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A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 027

The Wereguild strikes a vicious blow against the Heroes, putting them in a desperate position.

5th – 6th Day of Wealsun – CY 647
Session 027:
The Stick

Location: EastfairWorld Map
Map Tab Color: BlueMap Tab Symbol: Two Crossed Swords


Low Summer, Plains, sunrise: 4:50 a.m, sunset: 7:29 p.m
Date Day Name High (°F) Low (°F) Precipitation (duration) Wind (from, speed) Luna Celene
 5. Waterday  (work) Warm  (77) Moderate  (58) Clear Strong  (S, 21 mph) - -
 6. Earthday  (work) Warm  (80) Moderate  (52) Partly Cloudy Light  (SE, 8 mph) - -

Cast of Characters
Dread Mathain Aelfcaraid Mercy Elandrin Taiven Dradoma
Tharg Thay’d Catiph Thorgal Stonecutter Tobuscus


Thorgal receives an offer middle of the night for an immediate offer of weapons the dwarf is looking for. He goes at 4:30 am to investigate the blacksmith’s shop, owned by a dwarf he had drinks with a few nights before. A voice from within answers: “Come in.”

Thorgal pushes open the door, “Alright if I come in? I’ll step right in.” He steps into a 40 × 40 foot square room.

All of a sudden three enemies become visible from across the room. Some powder hits the dwarf’s eyes, but Thorgal is able to shake it off. Immediately, a thunderstone explodes causing ringing in everyone’s ears, but Thorgal is able to ignore the worst effects. Lastly, a tanglefoot bag breaks against the dwarf ineffectually.

A wereboar swings viciously, putting all the power behind the attack attempting to deliver a vital strike, but his weapon wishes past Thorgal.

In the rear, a scream is heard – it can only be the scream of a man whose entrails are being ripped open. The rest of the were-assassins descent upon the beleaguered dwarf. Thorgal drops his weapon and surrenders.

Thorgal is gagged, trussed up like Thanksgiving turkey, everything manacled to the wall, stripped naked, each finger is individually hogtied up. He is thrown in a cell alongside Mercy. Three guards are kept on watch. Croclator says to Thorgal: “I ’member you, almost got you with my lightning bolt.”


Orai arrives at 6 am, seeking to talk to the Heroes. He explains that someone tried to kill him last night, he had to fly out of town for an hour, and was pursued even then by were assassins with potions of fly. “They almost had me, threw a powder that blinded me, threw a thunderstone, but luckily I was able to dimensinoally hop and get away, this only bought me enough time to consume a potion of fly. They tried to take me out almost 3 blocks from the academy. If I wasn’t as skilled as I am, they would have got me. I don’t know what happenned, I thought we were in an armistice with these guys.”

Thayd: “I thought so to. Mr. Thomas Bone has some questions to answer.”

At 8 am, the Heroes of the Realm have now noticed that Thorgal is missing from the grounds of the mannor. Mercy and Dread were assigned to wait at the Heronean Church, and haven’t been heard from since.

One of the men enters announced, “I’ve a visitor for Prince Thayd, by the name of Thomas Bone. His weapon is peace-knotted my lord.”

Thayd: “You may inform him that his weapon will be returned upon exiting.”

Guardsman: “He is an ambassardor my Lord, are you certain.”

Nodding, Thayd turns: “We’ve a visitor, Thomas Bone. If he has betrayed the truce, what do you think his punishmen should be Sir Tobi?”

Sir Tobi: “Typically punishment for treason is death. Just remember I am in command here, and do not do anything permanent without consulting me first. Elf, you are not under my command, but I ask that you simply help me.”

Thomas Bone is basically an ambassador of the Bandit Kingdom, a loose nation of mercenaries with various leaders claiming the royal title of King. Mr Bone is currently serving the most powerful conglomorate. There are orcs, half-orcs, hobgoblins. These are one of the only Kingdoms coardial towards Iuz.

Sir Tobi recalls that once Mr Bone was part of the Order of the Dragoon out of Bissel. He was banished for indulging in slavery, and it is rumored he was a whoremonger as well. He comes from a highly respected family who has disowned him. In his day, he was considered a fair fighter. He stands about 6’1", 220 lb, brown-greyish hair, barrel-chested, wearing a courier’s outfit and half-plate, he walks with a warrior’s gait based on how he positions his feet and keeps his wits about him.

