A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 002: Down the Hole

Our heroes go into the tunnel that the beast came from.

14th – 28th Day of Planting – CY 647
Session 002:
Down the Hole

As the Great Beast rampages for about 2.5 weeks, during this time we’re trying to find out what’s happening, some are following behind it. At the end of this period, it lays down and goes back to sleep. It was indiscriminate 150 mile circle around Flaness was destroyed. Smashed buildings, ate people and farmland.

Within 100 ft of the creature, it has a terrifying aura. It’s within 75 ft of the hole. There are also no living insect life around here. Paladin guard surround him.

All of us are together in the field of Raxus. An old man named Sir Malagar is the de-facto leader at the moment, a Paladin of Heroneus knighted for the Great Kingdom about 70 yrs ago. He’s almost 90 at this point. For an old guy, he still is walking around but his fighting days are well past. Disease took his wife, wars took his children, still serves the Kingdom in more an honorary sense since age 50. His most notable fight was against some hill giant tribes: one of them crushed his leg and forced him in to early retirement. Didn’t require any regeneration spell.

In this refugee camp there are several thousand people, but almost all nobles and fighting men were slain. The standing army of Raxus is decimated. The only soldier of note, Sargeant Erameus, lost an arm to the Great Beast but he is up and around barking orders. The castle is now a ruin basically. There are 8 paladins in town right now. On the roads maybe 200-300 men. There are still lots of wounded. There is an infirmary, where Erameus (Ermie) is now. Ermie is trying to gather supplies, weapons, medical things so that people can begin to leave.

The Ardie forest and Granwood forest were both within devastation range, they are both high elf territories. The nearest cities are Reldelven and Hexpools within King of Alyssa, once formerly part of the Great Kingdom (it then went into an evil direction): it is rumored to be governed by devil-worshipers.

Dragonman and his cult-assistant have gone to Eastfare. Anna survived, and says that The Temple of Hextor was to the North, while the tunnel runs South.

QUEST. There are open bandits on the road, just taking advantage. There are reports to Eastfare being attacked, one of our main routes. There are refugees heading the way. To the South Alyssa is starting to deploy its military to try and turn away refugees or sell them into slavery. They seem to have been caught off guard too, b/c they are taking time in preparing their military. The refugees are trying to assemble carts, and head towards Eastfare. Sir Malagar plans to head out in 10 days or so.

QUEST. Explore the hole. Sir Malagar gave me a ring which would be recognized by the guards. In 72 hours the hold will be filled: will take a week before it could be filled completely. The tunnel is about 40 feet wide, 60 feet tall in most places – about 70 feet long of tunnel. You can descend while walking down.

About 50-70 feet into the tunnel, a very large circular are where this could collapse easily: enough people with picks who die in an attempt – this thing could be collapsed. About 120 ft we find support beams, a wider chamber about 100 × 100 ft: a large chamber that can contain the whole creature. Then there are multiple tunnels, only one of which the creature can fit through.

There are at least 6 separate prints in this chamber that don’t belong to this creature: 3 believed to be human in heavy metal boots (real heavy armor): could be elf or human sized creature. 3 footprints no way resemble anything human, elven or dwarven. The 2 other prints: 300 lb, 4 toes. 6th trail had a tail, was pretty massive 600-700 lb.

There is also a 20 × 20 circular outline: looks like something heavy but circular was set there but its gone now. Perhaps a summoning circle. Prints were made in the last 7-10 days. Lingering aura of overwhelming evil at the circle. Slight aura of possible conjuration. The wooden beams have been there at least 20 years. There are 6 small tunnels, 4 of which run to the south (perhaps Alyssa), 2 of which run to the west (perhaps Chathold). Creature’s tunnel runs South, which is where the tracks run.

The creature unleashed breath weapons in Eastfare made of extremely potent acid, and also jumped onto a dragon at some point and killed it out of the sky. Spells, lightning bolts, disintegration rays bounced off that they sometimes bounced off of it.

DEVELOPMENT. Bustle of activity near healing tents and bustle of activity near Malagor’s tent. Malagor is crying: the entire royal family has been destroyed, dynasty ended. At the tents there is some kind of plague that is moving quickly through the population.

^Taiven – Monk specializing in combat maneuvers with Silent Image and good sense motive, good survival. Marbler.
^Arixidor – Hexcrafter Magus / Eldritch Archer. Magic bow: shoots arrows and cast spells. Can shoot into melee. Adds INT to arrow damage. Slumber Hex.
^Ur – Utility Fighter: light shield and light weapon. Has Grace 1/day (swift action) self, verbal component only. Until end of turn moving doesn’t provoke AoOs.

HOLE. Large chamber with outline of a circle. 5 tunnels south, 2 tunnels west. One of the tunnels leading South were followed. Flynns follow Demi-gorgon. The Flynns are led by Ssilitar a human Cleric. Tribes, demons, other people involved. This was in the works even before the Flynn interrogated was born. He was told to guard the large rooms.



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