paladin tradition. During the trial, many details were revealed by Sir Tobi regarding the contents of the cavern, including the confession of the Flind. At this time, all involved realized that the death knight described fits the description of Karagoth: Sir Karagoth the Betrayer apparently used an obsidian long sword.
Baron Tharg convenes the small burgeoning party to decide on what course of action to take with the refugees. It will take 40 days to travel to Eastfare, and we have enough rations for 22 days if half rations are used. There is a total of 4100 refugees, 700 of which are wounded so gravely that they will not move full speed. Another 500 of them are wounded enough to impede movement. Lastly, a combined total of 1300 are women, children and infirm. They can cook and clean and run messages, none of them can read though. There is about 500 slaves. It will take at least a day to get the caravan moving. There are 33 horses and 18 ponies. People are growling at the fact that rations are being cut in half. Its a 9 day journey to the elven forest as the caravan leaves.

First day there are very limited bandit attacks, however during the night we lose about 150 people (people fled) and 7% of supplies (people stole supplies and water was hit hardest we lost 3% food and 4% water). Amateur bards are conscripted to spread good PR for the new leadership.

On day 2. Night 2 there are 15 deserters that didn’t steal anything of value.

On day 3, the caravan is definitely is in the countryside. We do see a group of bandits, but they are deterred and ride off by the size of the caravan. Looked like between 12-20 men all mounted. 3rd night Arixidor is handed a letter by Anna. Anna has been asked to Eastfare to treat with the Queen Regent: she will break off from the Caravan to go there tonight.

By night 4, morale is holding steady. Only a couple people were lost during the night. We’ve been suffering about 7 deaths per day on the journey.

On day 5, again brigands are spotted in the distance. A bigger party of 40 or so. They spend several hours shadowing the caravan: they’re just in eyesight range. About .75 miles away. Thayd sees a flicker in the distance. He comes up with a plan of riding out in a noble’s carriage and pretending to bury a treasure in the ground to attract some bandits and jump them from the grass.

Session 002: Down the Hole
Our heroes go into the tunnel that the beast came from.
14th – 28th Day of Planting – CY 647
Session 002:
Down the Hole

As the Great Beast rampages for about 2.5 weeks, during this time we’re trying to find out what’s happening, some are following behind it. At the end of this period, it lays down and goes back to sleep. It was indiscriminate 150 mile circle around Flaness was destroyed. Smashed buildings, ate people and farmland.

Within 100 ft of the creature, it has a terrifying aura. It’s within 75 ft of the hole. There are also no living insect life around here. Paladin guard surround him.

All of us are together in the field of Raxus. An old man named Sir Malagar is the de-facto leader at the moment, a Paladin of Heroneus knighted for the Great Kingdom about 70 yrs ago. He’s almost 90 at this point. For an old guy, he still is walking around but his fighting days are well past. Disease took his wife, wars took his children, still serves the Kingdom in more an honorary sense since age 50. His most notable fight was against some hill giant tribes: one of them crushed his leg and forced him in to early retirement. Didn’t require any regeneration spell.

In this refugee camp there are several thousand people, but almost all nobles and fighting men were slain. The standing army of Raxus is decimated. The only soldier of note, Sargeant Erameus, lost an arm to the Great Beast but he is up and around barking orders. The castle is now a ruin basically. There are 8 paladins in town right now. On the roads maybe 200-300 men. There are still lots of wounded. There is an infirmary, where Erameus (Ermie) is now. Ermie is trying to gather supplies, weapons, medical things so that people can begin to leave.

The Ardie forest and Granwood forest were both within devastation range, they are both high elf territories. The nearest cities are Reldelven and Hexpools within King of Alyssa, once formerly part of the Great Kingdom (it then went into an evil direction): it is rumored to be governed by devil-worshipers.

Dragonman and his cult-assistant have gone to Eastfare. Anna survived, and says that The Temple of Hextor was to the North, while the tunnel runs South.