Before even approaching, he states, “My retainers know that I am here.”

Thomas Bone: “Tidings of misfortune bring me, I regret we are to meet under this circumstance. I would first ask, how much you know of our previous conversation with the Prince.”

“I know of the basics of the meeting that went on between you and the Prince.”

“FIrst and foremost I wish you to know that I have no part in any of this, and I was acting as a respected intermediary of two entities in conflict. I understand that you may have a personal grudge against me, but professionally speaking, I am wholly blameless.”

“Why do I get the feeling you are about to deliver some unpleasant news. Get on with it.”

“This morning around 1 am I was contacted by a member of the Padded Paw with a signet ring.” Bone hands Tobi a signet ring. “This is the signet ring of a woman named Anna, owner of Mercy. The quick of it is, the Guild says they’ve captured this woman and wanted to treat with Mercy alone, without the presence of the Psionisist Lieutenant Dread. Mercy asked me what she thought of it and I told her it was a bad idea, but we disagreed on the percentage chance of walking out of that room.”

Thayd doesn’t detect any signed of anything but the truth.

Thomas Bone continues: “In the end she decided not to go, and stayed at the Heronean temple. Sometime before dawn, the Heronean Temple was assaulted. The Bishop, Cannon and four Acolytes were killed. Mercy and Dread are no where to be found. An hour ago, my contact at the Padded Paw came to me and gave me something for you. I told them this would be the last missive I woudl deliver for them as I have felt they have impuned my honour in this manor. There was a hard conversation but in the end they saw it my way. May I have leave to retrieve an object from my haversack.”

Sir Tobi: “You may.”

Thomas Bone pulls out a round bag. Inside is Dread’s severed head. On it’s forehead: “We have the other two.” Dread doesn’t appear to have been tortured. “Since I cannot control the situation, and the armistice has been broken on their side, not yours, I count myself out. I deal in good faith with people and I honor my word. I don’t know what caused all this, I am walking away from all this. They instructed me to tell you that a representative of theirs would be willing to meet 2 of your representatives in a public unassailable forum to discuss terms, and if not agreed to, you can expect 2 more bags with heads in them. To make the point, they say they’re going to get the guy with the creepy eye first.”

Thayd walks up to Sir Thomas Bone and empties a bottle of wine on top of Dread’s head, “To Dread.” He heaves the bottle against the wall and leans in to say, “Fix this.” Thayd turns around to walk out the door.

Sir Bone, “These people have damaged my reputation, because they’ve betrayed their word. What I will say is that my reach is long and they will have trouble procuring certain services in my area. I will say, I am sorry, Prince Thayd and I have fallen out.”

Three loud knocks hit the ground and a glugging sound. Very quickly, we are standing in lamp oil. Sir Tobi knocks on the door.

The half-elf says, “What the fuck is going on here Paladin.”

Sir Tobi: “Nothing good.”

Sir Thomas pushes a traveler’s cloak to plug up the door crack at the bottom.

On the other side of the door, someone is striking a match or attempting to.

Thomas Bone, “I demand that you protect me, as a Paladin, because I am ambassador to the Bandit Kingdom.”

Sir Tobi knocks the door down with a heavy boot: it gets batterred off its hinges and falls.

Prince Thayd is on the other side of the door, holding a torch lit in one hand and flint and steel in the other hand.

Sir Tobi approaches Prince Thayd, “Extinguish the torch and surrender yourself, or else.”

Prince Thayd complies, pulling Dread’s head and says to Sir Bone, “This was the lieutenant of our Queen. You come here and say you played a part. You are now in league with a group that has decimated 20 nobles including children. You’re now standing in a cellar in your own uncomfortable position. My colleages asked you for your aid and assistance, not your indifference. Vengeance is required.”

Thomas Bone says, “Firstly, I shall not forget what happenned here today. Second, I’ve not been wronged, and I am not a member of that group, no matter how you try to tangentially tie me to them. You’ve made an enemy today, you would have been smarter to just drop the torch..”

Sir Thayd: “I suggest we call for Sir Bahl and Sir Montefor.”

Sir Tobi; “He knows too much.”

Thomas Bone says: “A hopeless game, Sir Thayd.”

Sir Tobi apologizes to Sir Thomas Bone and releases him.

Sir Tobi then requests to see Sir Thomas Bone in his private quarters at the Palace.

