A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Same Day, More Shit

Our Heroes Fight Dirty

2nd of Wealsun – CY 647
Session 019:
Same Day, More Shit

Location: EastfairWorld Map
Map Tab Color: RedMap Tab Symbol: Two Crossed Swords


Low Summer, Plains, sunrise: 4:45 a.m, sunset: 7:10 p.m
Date Day Name High (°F) Low (°F) Precipitation (duration) Wind (from, speed) Luna Celene
 27 Earthday  (work) Moderate  (60) Moderate  (44) Cloudy Moderate  (N, 19 mph) - -
 28 Freeday  (rest) Warm  (66) Cold  (39) Cloudy Moderate  (S, 19 mph) - -

Cast of Characters
Holber Brom Mercy Elandrin Taiven Dradoma Tharg
Thay’d Catiph Thorgal Stonecutter Vangril Ryngwyndrare Vangril Ryngwyndrare

Thay’d, Thorgal and Vangril are at a courtyard immediately outside the castle and are presented with box that after opened shows Holber’s severed hand, given to them by what appeared to be a court-courier page. The page hands Thay’d a sealed small scroll. Thay’d scans the teenage boy, whose uniform is that of a page, that brought the box, and surprisingly notices he has shoes that does not match the uniform and gives off a curious look. The supposed courier notices Thay’d’s look and shifts as if to run, then sprints like lightening.

The page runs full speed screaming “Skeevus! Skeevus! Skeevus” (the name of the recently killed bugger and now a town descriptor for a pedophile). (Players in the way roll, Thorgal scored high enough to react). Thay’d throws a net that successfully nets the courier, but manages to still run.

Thorgal charges, tackles the supposed courier, but not before the courier pokes Thorgal’s rib with a shank dirtied with excrement. Thorga’s dwarven constitution resists the poisonous effects. “Damned you little booger!” yells Thorgal. _ “I’ll give ye the spanking your daddy should’ve!”_ Thay’d then charges the courier and knocks him to the ground with his head hitting the ground knocking him unconscious, almost killing the supposed courier.

The palace guard sees the event and runs to toward the scene. Toboscus heals Thorgal who grabs the courier’s shank and wipes the excrement on the unconscious boy’s upper lip, “I hope you enjoy the smell of this when you awaken you booger!” and then ties him arms and legs.

Three guards arrive, “what be going on here!” One of them kicks the the head of the unconscious boy. Thay’d interposes between himself and the courier, and yells “get the torturer.” Guard replied, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m a palace guard!” with anger escalating the tension, but another guard dissuades the first to disengage and then picks up the boy up. Vangril exclaims that the party will bring him debating the second guard who tells him “you have no authority here, I answer to Lord Jaqen Dayne,” in a stern authoritative voice and says, “Paladin (to Tobuscus) I require your aid, I would like it if the aggression is calmed down. We will seize the message you received.”

Thay’d says “this palace is like old cheese. It is full of holes.” “My other friend guard here would’ve knocked your teeth in. Maybe he wasn’t wrong. Stow your weapons. Remove your net.” Thay’d removes the net in an ostentatious manner showing his disdain.

Minutes later ten more guards appear. “Show us that message or I’m going to let my boys beat on you.” A guard tells Toboscus, “your reputation within this palace is already in compromise.” Toboscus replied “my friends justifiably are on edge as you can see.” The second guard replies “this matter’s gone too far.” Toboscus (rolls 25 on diplomacy), is told, “I need to take this to my Lord. We can take this boy into custody and then maybe I don’t have to see the note.” Tobuscus states the party was only concerned with the safety of the boy and tells the guard “we have infiltrators abound, take this boy into custody,” the guard leaves and when asked his name says it’s “Telldonis.” Thay’d replies “good day to you, and watch yourself in the cheese.”

The party goes back into palace, heading to their assigned quarters, and in front of the door stands Sir Jos Van Duren who stares at them stating “Not wise to provoke argument. You’re already not in good standing with the palace guard. Sir Tobuscus, you and your party alienate folks wherever you go.” Thay’d replies “what about the palace paladins? Shouldn’t they be plugging some of the holes around here?” Toboscus urges Thay’d to be more diplomatic and quiet, but then Van Duren drops, “I would expect such words from a friend of the demon-eye.” Thay’d and Jos argue, and Jos accuses Thay’d of being an elitist and priviledged boy, then ends his insult with “do not speak to me again.” He walks out and asks Tobuscus to walk with him. “Please atone Tobuscus. Please atone.”

Tharg sees the tension and the standoff between Thay’d and Sir Van Duren. “I have too much shit going on. I have to make some smart moves. I’m not involved with this.” The party enters their room, check it to make sure they’re not being monitored (they’re not as far as they can tell) and see an religious idol left by Sir Jos (examined and unremarkable other than it is of high quality).