QUEST. There are open bandits on the road, just taking advantage. There are reports to Eastfare being attacked, one of our main routes. There are refugees heading the way. To the South Alyssa is starting to deploy its military to try and turn away refugees or sell them into slavery. They seem to have been caught off guard too, b/c they are taking time in preparing their military. The refugees are trying to assemble carts, and head towards Eastfare. Sir Malagar plans to head out in 10 days or so.

QUEST. Explore the hole. Sir Malagar gave me a ring which would be recognized by the guards. In 72 hours the hold will be filled: will take a week before it could be filled completely. The tunnel is about 40 feet wide, 60 feet tall in most places – about 70 feet long of tunnel. You can descend while walking down.

About 50-70 feet into the tunnel, a very large circular are where this could collapse easily: enough people with picks who die in an attempt – this thing could be collapsed. About 120 ft we find support beams, a wider chamber about 100 × 100 ft: a large chamber that can contain the whole creature. Then there are multiple tunnels, only one of which the creature can fit through.

There are at least 6 separate prints in this chamber that don’t belong to this creature: 3 believed to be human in heavy metal boots (real heavy armor): could be elf or human sized creature. 3 footprints no way resemble anything human, elven or dwarven. The 2 other prints: 300 lb, 4 toes. 6th trail had a tail, was pretty massive 600-700 lb.

There is also a 20 × 20 circular outline: looks like something heavy but circular was set there but its gone now. Perhaps a summoning circle. Prints were made in the last 7-10 days. Lingering aura of overwhelming evil at the circle. Slight aura of possible conjuration. The wooden beams have been there at least 20 years. There are 6 small tunnels, 4 of which run to the south (perhaps Alyssa), 2 of which run to the west (perhaps Chathold). Creature’s tunnel runs South, which is where the tracks run.

The creature unleashed breath weapons in Eastfare made of extremely potent acid, and also jumped onto a dragon at some point and killed it out of the sky. Spells, lightning bolts, disintegration rays bounced off that they sometimes bounced off of it.

DEVELOPMENT. Bustle of activity near healing tents and bustle of activity near Malagor’s tent. Malagor is crying: the entire royal family has been destroyed, dynasty ended. At the tents there is some kind of plague that is moving quickly through the population.

^Taiven – Monk specializing in combat maneuvers with Silent Image and good sense motive, good survival. Marbler.
^Arixidor – Hexcrafter Magus / Eldritch Archer. Magic bow: shoots arrows and cast spells. Can shoot into melee. Adds INT to arrow damage. Slumber Hex.
^Ur – Utility Fighter: light shield and light weapon. Has Grace 1/day (swift action) self, verbal component only. Until end of turn moving doesn’t provoke AoOs.

HOLE. Large chamber with outline of a circle. 5 tunnels south, 2 tunnels west. One of the tunnels leading South were followed. Flynns follow Demi-gorgon. The Flynns are led by Ssilitar a human Cleric. Tribes, demons, other people involved. This was in the works even before the Flynn interrogated was born. He was told to guard the large rooms.

Session 001: The Festival
The heroes come to Raxus to celebrate and compete, instead they bare witness to a calamity.
13th Day of Planting – CY 647
Session 001:
The Festival

The Current year is 647. Long ago, the Chaos War ended 624. We start our game in Raxus, the main Capitol.
Enobrin Tain is the only living person to survive that conflict. Everyone else’s whereabouts are unknown. Since McGregor was not truly killed, the portal to the abyss is still open. Chaos creatures can still be found in this world.
Our location is outside of Chathold.

The Order of Blackblades disbanded and replaced with Order of Baird. The Blackblades have all but disappeared. Uz has gained political influence and is on the move.

Our Kingdom, the Great Kingdom, was once the foremost kingdom of the Flaness but now we’ve been broken up into 2 big kingdoms and a number of smaller kingdoms.

