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A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 028

The conflict with the wereguild comes to an end.

6th Day of Wealsun – CY 647
Session 028:
The Fire Goes Out

Location: EastfairWorld Map
Map Tab Color: BlueMap Tab Symbol: Two Crossed Swords


Low Summer, Plains, sunrise: 4:55 a.m, sunset: 7:18 p.m
Date Day Name High (°F) Low (°F) Precipitation (duration) Wind (from, speed) Luna Celene
 6. Earthday  (work) Warm  (80) Moderate  (52) Partly Cloudy Light  (SE, 8 mph) - -

Cast of Characters
Mathain Aelfcaraid Mercy Elandrin Taiven Dradoma
Tharg Thay’d Catiph Thorgal Stonecutter Tobuscus


Sir Tobi and Prince Thayd put their heads together and come up with a letter to be handed to the thieves guild, that they hope will free the captive Thorgal and Mercy.

“We will meet you on the field of battle, winner takes all. Our whole posse versus your whole posse in 3 days. The hostages will be released the evening prior to take part in a grand battle. Let’s settle our differences in the old way. The Old Turlington Farm, in 3 days at 3 pm (a flat, wide, treeless area). Afterwards, hostages and items will be part of the winnings in addition to that piece of real estate which is contested. The losing group shall leave Eastfaire forever. Further maligning or maining of hostages in any way will make that which is contested public knowledge known to all kingdoms here for the Conclave. We shall await your answer through our common intermediary Mr Bone.”

Baron Tharg arrives at the Chateau, explaining to Tobi and Thayd: “Sir Bahl sent me on a mission and everyone he sent me with tried to kill me in the sewers. Of the 13 of them 5 escaped.”

Sir Tobi’s eyes widen: “Have you spoken to Sir Bahl about this?”

Tharg: “Haven’t had the chance to see him yet.”


Thorgal the Dwarf is tied up in his cell. His dwarven sense discerns, as he looks around, that he is no more than a quarter mile from the Croclatory, based on the architecture of the prison cell. A single wererat guard sits across from him, armed with a dagger. Thorgal discerns that his own manacles are made of unsmelted iron.

Thorgal: “Are you a gambling man?”

Wererat Prison Guard; “I am. In fact, I have a problem. Listen, you seem like a decent enough guy, but I don’t want to know your name in case I have to slit your throat I don’t want that on my conscience. Listen, I know you want to get out of here, you just gotta give me something solid. You got any gold hidden away anywhere? Sorry but I can’t just release you cause I don’t want to draw the ire of Woofgar. I heard that Mercy was already ransomed off. Regarding your sorry ass? Well I heard your group tell my guildies to just leave you to die. One of your posse even said they don’t know you at all. Tough break man.”


Prince Thayd leaves Erik with orders: to patrol the mansion, turn over every noble’s room, fire on any crows or ravens or birds etc etc. He leaves a very autistic list of orders to make sure that the Lady Lollee is well protected. With that, Tobi, Thayd, Mathain, and Baron Tharg all travel to the Palace for the Soire the evening prior the Conclave’s initiation.

THE PALACE, 6:00 pm.

At dusk the soire prior to tomorrow’s Conclave is set to begin, so the remaining uncaptured heroes meet here. The Queen has opened up quarters in the Palace for all nobles, and has ordered that no noble shall be guarded by less than 4 guards. At first, every single noble is being announced publically as they arrive.

Prince Thayd initially wants to say a posthumous introductio for the murdered nobles, However, Sir Montefor, wearing respendent black/red/gold Hextorian regalia, countermands that request; “The Young Queen is concerned about her public image.”

Everyone who is anyone is present, and dressed to the nines.

The Queen, age 13, has makeup to make her appear at least 17 or 18, but definitely appears super uncomfortable, likely stage fright. She was technically 44th on the succession list. The Queen has a small throng, but she doesn’t seem to go anywhere near Joramy Windel or Elam Paige.

Montefor: “Where is the odius smelling dragonman? With Sir Bahl you say? I couldn’t believe that those would associate together.”

Thayd: “Care to wager?”