Thomas Bone: "I am really mad at myself, I rarely misjudge someone as badly as I misjudged Prince Thayd. I was part of the Dragoons once. I’lladmit it I was banished. Got caught in a bad situation, I’ll admit it, I’ve made my mistakes. Do you know what we are known.

Sir Tobi: “I could tell you were a straight shooter from the moment you walked in. Right now my friends are captured and their lives hang in the Balance, right now I have to focus my energies towards saving them.”

“Again, I am truly, truly sorry. I had nothing to do with that.”

“I know, I believe you. I understand you were a neutral. Now I seek to correct broken truce.”

“At first they offered two times my usual fee for my activity. I didn’t get the sense they were fucking around. I got the sense they wanted to talk to you after you hurt their guild. They’re in a position of power now, they have your people. If I were them, I would go to my hide-east most defensible hole and have all hands on deck, but from what I’ve seen there are still a number ofo these – I would guess no less than 30, more than enough to slay their friends should you try to assault. I told them I was done, because I thought they acted dishonorably, I thought they casheed in on my reputation. I was being earnest when I would be making trouble for them on my behalf. It was astoundingly moronic: I don’t like to be lied to, I don’t like my reputation to be trampled. I don’t know if you broke the truce. You cannot tell me you know for a fact your people didn’t do something to parcipitate this. These guys could be acting in accordance to what was done to them. Are you engaging my services to act as a mediary? I would engage.”

“I am simply asking for you to complete your job.”

“I was asked to barter a truce. And I have done so.”

“De facto the truce is broken though, so your job isn’t complete.”

“I would ask you to lower yourself to my standards for a second. I’ve put myself in a position of animosity with this guild. And they did kill 5 members of the Heronean Church, not something that will escape notice, especially with Lord Tain coming to town. I’m sure big people like that will not get directly involved with such things, will he want things served by his clergymen I think so. If not him, then the Head of Knights Protectors from the Heronean Realm, Will Caden, will have something to say about it.”

“I think your people were being followed or observed, a conflict ensued, a guild member died, a survivor told the guild that you broke the truce, and now planning to croak em. They isolate members of your party so that you dont have 100% of resources, and they’ve got every one fo them except the Wizard. Now they give lieutenant’s head to me to give to you, in what is sure to be a bent over meeting. There is one thing you have.”

“You’ve zero evidence behind this concotion.”

“Neither do you. And, just to add a fact, the thieves guild didn’t try to burn me alive. I like money I’ve a weakness for fine things, beautiful young women, creepy young. Sometimes I gotta pay for that. So whatever you pay me will be invested in the finest Eastfair courtesan I can buy. I may not make much money here in Eastfaire. You are holding me to am impossible standard, sure you can smear my name a little bit, and that may cost me 2 hookers in my next year.”

“No smears, just the truth.” Sir Tobi’s empassioned plea doesn’t go through, but Sir Bone would be willing to set up another meeting: “My fee for this would be 300 gp. I could set up the meeting. These services would include getting represenatives from your party in a neutral venue where you could speak without fear of being maligned, I have enough connections to do that, to handle that, it may if they’re not already dead, include a stay on any croaking that may or may not happen before such meeting.”

“But to tell you that its not all gold to me, I will forgo 100 gp from my fee for a personal apologee from Prince Thayd, I will refund the gold upon receipt of an apology from Sir Bone.”


Sir Bahl says: “I need you and 12 men to go down into the sewers. We heard that some malfeasance is going on in the poor quarter. Listen, sewer people get what they deserve. If you have to kill em, kill em.” There is one wizard among them (3rd level), but no healer.

Baron Tharg: “Let me dress appropriately and let me see what we can scrounge up. Anything particular we’re looking for?”

Bahl: “Kidnapped people. Ever since the Beast struck the city these Thieves Guilds just kidnap and random them off. Sir Montefor questioned an individual and found that something was in the sewers at this location, and needed to be checked out. It gets you to kill some scum, gets you out of my face, and puts you in a position where you cannot embarass yourself or others. You’ve skills but between your missteps and those missteps of those around you, you are literally poison. I want to make use of fear of you and make you a jackboot of the Queen. Do what the Queen says or the Dragonman will stomp you into the ground. Should you perform this duty well, I see a nice tidy future for you. The loyal henchman of the guy making decisions can make out well himself. Go ahead and go, I don’t need to hear about it, you just write it in a report.”

Tharg; “Its likely they’ve good scouts and we’re not likely to find anyone.”

