A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 007: The Blood Oath

The Heroes must choose between their conscience and law

15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 007:
The Blood Oath

We begin in the entryway of a large ancient room.


The door does have a crack behind us through which we can escape after the door mechanism has been fiddled with. There are 8 torches that are elven made ahead, in the center of a well lit room. Bruug is immediately unable to move, and is frozen in place: he is held. An eerie silence permeates here, as though it has stood by itself for thousands of years. Tharg looks around the room, and thinks that he sees that recently in this room there may have been recent movement: as though a trail has been swept away and covered up. Holber steps up to detect magic ahead, detecting some type of magical presense. Mercy steps forward 15 feet into the room. A gout of flame erupts from one of the torches and skathes the rogue with a line of fire. Then, a spiritual sword appears out of thin air and swings at Mercy. It critically strikes against the soft skin of Mercy’s left hand, but it doesn’t remove it from her limb. Baron Tharg states: “The torch flickered right before the discharge of fire.” Paylis throws a bomb at the first torch on the left: as it hits the bomb slides through a green energy field and the bomb impacts, the firery bomb not appearing to effect the torch lantern. As Paylis steps forward at the far wall ahead 4 heavy crossbows flip out of the wall: one bolt strikes Paylis, and one bolt strikes true at Tharg, but 2 miss Sir Tobi. Tayven steps forward to roundhouse kick the lantern, but his leg rebounds against a green energy barrier, taking damage and suffers a temporary negative level (enervation equivalent effect). A second spiritual weapon appears next to Bruug and begins to wail at the helpless held victim. Thayd throws 2 charkums at the the far right torch. Tharg approaches the right torch and attacks it, losing (3 points) of strength and incurring poison. The mage Holber fires a splash of acid, toppling the first torch on the right. The left torch fires a burst of flame at Paylis, Mercy, and Tharg – immolating Paylis left lung: it shall forever remain shut and never take another breath. Tobi and Holber recognize this as a glyph of warding. This is a bastard sword: heroneus, cord, hextor, and a dozen others. Recognizing that the spiritual weapon is a Bastard Sword, Sir Tobi steps forward to grasp the spiritual weapon in his glove and intone in a strong voice: “In the name of Heroneus and Cord I bit you cease to be.” The spiritual weapon extinguishes. Meanwhile, two more spiritual weapons appear on the battlefield. Bruugs breaks through the spell holding him and roars in rage, putting his defenses up. Holber also steps away from the newly manifested weapon and prepares his defenses. Mercy lets out a healing burst from the Goddess healing the bruised party up significantly. Paylis shoots an arrow at the lantern, bouncing off the steel ineffectually. Emboldened, SIr Tobi steps forward to extinguish another weapon. Taivan tries to punch one of the ghost swords, of course missing. Meanwhile, two etheral weapons on the backlines are attacking the back ranks. Seemingly in response, one of the torches in the far back corner of the room on the right-hand side fires at Taiven with a magical missile, and a nearby lantern fires a ray of enfeeblement at Taiven, missing – then Thayd dismaltes it with an expertly thrown pair of chakrum. Sir Tobi announces for everyone to retreat back to the initial platform, as he extinguishes yet another flying ghost weapon: he thinks that some of the defenses are perpetual and automatic regardless of player motion, but other defenses are responding to the advance. Several crossbow bolts fly out, one of them critically maiming Paylis’ liver, jetting forth a gout of blood from his abdomen as he clutches at his wound feebly. Another bolt critically hits Mercy in the right atrium chamber of his heart. Several party members back up to the starting platform, as Mercy channels the power of Nayaless healing everyone to full health except for the haggered rogue Paylis. Magic missiles soar out at several members of the group as they all congregate in formation at the starting platform. On the ceiling, Thayd squints and sees glowing blue runes. He immediately discerns multiple traps: there is a total of 12 runes. There is one set of runes over each torch, and four runes over the sarcophagus. Tharg fires a bow at one of the runes, it shatters ineffectually but Tharg does feel a wave of magic effecting his will washing over him, but his anger fights off the intrusion of magic. Holber casts Read Magic and reads the runes:" Servants of evil you will find no peace here. Do not disturb this holy place." It seems the runes were warped to cause some kind of different effect. It seems that it used to be these runes effected only evil, now they effect EVERYONE except lawful good creatures. The ceiling is 40 feet high. Paylis shoots ineffectually and gets by magic energy.
Tobi motions everyone to stay back and not attack. He climbs the stairs, noting that both doors on either side of the entryway have a thin layer magical force rippling over them. A telepathic voice says: “Here lies Aycosil, hero of pesh, slayer of miska. Bow and show reverence.” The sarophagus has 2 rather complicated looking hinges that i’m pretty sure double as locks, but locks are not Tobi’s expertise. The telepathic voice was in a Lawful GOod Alignment tone: that way of speaking is super archaic – only touched up by the most ancient of the ways. This was in the way of ancient ceremonies. In ancient times, each alignment had its own tongue so alignments could tell each other apart. Holber, thinking back on his knowledge of planes, knows that Miska was a demon lord of some ill repute: fairly powerful. No one knows what Pesh is or was. The sarcophagus is made of blue ore, never before seen in my life: this is separate from the blue ore we saw outside. “Show wisdom this is a holy place.” The two hinges on the sarcophagi pop. Tobi will walk downstairs, Quarter inch of density of a Force wall covers the wall. Its clear in consistency. He attempts to pray to the wall of force intoning Pholtus, however this has no noticable effect. “Beware this is a holy place. Here lies Acosyl, Slayer of Miska, Hero of Pesh. Show wisdom.” As Tharg steps up: . The base metal was mixed with gold; intricate work. Probably about 400 lb each, worth about 3,000 gp or 4,000 gp each. Tobi speaks to the guardian telepathically: “I will try to restore the braziers.” To the rest of the party Tobi says: “Give me a few moments to clean up these braziers.” Holber tries to cast Prestidigitation to try to clean up as well, but in return gets a Ray of Enfeeblements. Simultaneously, a rune for the nearest torch activated as the Ray of Enfeeblement hits Holber.
There seems to be some language inlaid into the sarcophagus. Tobi warns everyone of the telepathic guardian that seems to be watching. Tayven received a telepathic warning:“Beware here lies Acosyl slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” Payles got no warning at all whatsoever.