Montefor: “Gambling is a sign of weak character and must be purified by flame. I imagine it runs rampart among the seabarons.” Upon being offered some delicacies, he replies that he only drinks water and hard bread like a real man.

The party continues, but the word doppelganger is not heard anywhere. Instead, “assassin” is the operative word regarding the topic of who killed 20 nobles.

The King of the Sunndi elves is here at the party. He is flanked by two bodyguards and a small gaggle of yes-men. The half elf, Mathain, doesn’t notice any half-elves in the group. The grey elves generally don’t tolerate any half-breeds, and see them as barely above orks. Sunndi is a member of the Iron league, and is considered the most populous elven kingdom left. Mountain dwarves and gnomes also reside in Sunndi.

Mathain speaks with one the retainers, and learns that Lollee has been nicknamed “Treeblight,” by the elves, and her company does indeed contain men such as Paul, who have skirmished with elves in the past. It is said that Sir Montefor will be putting the screws to Paul.

Sir Tobi gets a ping of evil off Tom Bone, Sporostanzan (embassador of Iuz), Lord Bahl, Lord Montefor. There is for some reason no reading at all from Jorah Windel and a new member of his troop, his seeming shadow.Windel has most of his entire encourage here: Volktar, Owen: “I suppose I got to be calling you Questing Cunt now.”

Sir Tobi: “I’m here to slay the biggest beast of them all.”

Owen: “I’ll help you by taking it out of my pants.”

Azetta Zha meets with Baron Tharg, explaining that she is likely going to Greyhawk after this. “A couple of old wizard guild members plan some fireworks, I plan to explain to them how real wizardry works.”

Tharg; “I could use a little vacation myself.”

Zha: “Let’s just say I don’t like anyone who questions my academic integrity. Listen, I want ot like you Tharg, but the things I hear sometimes… I know not to believe everyone you hear, but you gotta get away from these people. You’ll end up hung or beheaded. If you want my advice, get out of town as soon as you can. Anyway, I need to go mingle. Regarding Windel’s crowd, I would think twice before I messed with any of that crowd.”

Tharg: “Who’s the nameless shadow there?”

Zha; “I don’t know, he’s a wizard though. I know he had a pet wizard named Mourgalis, but that aint’ him. I don’t get a ping off that guy whatsoever, that means he’s strong. Speaking of that posse. The Barbarians withdrew from the conclave. I guess that’s what happens when you murder one of their kids. I tell you what that Cunt is really good at violence. Hang around him enough he’ll give you reason to fight. I believe I shall go speak with Prince Thayd’s uncle. Regarding Thayd there’s no need to be harsh, I realize the Sea Princes have reputation for piracy and bravery, but he’s too smart to try and steal from me. Give Sir Tobi my regards, and I apologize I’m horrible with names, the rest of your minions.”

Tharg: “I will give them my regards. Let me know when you arrive back from Grehawk. I believe I owe you some study days. I try to always pay my debts.”

Ermie, Sargeant Major of the Rax Military, a survivor of the caravan. “I heard 24 nobles died of the spot you were frequenting. I know you paladins have to mercyful types, but common man, I guess he was proven true in the eyes of the law this time.”

Sir Joss, "I"ve herad things, but havne’t had a chance to do a full briefing. I heard Baron Tharg showed up to the palace greviously injured. Many consider my friendship with him as damaging my reputation. Right now I cannot afford to

“I need you to complete your Quest to become a full knight. A full voting knight. I wasn’t thinking tactically when I nominated Malagor. Unless Caden and I both vote the best we can get is a tie. Caden is a Heronean and mostly on my side but not completely. The Triumverate is going to meet and shall have details on your Quest soon.”

Sir Tobi: “I look forward to it.”

Sir Joss: “Beofre I leave, I would lik to introduce you to Roron Tett, he is the gentleman with the full plate mail armor with two magnificent swords. He is the Master of the Stonehold. The last 20 years Iuz has broken against the Stonehold. For every inch of ground Iuz gains in the Stonehold, thousands of being die. These guys don’t give up. Roron Tett is considered among the Top 5 fighters currently in the Flaness. He has a sun blade and a frost blade, and at age 40 is said to be quicker than men half his age.”