Bahl; “Ah, if you do get somebody I want a showpiece; the whole head and spine. Some bard’s tale we can spread that paints the picture.”

Sir Bahl is sending Tharg fairly close to the actual Croclatory. There is a tattoo of the Padded Paw on five of the guards. “Orders sir?”

Tharg; “Anyone here good at scouting? You two are on point.” They descend into the sewers.


About an hour later, Tharg realizes that there are a bit too many twists and turns. After another half hour, one of the scouts returns, “I think they got Philly man. Something got him. We were walking along all of a sudden he got hit with green slime out of nowhere, he went down screaming crying.”

Tharg, unenthused, “Oh no. How horrible. Where was this?”

Scout, “About a 100ft.”

Tharg, “Everyone get your weapons out. Wizard, know anything about green slime? It is a magical effect or creature?”

Wizard: “It’s a mindless creature grows incredibly fast. Fire kills it.”

Tharg: “Everyone get out your torch. Just in case, and move up.”

The guard group enters a 60ft diameter room with an 8 ft ceiling. It’s evident there’s some movement in the water. One guard yells out: “Look over there boss!” As the thief attacks Baron Tharg to ambush him and several of the guards shift into wererats as the ambush is sprung:

A crossbow quarrel impacts straight into Tharg’s right thigh.

In response, Baron Tharg opens his wide maw and breathes a cone of flame at the wererat holding the bucket of green slime, which has emerged from concealed ambush positions. The green slime immediately burns up like bacon fat.

All the wererats dogpile on the Baron in a flurry of blows. The Baron slays 5 of the 13 wererats with another gout of flame. Three paid off guardsmen flee after this display of power. Three remaining wererats surround the Baron and attack with their roguish weapons.

The Wizard attempt to Grease the Baron’s weapon, as the weapon slips out of the Baron’s hands as a result. Nevertheless, the last paid-off guard runs away as well. The wizard turns tail shortly thereafter and also escapes. The Baron slays the remaining wererats and is the only one left standing in the large ambush room.

He leaves the sewers unmolested.


Back at the mansion, Prince Thayd is in charge. He is brainstorming with Taiven and Mathain some way to return the captured members of the group.

Prince Thayd visits Lady Lollee

“We will meet you on the field of battle, winner takes all. Un-maligned hostages and their items will be part of the winnings in addition to that which is contested. Maligning of hostages in any way will make that which is contested public knowledge.”


Will Caden is there in person with about a dozen neophyte clerics.

“My sincerest apologies at the loss of the fellow clergymen.”

“We don’t know what happenned here. Our trackers tell us some sort of lupine creatures were involved. This tells me werecreatures. I wish Lord Tain would arrive, but sadly he was waylayed here by an assault on Critwal.”

The last 50-60 years Critwal has been a hotbed. Iuz has been making attempts at Critwal often. There are rumors of a magical treasury, beneath the Bastion of Bravery (one of the largest Heronean churches on teh planet).

“If Critwal is in danger Tain will not come to the conclave. He will name me in his place.”

Sir Tobi: "We know who did this, it was an organization of werecreatures called the Padded Paw. They killed one of ours and captured 2 of ours.

Caden:“I require proof. I am a lawful commander and I will not go half-cocked. It would be justification for Sir Bahl to grab even more power.”

Taiven adds: “The clock is ticking on her disease.”

Sir Tobi: “Do you know of any clerics of that power?”

“Once the enemy is revealed I will smite them with divine fury. I will not raise my sword unless a being is 100% guilty.”

“How many men can we count on in this fight?

“I’m not sure at least 10, only a half dozen have seen any battle.”

“Once we know where the fighting will be, where can we find you Sir Caden?”

“I was planning to be at the Conclave.”

“I was as well. Be ready with your men. Prepare silver weapons.”


Sir Tobi: “We’re here on behalf on Cor.”

Sir Kempak: “As far as men, its me and two acolytes. But I can outfit 20 with silver-coated weapons by the morrow. Probably 100 crossbow quarrels.”

Mathain: “The same group who killed Cor also killed the Heronean clerics.”

Sir Tobi: “Yes we need silver weapons.”

480 gp for 10 sets of silver-sheen weapons

Taiven discusses with Lefthill some plans.


Thomas Bone arrives with Thorgal’s free left hand. “They say to meet at 6 and settle this up or else.”



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