The party, now alone and seemingly unmonitored take out the note, and read “Holber was captured. Know where generally he’s located.” Need to meet up to talk." Thay’d replies “that’s it, there’s no time or place to talk.” Tobuscus tried to identify if the calligraphy revealed anything of the writer but could only find a slight resemblance.

Ezetta Zah enters the party’s quarters, Thay’d picks up knife, and opens the box with Holber’s hand, showing it to Zah, “ahh! those monsters!” Her hair and eye change color seemingly in horror from seeing Holber’s hand, examines the hand and using magics on it. “This hand was bit off. I cannot trace Holber, but I cannot tell of his existence within 100 miles. He could be dead that I do not think is likely, or he could be in a warded area.” “Being your party’s barrister I don’t think I should be sticking my neck out in trying to find him. I am fond of Holber. I am sorry.” She examines the letter and says “Taiven wrote it. I can tell based on the handwriting. Only a monk could’ve written it.” “He’s supposed to be at the Sea Prince’s residence.” Zah magically transports the party minus Lord Tharg after asking them to hold hands.

Awaiting at the residence is Taiven who reunites with the party. Tobuscus asks “did you kill someone in the jail, Skeevus be his name?” Taiven admits to the action saying “only after he confessed to buggery of an innocent child.” Taiven tells the party that while in the jail he learned of Holber was likely in the sewers and held by a “guild trying to build their power base, a fairly young group basing themselves in the sewers.” The party agrees to enter the sewers.

Ezzeta offers to make phantom images of the party to be in the palace. She casts a spell that gives the party infravision. Thay’d offers trade for Ezzeta to join the party or to ask one of her allies to join them, and offers Holber’s spell book. Ezzeta replies as if insulted. “A spellbook is a wizard’s life’s work. I will not take his book.” " I will leave and try to get help within an hour. If I do not appear then I would not have been able to find the help."
Taiven tells the party “I believe this is all connected. All of the things going on including the monster that sits in the palace.”

Within the hour Orie, an Elven mystic theurge magically appears after being referred by Ezzeta and offers his assistance. Knowing the plan is to enter sewers he offers various potions including antitoxins, a scroll of water breathing and a communal blessing. “I am follower of knowledge. A wizard is in trouble. He seems like an idiot to me but he has good friends.” He wears the holy symbol of Bocobb, human god of knowledge. Vangril asks “why do you follow a human diety?” Orie explains “I studied areas outside of Elven knowledge. This got me showed the door within the Elven community. I do not limit my path to simply that of the Elven but of that of the path of knowledge in all of it’s forms.” “I expect a full share. Nothing more. Nothing less. I would demand that share gives me first share of any book, potion, wand or staff.” “I wish to copy spells from Holber’s book, but I will not take his book.” Vangril was fervant that Orie not get first pick of a divine item. The two begin to bicker.

Orie states “I will ask for half a silver piece from this Elf due to the insult to my diety.” Tobuscus offers 2 silver pieces to calm the anger. Orie and Vangril exchange words. Vangril exclaims “these are not yet my companions and they do not speak for me. They will not pay for me. If show you to be of worth I will pay a donation.” Orie again states he will join on the request of Ezetta. “I have a slow poison spell already on me and a sling.”

The party enters the sewer and go to a southwest direction as they travel they notice the sewer appears more aged. (Worse than difficult terrain, an acrobatics check must be made above 15 or players only get 1 standard action. The smell is putrid. Everyso often you see a ladder leading to a grate to the surface. Occasionally a homeless person is seen, but a prostitute is also seen who went to the sewer to obtain sludge for smothering herself likely satisfy someone’s perverse indulgence).

Three Wererats (clad in studded leather) are encountered. Appearing as were-rats but with elongated fangs. Tobuscus gets doused with green slime, Thay’d throws chakrams and wounds one. A weresnake rat holds a bucket and runs away revealing spiked boots that give advantage to the difficult terrain of the sewer. Another shoots Thay’d with a poisoned arrow (he fails the save and takes 1 point constitution damage).

Toboscus’s banded mail burns and melts from the green smile acid, but Orie blasts him, hurting him, but the intention was to burn off the slime. The fight is away from Orie, Tobscus, Vangril, and Thorgal but right next to them a fecal golem floats up and attacks. Taiven is sickened from a stench blast. Toboscus hits the golem with his lucern hammer causing it to splotch. Thorgal hits it with his axe he magically enflames but notices the flame doesn’t do any worse damage than fire would otherwise cause, nor does the sharpness appear to harm it much. The unintelligent golem mutters “you can’t hit shit.”