Today is the 400th Anniversary of Henard’s Victory over The Betrayer, The First Death Knight. The Kingdom is celebrating. There will be tournaments, jousts, melee combat, missile combat, legal spell dueling (hopefully not lethal). All manner of celebration.

the Great Kingdom used to have the Knight Protectorate, but it was corrupted when 14 turned to Orcus. In exchange they were granted powers and became the first Death Knights, St. Caragoth was the most powerful and influential of these.

The Ardi forest is the nearby refuge of the High Elves. We are not at war, but not at peace. To the South are located the Lindor Isles.

Most of us here to take part of celebration. An entire field has been leveled for this celebration. At the fair is a lot of adverting dedicated to Viscount StefenBrock: tapestries demonstrating his deeds. He has been for 27 years the ruler of one of the kingdoms: he did a lot of rebuilding, made a lot on inroads, his entire rule has been about unifying the Great Kingdom again into one big nation – he hasn’t been successful so far.

^Palis – The Blue. A human sorcerer who manifests blue scaled hands. Wings of Light.
^Tharg Krk Ur – Baron. A red dragonborn, a noble who inherited nobility from his father. Mother was a dragon. Mother’s name is Fiery Death. Signet ring of House Kur, recent upper nobility.
^? – A tall jovial monk with large dreadlocks in his hair and beard. Tattoos all over his body, intricate and well done.
^Tobuscus – A human paladin.
^Mercy – A half-elf slave with Anna Mossus a human fighter/cleric. She is currently at the castle. Mercy was bought about a year ago.
^Anna – an artifact hunter: asked here by the Viscount to seek out valuable relics, items, treasures to recover them and place them in his charge, and be paid. Mainly the holy type of relics.

The Scabbard of Blight Windham Price, the only Minotaur who took up and traveled in time to fight the first lich, he was lost. Able to regenerate all wounds. Lost for 400 years. Recent unveiling have offered clues: the next clue is in the Temple of Hextor (brother of Heroneus, flip side: chaos, tyranny, murder).

^Arixidor – (Arik) An elf, good-looking, with long blonde hair goes in through the town gates, asking to participate in an archery contest. Green shoes and green set-up. A showman who makes arrows glow.

Detect Evil: An orog beatneck: human with ogre blood.

^Thade – Braided pulled back brown red hair, large skinny sword on his back, chakrum holder on his back. He appears to have Oread blood, common in this land. Dressed like he is from the land of the Sea Princes: like a Southern Sailor with dark complexion from that area. Has a net on his shoulder. Lord of House Kativ.

^Sir Bane will be competing with horse and lance, sword and mace. Heronius symbol. Earned his knighthood on the field of battle. 4th cousin to Viscount.

Theoretical lecture on the nature of planar beings. Discussion on how banishment works: most theorize Caragoth has been banished, but is still ‘alive’ as undead. At least 3 wizards talking and debating. When Death Knight was defeated by Hanard the White he was killed say these 3. There are 3 other wizards arguing the antithesis: St. Caragoth was merely banished. Since Demigorgon was his patron, it would probably be one of the abyssal planes that infused him with power at the Death Knight’s creation. To kill a creature of power usually you have to kill them on their home plane. The half-orc wizard Nugloshi gives this information. Most of the crowd believes he is dead though. This lecture seems like its a message to pump up how this kingdom saved the world from Demigorgon.
Nugloshi. Wants to prepare a spell to make sure I am not an agent of evil.

^Sir Tobi, defeated Kayless the Dwarf in Single Combat.

Viscount wants to arrange Thade’s sister with his nephew, an alliance which would elevated Thade’s family. Viscount wants to build a temple-shrine that rivals the Bastion of Heronius of Critwall which was destroyed years ago, but it used to be the most beautiful temple in Flaness. Viscount wants to elevate Pholtus to the highest degree with the completion of this fortress-temple. Wants a royal wedding and a dowry in exchange for the creation of this fortress-temple. A courtship could be arranged. The nephew Erwin (17 year old knight) is the Crown Prince.

At the second day of the celebration, a rampaging monster eats the entire royal family and 50K people, then ravages for 2 weeks at the countryside!


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