A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 006: Guardian of Law

Our heroes investigate the druid grove and meet unexpected guardians.

14th – 15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 006:
Guardian of Law

Location: Ardi ForestWorld Map
Map Tab Color: RedMap Tab Symbol: Two Crossed Swords


_ (Low Summer, Plains, sunrise: 4:45 a.m, sunset: 7:10 p.m)_

Date Day Name High (°F) Low (°F) Precipitation (duration) Wind (from, speed) Luna Celene
 14 Freeday  (rest) Warm  (72) Moderate  (53) Thunderstorm  (2 hours) Strong  (W, 23 mph) - -
15 Starday  (work) Warm  (67) Moderate  (51) Thunderstorm  (full day) Strong  (W, 26 mph) - -

Cast of Characters
Brugge Holber Brom Mercy Elandrin Palis the Blue
Taiven Dradoma Tharg Thay’d Catiph Tobuscus

We begin in the middle of a corrupted druid grove. Arixidor’s body has been buried and respects given. Thayd and Brugge (half-orc) have already arrived via griffin. Magic radiates from the center of the clearing, from within a crop of trees and rough-worked stone. Thayd finds a pressure plate trap in front of the middle grove of the trees and stones that stand central in the clearing. While Thayd hold the trap down, the rest of the heroes come past into the center of the grove. He disables it by placing his pack on it, as blinking dogs appear out of thin air and bite chunks out of his flesh. He slays two of them and follows his comrades.

A dizzying wave comes over everyone, as everyone except Thayd appears in the midst of another druid circle that appears constructed much better with mithral. The spellcasters realize they appear in a different position: it feels as though both time and distance has passed. The half-orc tells everyone that there has been some type of interdimensional travel more potent than teleportation: “I think we just traveled through a lay-line.” These haven’t been used in tens of thousands of years, but recently they’ve been used more thanks to the death of Dolt God of Portals about 25 years ago. Runes adorn the mithral structure of this grove, in a language that no one recognizes. The mithral seems to be of the purest strain ever seen, mixed in with another mysterious blue metal. The mithral structure is 20 feet in radius, standing in a clearing of 60 feet radius. Trees surround the clearing. Based on the relative position to the sun, at least 2 hours have passed. Brugge discerns that manipulating the layline can be very dangerous because it can cause transportation to a very different time/place.

12 dogs appeared in front of the grove about 40 feet away. The dogs do not register as evil by the paladin and he announces this. One of the dogs in the middle steps forward steps forward to speak in Sylvan (a cousin tongue to elven): “Vile invaders your intrusion stops here. This is a sacred place and it is protected.” Translating through Palis Tharg says: “We’ve been send to find and rescue an elven druidess.” The dog says: “We have already suffered an attack upon us by one of your vile members (referring to Thayd). The Princess has entered the grove she will not likely return: we will not others to enter save one. No you cannot speak to her. You servant of law may pass but know that if you do you may never come out.”

“Greetings I am Astenosis. You are in the Ardi Forest, on the Continent of the Flaness. You are approximately 48 miles from where you once were. IT is an ancient place where no mortals should come. Even elves are best to avoid here. 2 of my pack are dead. You are not to tamper as you did in the prior grove. Things must remain as they are, undisturbed. There is no evil here: we have kept its presence at bay for time upon time so long that no one even knows. There is no evil here, there is only a shadow of what once was. The princess may never come back: the princess was very friendly to my packmates and they allowed passage to the grove where they should not have. You are a servant of law. I am only 17 years old however my pack has guarded these groves as far back as any of us can remember. This particular time of season a strange things always come about here (referring to dreams).”

Blinks dogs are ultra lawful, known as excellent guardians as good creatures. They bar our passage until SIr Tobi points out that these mortals may not be good but they do follow Baron Tharg, i.e. they follow their own strange laws.
“I will allow you to go. There will undoubtedly be dangers. DO not defile what you see. Act with honor and respect. And perhaps I will see you.” Turns out Thayd killed 2 parents of 17 pups. Thayd asks for his equipment pack: it is soaked in urine. “The only evil there comes with you. I urge you not to go.” But allows us to pass.
“The grove contains the same type of layline, however the magic is old. Perhaps it would behoove your group should somebody take a deeper look at it.” The third grove is even older than the second. Brugge thinks that we should all travel in the same timeline as the elven princess. He thinks we should wait here until the time comes along that is ideal to follow the princess.

The party rests near the blink dogs, recovers fully. More of the same visions come to the group. Meanwhile, Taiven copies the runes on the layline. After the party rests, we appears in front of a gate: a building made out of a bluish metal. On the front gate is the same type of glyph: ancient and magical: strong abjuration magic.




We see tracks and blood, which is confirmed by Mercy to be elven blood: it is not fresh, but still slightly wet. The door has a indentation where a hand may be placed in. As Thayd opens the gate, a ray attacks him in the center of his chest. As Thayd steps in, the gate attempt to close so he jumps back out: we all see the ray illuminated him in faerie fire. The group gets ready to run across the threshold again as Baron Tharg pushes his hand against the door: only one force bolt hits him and the entire group makes it across as the door shuts behind them with a deafening thud.



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