Taiven deftly grapples the golem but despite this the golem doesn’t appear affected with Taiven’s limbs not able to grasp the golem anymore than an open hand could hold water. Thay’d kills a wererat. Thorgal casts spiritual weapon but the weapon misses causing it to dissipate despite him putting in extra effort to maintain the spell. Taiven then strikes the golem causing it to explode fecal matter. The party sighs in relief despite being covered with excrement
A grate is encountered. Thorgal’s dwarven eye notices oddly the grate appears to have been placed within the last few months despite that the stones of the area of the sewer appear years old. Two vials are found and are identified as a gaseous form potion. On the other side of the grate a room is found with a ladder leading to a trap door above, but the party could not cross the grate.

The wererats teeth are examined by Orie who says, “interesting, these fangs were surgically implanted but expertly so,” while his eyebrows curl, “these even have venom sacs.” Their studded leather appear to have been standard-issue city watch armor, suggesting the wererats were city-watch or stole them from city-watch. The dead wererats’ faces having transformed back to human form were unrecognizable, with thin bodies. A tattoo of an anvil and squiggly lines were all on the left forearms. Thay’d recognized that the squiggly lines may represent fear or dread as from the “cold tongue” of the Suloise people.

Due to the room behind the grate being inaccessable, the party decided to avoid it at that time and explore the other side of the sewer. Vangril was wounded during the fight but decides not to heal himself thinking he’ll save his healing powers for later. Thay’d found a secret door entrance leading to a room that appeared sealed-off, the air is stale but smelled fresher than had it been closed off for years, the entrance only being 5 feet. The party still at the entrance of this door, peer through it and the room on the other side opens to an anatomist’s lab with a tall bipedal crocodile-appearing being wielding a staff who then threw an object and appeared a large fecal golem.

Thay’d casts invisibility on himself and runs through the 5 foot door, but immediately after doing so the crocodile-being shoots a web at the door and casts stinking cloud with Thay’d, Taiven, and Toboscus within it’s range. Toboscus (able to tolerate the stink) hits the web with the hammer but notices it’s blunt and piercing effects while damaging the web aren’t very effective. Vangril (tolerating the stink) casts a fire elemental spell. Thay’d (tolerating the stink) casts fly while invisible.
Thorgal prepares to charge through the cloud but immediately stepping into the stinking cloud, his dwarven constitution fails him, and becomes nauseated and vomits! Then the crocodile-man shoots lightning bolt hitting all of the party except for Thay’d because they were all in the same area not yet entering the room. Vangril is electrified dead. Taiven, Tobuscus, Orie and Thorgal are all hit although Taiven is able to reflexively miss some of the hit. Orie partially heals the party.

Thay’d throws a chakram enhanced with a destructive aura at the crocodile-being and hits hurting him but misses on a second throw. The being teleports out yelling with a thick accent “I rememba you hero weeth dee chakram!”
Toboscus resists the effect of the sinking-cloud hits the golem, but then Orie falls sick to the cloud. Thay’d hits the golem with a chakram. Taiven hits the golem squarely in th chest and pulls out what seemingly is an organ. Toboscus critically hits the golem with the fecal matter “exploding.” The party clears the room and those affected by the stink, Orie and Thorgal, recover.

Holber is found on an examination table, appearing as if connected to machines. The level of alchemy and magic was on an order of magnitude not even Orie was familiar who appeared horrified with the unholy experimentation. Orie sees a device related to planar travel that also appeared more advanced and sophisticated than he had ever seen. “My eyes have seen more than most but even this is novel and unexpected, and not in a welcome manner.” A plan on the wall showed designs to mix dragon, human, and minotaur. Orie speculated “it’s as if someone was trying to mix their biological essence, and even knew of the unseeable ribbons that dictate the plans of life.”

Orie points to the party a damaged summoning circle that appears intentionally damaged and in being so may be a sign of genius above that of most wizards. “This circle was damaged as if by purpose and of a precision suggesting it was intentional and by superior design.” “I ask as a favor not to let Ezzeta zah know of this. Her father is a spellcaster of renown. She is highly skilled, but introducing her to magic of this is not good.” A book in the lab was written in the goblin alphabet but not easily recognizable even to one who knows how to read goblin. “It touches on biology, physiology, alchemical formulas, and splicing life ribbons.” “I suggest this be brought up to a higher power within the guild. You have proven your party and it’s goals are worthy of respect. You have an ally with me.” Orie mentions very few and only the most powerful have touched upon similar types of magic. “Ages Aagon Baratheon allegedly used an alchemical substance to seal a portal.”

The sewer stone appeared to be at least 300 years old, but the lab, based on Thorgal’s observation, only appeared to be about 2 years old.
The worth of the materials in the lab is at 10,000 GP.



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