Tobi: “Not in bed I assume.”

“Hah, not at all. Both his sons have died in combat. He just had a child by his third wife. If you can’t kill the man, kill the stuff around him. His official title is The Most Grim and Terrible Might, Master of the Dread hold. If you’re trading war stories, coolest buy you ever meet, try to talk to him about anything else, might as well talk to a rock. He does not like Iuz. Since you are a hero of the Realm, perhaps you may want to avail yourself of him. I imagine the story of you squaring up against the Death Knight would be quite a tale. This party isn’t just a party, its about gathering allies for the battles that will come.”

Tobi: “Anyone else that could side with us?”

Joss: “There’s the Honorable Knight Commander Araald Anbehrt.” The Shield lands, big enemies of Iuz. His entire reason for being is battle Iuz. Critwall is located within his Kingdom, a Heronean stronghold rumored heavily. He leads from teh vanguard, never eats better than his men, never leaves his body on the field. He is said to have a hard reputation against beings that act against morality and shows no mercy towards evil. [Cavalier/Cleric]. He’s Heronean, likes tactics, strategy. You doubt he’ll have any strength to lend, its suprirsing he’s here considering Allister Tain isn’t. Aaraald is newphew of Catarina, and is considered one of the greatest military leaders on the Flaness since the age of 15. He has had 2 wives and 1 son assasssinated by the enemy."

Tobi: “I’m very honored to meet you, sir.”

“I’m honored to meet you the man who suqare off against the death knight. Which death knight did you fight?”

“He didn’t leave his card. I believe he called himself Sir Oslan.”

Tett: "Ah, he is a servant of Prince Mirthrow of Rax, a famous Death Knight. There was 13 Death Knights that Sir Keragoth the betrayer swayed to the side of evil. The one you squared off against, although powerful, was not top tier. I heard Sir Allister mixed it up with two of them, alongside the possessed Jacquen Dayne. I heard you stood toe to toe. And I heard Sir Bahl also stood.

Indeed. Then the cowardly Death Knigh fled. Using some kind of magic. Any way to kill them?

“Kill them quicker. Remember Sir Tobi they’ve been around for hundreds of years.”

“I’ve mixed it up with lots of enemies, but never with a death knight. May I?” Lord Tett slowly draws a gleaming golden blade.

“The sun blade I’ve heard of this!”

“Ah yes, when you’re hacking your way through undead sent your way by the cowardly Iuz. What kind of coward doesn’t even do his own battles?! I found my sunblade in the hoard of Safgofagor the Blue, right after I put this one right through his fucking brain. He killed six of my guys.”

“Is that the hide of the dragon that you wear?”

“Part of him yeap, had him scaled. Tell you haven’t felt the shock of any lightning since I put this armor on. Only a real dragon would make armor like this. Not half dragons. I’m a kind guy, but there are just so many vile rumors. The only half dragons I’ve heard of work in service of Iuz. There were four of them, one of them I heard died. Geographically small, but they’ve allies in the Bone Marches. Plus he’s a demigod so he’s hard to kill.”

Sir Tobi: “Well let’s start with the death knights and see where that gets us.”

Lord Tett: “Talk to Erish Yat, embassador of the Duchy of Ten, from what I heard, is responsible for putting together a team that killed a half-dragon, Typhogar the Blue, a powerful half-dragon Magus in the service of Iuz.”


Lord Admiral Thayd talks to Prince Thayd, “Its not secret that Joramy and the Queen don’t see eye to eye. We ran a lot of business to Drax the Invincible, who pretty much runs Rel Astra. Regarding Erin Paige, I imaging that’s just old fashioned teenage jealousy. How do you look Queenly in front of a beauty like Erin Paige? Whoo boy, if I were 20 years younger, I’d give her a run for her money. I imagine that Joramy is probably tellin ghte queen what to do a bit too harshly.”

Prince Thayd: “Sir Bahl has been getting close to the Queen, he has infiltrated the city guard with his own men who are now calling themselves The Scarred Band. His power base is growing.”

