A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 001: The Festival

The heroes come to Raxus to celebrate and compete, instead they bare witness to a calamity.

13th Day of Planting – CY 647
Session 001:
The Festival

The Current year is 647. Long ago, the Chaos War ended 624. We start our game in Raxus, the main Capitol.
Enobrin Tain is the only living person to survive that conflict. Everyone else’s whereabouts are unknown. Since McGregor was not truly killed, the portal to the abyss is still open. Chaos creatures can still be found in this world.
Our location is outside of Chathold.

The Order of Blackblades disbanded and replaced with Order of Baird. The Blackblades have all but disappeared. Uz has gained political influence and is on the move.

Our Kingdom, the Great Kingdom, was once the foremost kingdom of the Flaness but now we’ve been broken up into 2 big kingdoms and a number of smaller kingdoms.

Today is the 400th Anniversary of Henard’s Victory over The Betrayer, The First Death Knight. The Kingdom is celebrating. There will be tournaments, jousts, melee combat, missile combat, legal spell dueling (hopefully not lethal). All manner of celebration.

the Great Kingdom used to have the Knight Protectorate, but it was corrupted when 14 turned to Orcus. In exchange they were granted powers and became the first Death Knights, St. Caragoth was the most powerful and influential of these.

The Ardi forest is the nearby refuge of the High Elves. We are not at war, but not at peace. To the South are located the Lindor Isles.

Most of us here to take part of celebration. An entire field has been leveled for this celebration. At the fair is a lot of adverting dedicated to Viscount StefenBrock: tapestries demonstrating his deeds. He has been for 27 years the ruler of one of the kingdoms: he did a lot of rebuilding, made a lot on inroads, his entire rule has been about unifying the Great Kingdom again into one big nation – he hasn’t been successful so far.

^Palis – The Blue. A human sorcerer who manifests blue scaled hands. Wings of Light.
^Tharg Krk Ur – Baron. A red dragonborn, a noble who inherited nobility from his father. Mother was a dragon. Mother’s name is Fiery Death. Signet ring of House Kur, recent upper nobility.
^? – A tall jovial monk with large dreadlocks in his hair and beard. Tattoos all over his body, intricate and well done.
^Tobuscus – A human paladin.
^Mercy – A half-elf slave with Anna Mossus a human fighter/cleric. She is currently at the castle. Mercy was bought about a year ago.
^Anna – an artifact hunter: asked here by the Viscount to seek out valuable relics, items, treasures to recover them and place them in his charge, and be paid. Mainly the holy type of relics.

The Scabbard of Blight Windham Price, the only Minotaur who took up and traveled in time to fight the first lich, he was lost. Able to regenerate all wounds. Lost for 400 years. Recent unveiling have offered clues: the next clue is in the Temple of Hextor (brother of Heroneus, flip side: chaos, tyranny, murder).

^Arixidor – (Arik) An elf, good-looking, with long blonde hair goes in through the town gates, asking to participate in an archery contest. Green shoes and green set-up. A showman who makes arrows glow.

Detect Evil: An orog beatneck: human with ogre blood.

^Thade – Braided pulled back brown red hair, large skinny sword on his back, chakrum holder on his back. He appears to have Oread blood, common in this land. Dressed like he is from the land of the Sea Princes: like a Southern Sailor with dark complexion from that area. Has a net on his shoulder. Lord of House Kativ.

^Sir Bane will be competing with horse and lance, sword and mace. Heronius symbol. Earned his knighthood on the field of battle. 4th cousin to Viscount.

Theoretical lecture on the nature of planar beings. Discussion on how banishment works: most theorize Caragoth has been banished, but is still ‘alive’ as undead. At least 3 wizards talking and debating. When Death Knight was defeated by Hanard the White he was killed say these 3. There are 3 other wizards arguing the antithesis: St. Caragoth was merely banished. Since Demigorgon was his patron, it would probably be one of the abyssal planes that infused him with power at the Death Knight’s creation. To kill a creature of power usually you have to kill them on their home plane. The half-orc wizard Nugloshi gives this information. Most of the crowd believes he is dead though. This lecture seems like its a message to pump up how this kingdom saved the world from Demigorgon.
Nugloshi. Wants to prepare a spell to make sure I am not an agent of evil.

^Sir Tobi, defeated Kayless the Dwarf in Single Combat.

Viscount wants to arrange Thade’s sister with his nephew, an alliance which would elevated Thade’s family. Viscount wants to build a temple-shrine that rivals the Bastion of Heronius of Critwall which was destroyed years ago, but it used to be the most beautiful temple in Flaness. Viscount wants to elevate Pholtus to the highest degree with the completion of this fortress-temple. Wants a royal wedding and a dowry in exchange for the creation of this fortress-temple. A courtship could be arranged. The nephew Erwin (17 year old knight) is the Crown Prince.

At the second day of the celebration, a rampaging monster eats the entire royal family and 50K people, then ravages for 2 weeks at the countryside!



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