A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 003: March of the Caravan

The caravan begins the journey to Eastfair and runs into trouble.

1st – 7th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 003:
March of the Caravan

We start in the ruins of Raxus. Tharg and Palis were sent off to Eastfare: it suffered damage not to the same degree as the capitol Raxus. They did lose two thirds of military much of their command structure, many nobles died: there is mass exodus of people from the city. Of note, there is one survivor: the Fifth Great Cousin of Avid the Fifth has a daughter, his fourth daughter named Illisandra who is 13 years old. Supposedly her hand is being offered in marriage to help secure the kingdom. The Great Old One Uz is sending a delegation to Eastfare to speak to the Queen-Regent Illisandra, due to arrive in at least a fortnite (20 days) from Uz lands. There are still 3,000 refugees remaining in Raxus. Banditry is rampant though as the law is absent. Refugees are being robbed, raped, heroes being killed. Eastfare now is the de facto capitol. The party is thinking about going to Eastfare and taking the refugees there. They discuss planning logistics. There are currently 20 paladins and less than 40 soldiers outside of Raxus.

As the paladin walks away, the party starts to ask the Flind questions. The knolls has a master named Silitar a human, bald, middle-aged, tattooed with Holy Symbol of Demigorgon on each side of his face. He states that the Flind was cleaning up and making ready to leave the cave. “People come and make ritual, they want no trace of ritual left. The Clerics, scary-looking Knight guy – looked like a big skeleton-looking dude that wasn’t alive, wielded a huge 2-handed obsidian broadsword, but only used it in one hand.” The Flind gets hung upside down, almost crucified and finally stabbed to death.

Holber, a new Tower Shield Specialist joins the group in Raxus, having just awoken from a hospital bunk bed.
Thayd comes over to the Paladin (Corporal) overseeing the food supplies. Diplomacy does not go well, the Paladin demands that he must first receive orders from Malagar or Ermie before being able to move the wagons containing the food to begin the evacuation. Thayd disarms the paladin by grabbing two his swords. He is backed up by Taiven who is tangling with the Paladin’s militia guards. One militiaman gets killed by one of Thayd’s house guards.

Meanwhile Tobi and Baron Tharg seek an audience with Malagar. Thalagar informs them that 2 sages have been dispatched from the Arcane Citadel specializing in this sort of issue. Tobuscus informs Malagar that the servants of Demigorgon have prepared this disaster as direct revenge of the events 400 years ago. There is food and water for a fortnight. He recommends the aid of the elves. There is 8100 gp in the hands of the crown. This coin may be offered to the elves in exchange for aid. Malagar expects Tharg to swear an oath to Queen-Regent Illisandra. Its a 7 day journey to the High Elven forest, then a 7 day trip to Darnago and then 5 more days to reach Eastfare. At this point in their conversation, a guard rushes in to inform Malagar that bandits are attacking the food stores. The group of heroes rushes towards the sound of combat.

Arixidor happens to be a low noble of the high elves.
Three more paladins and archer militamen approach Thayd and Taiven, “Lay down on the ground and unhand Sir Joss so be fired upon.” Thayd surrenders himself to Sir Tobi. The House Guards of the Sea Princes are allowed to retreat and are kept under watch, but are not jailed. Malagar shows up and announces that Baron Tharg is in command, loudly, to all Paladins.

Some time later, all of the parties meet in Malagar’s tent to decide upon the fate of all wrongdoers. After much deliberation, a were-gild is paid by the house of the Sea Princes. A commendation is given to the militiaman who died in the dispute. Regarding the fate of Taiven, Sir Joss Van Duren is appointed to watch over him (as a minder of sorts). After all, the Van Duren line of Paladins has 1400 years of paladin tradition. During the trial, many details were revealed by Sir Tobi regarding the contents of the cavern, including the confession of the Flind. At this time, all involved realized that the death knight described fits the description of Karagoth: Sir Karagoth the Betrayer apparently used an obsidian long sword.
Baron Tharg convenes the small burgeoning party to decide on what course of action to take with the refugees. It will take 40 days to travel to Eastfare, and we have enough rations for 22 days if half rations are used. There is a total of 4100 refugees, 700 of which are wounded so gravely that they will not move full speed. Another 500 of them are wounded enough to impede movement. Lastly, a combined total of 1300 are women, children and infirm. They can cook and clean and run messages, none of them can read though. There is about 500 slaves. It will take at least a day to get the caravan moving. There are 33 horses and 18 ponies. People are growling at the fact that rations are being cut in half. Its a 9 day journey to the elven forest as the caravan leaves.

First day there are very limited bandit attacks, however during the night we lose about 150 people (people fled) and 7% of supplies (people stole supplies and water was hit hardest we lost 3% food and 4% water). Amateur bards are conscripted to spread good PR for the new leadership.

On day 2. Night 2 there are 15 deserters that didn’t steal anything of value.

On day 3, the caravan is definitely is in the countryside. We do see a group of bandits, but they are deterred and ride off by the size of the caravan. Looked like between 12-20 men all mounted. 3rd night Arixidor is handed a letter by Anna. Anna has been asked to Eastfare to treat with the Queen Regent: she will break off from the Caravan to go there tonight.

By night 4, morale is holding steady. Only a couple people were lost during the night. We’ve been suffering about 7 deaths per day on the journey.

On day 5, again brigands are spotted in the distance. A bigger party of 40 or so. They spend several hours shadowing the caravan: they’re just in eyesight range. About .75 miles away. Thayd sees a flicker in the distance. He comes up with a plan of riding out in a noble’s carriage and pretending to bury a treasure in the ground to attract some bandits and jump them from the grass.



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