Paylis touches the slab, and it immediately slides open automatically: inside is a nearly 8 foot tall ebony-skinned bipedal being that is wearing armor, which is so finely crafted it actually looks like skin. Next to this being is a gigantic sword, usually wielded with 2 hands, but was wielded in one hand. Next to him is a mace, four rings, a necklace, a belt and some boots. He is also laying on a sort of scroll that has writing on it. Mercy approaches the sarcophagus getting the following telepathic message: “Here lies Acosta slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” Thayd examines the door to the right of the entryway: he is certain that in the area by this door all around there is NOT solid stone. Stepping next to the sacrophagus, Thayd gets this warning: ‘“Beware Here lies Acosta slayer of Miska, hero of pesh. Show reverence.” As Tobi continues to clean the brazier, he sees something wet was in here at some point: some residue that isn’t dust. There is a tube that runs down the brazier: it is fueled by liquid fuel. Holber got the same message as usual ending with, “Show wisdom.” Taiven will look for a faucet to switch on: he finds a circular button, one that can be stepped on.

Meanwhile, Paylis inches a hand towards the dead giant’s chest and gently touches him, a telepathic message immediately appearing in his mind: “Servant of Chaos, your doom is come.”
The giant rises and attacks Paylis with its massive weapon, bringing the thief within an inch of his life almost immediately. The rest of the party kneels and begs it not to kill their fellow party member, idiotic as he may be. After much diplomacy, it agrees. (Bruug did use a Fortune Hex on Sir Tobi after all).


The creature telepathically speaks: “There is no point in attacking the helpless. Pholtus was but a child when we walked this land. And Demigorgon must be stopped at all cost. However, you cannot ally with creatures of chaos. Leave this place and never return.” As the ebony giant stands up, Holber can see that beneath him, under the ornate scroll, is an opening through which a person could fit. The flames in the braziers part and a knife appears at the bottom of the braiser. “Swear obedience to law. The Blood Oath.”
Thanks to Fortune, Sir Tobi knows that he is asking everyone here to voluntarily change alignment to Lawful (usually would incur a level loss, but won’t happen on this one). However, once you become lawful, should you stray from that path, bad things may happen such as loss of level. (barbarians cannot be lawful). Primary axis would change to Lawful. Chaotic Neutral would be changed to Lawful Neutral.
Mercy speaks: “I am a Cleric of Nayaless. I must follow my god’s tennats of neutrality.” Taiven, Bruuge, Holber and Sir Tobi make the vow. Tomb_2.jpg
Thayd says: “The sea is calm for no man. Let me bring law to where there is chaos.” Thayd will reach into the brazier to grab the knife and will sneak attack Paylis with the knife: this immediately changes Paylis alignment.
The giant says to Mercy: “Servant of neutrality you have acted with honor and compassion during this venture. I find you worthy.” To Tharg it states: “Creature of whatever you are. You have refused to take the oath you stand ejected. Leave this place now of your own accord or swear fealty to servant of law. Make your choice swiftly.”
To Tharg he states: “While you are in this place you must act lawful. Law is timeless, law is order, law is good.” Paylis gives a smartass answer. The black giant states, “I understand you’re new to this.” Regarding Tharg: “Only if all of you swear to pay the weight of his crime and be responsible for his actions will I allow him to continue. I want to make this very clear; should he choose he may leave right now unharmed.”
Unfortunately, several characters including chiefly Thayd are unable to swear on their own lives that Tharg does not act in a chaotic manner in this place (yes controlled rage includes this). So Baron Tharg cannot enter the dungeon further and returns via the leylines by the guidance of the Hound Archons.




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