Lord Admiral Thayd: “Hextorians, hah. You gotta be careful ‘son’, you start to play court politics – that can get you worse than dead.”

Prince Thayd: “Already had 3 friends die, an elven princess pass away. Thorgal stone cutter taken by the Padded Paw.”

Lord Admiral Thayd: “They’re here? They’re actually based out of the Lindor Isles. I also know that a man named Dread Smith is purported to be their leader, and Lycanthropy is a good way to go because rats can go pretty much anywhere. They came up shortly after the Chaos war as mostly information brokers, expanded to extortion robbery and building up a power base. Didn’t know they were this far North.”

The Admiral continues: “I’m here for a formal trade route for the queen. Currently our only actual treaty with the Great Kingdom is with Windell, which is a lucrative deal, however now that the Kingdom has been unified we don’t have that agreement in place, so it cuts off a sizable portion of our actual legitimate business. It wouldn’t cripple us but it would hurt. I would like you to steer clear of the subject because of… associations. I wish I could help you with the Padded Paw, but our resources are short. If your epic showdown happens to be after an agreement has been signed, I’m glad to send a few boys with you.”

Prince Thayd: “Much appreciated. Speaking of, there are 20 house guard recruits, if they could be recruited to our reserves here.”

Admiral: “They’ll have to be vetted more, and by vetted I mean taken out to sea. That’ll have to be 3 or 4 of them, and probably 1 will die of scurvy. Do you need me to arrange a transport to the Lindor Isles? Please keep me informed.”


In the prison cell, Thorgal casts Spiritual Weapon and stabs the wererat guard in the back while he’s taking a piss, yelling out, “Hey he’s trying to escape!” A second guard walks in, stabs the dwarf, and Thorgal blinds the guard with the Eye of Providence. Thorgal casts a second Spiritual Weapon on the second guard.

Eventually, after a full minute, two guards are in rat form permanently blinded and scurrying on the ground, 35 ft away from Thorgal’s cage the first guard lays dead, with keys on his person, and one last wererat guard unblinded is still shanking Thorgal repeatedly with a dagger.

Thorgal’s spirit weapon delivers a critical to the throat, instantly ending the last hostile wererat. Just before winking out, it strikes the stone beneath his cage, allowing him to try to lift the cage up and over to get out of his prison.

Just as Thorgal escapes, just 6 seconds later Woofgar shows up and begins to sniff around, but thanks to the sewers covering his scent Thorgal escapes.


Tom Bone is present. A shadowy figure, a drow, a werewolf, and a humanoid crocodile. Their weapons are peace-knotted. There are 60 crossbowmen training their crossbows on everybody. On each wall, there is an obvious wizard. As we enter, we have to peace knot the weapons. If tehre is any violence, the first thing the wizards are instructed to haste everyone. They each have 2 potions of true-strike. The wizards have dispel magic, haste, slow, webs, and stone calls. Anyone who does any type of violence will not leave the courtyard alive. The doors are closed and wizard locked.

Thomas Bone: “Since this meeting was requested by the Padded Paw, they covered my fee for this which included all these potions and precautions. So, who would like to begin?”

The slight shadowy man in a soft voice, “I will begin and I will claim the aggreieved status. We have 2 of your people, you know that. As a show of good faith, ealier this night we released Mercy the cleric into the custody of her master. After we’re done here you can verify the veracity of my words. All we wanted was our laboratory back, that we had spent time and effort upon. However, the conflicts with you and the actions have cancelled the ability to keep the laboratory secret. Its been our.”

“You and your band of cronies have brought so much attention the sewer there is no way it will remain secret. It will just fall into the wrong hands. Secondly, I got three of your guys. Three of them, and with the exeption of one they made it real easy. I got to them before.”

Mathain: “If you kill our champion then what?”

Shadowman: “You’ve been building silver weapons.”

Mathain: “Would you go to a fight naked?”

Shadowman: “No.”

Mathain: “Exactly.”

Shadowman: “It gives you the advantage to meet us out in the open. We arranged a good faith release of Mercy to her master for 15,000 gp. It’s pretty simple, if a slave has a master, then its a valuable commidity one doesn’t want to be destroyed. That’s exactly what happenned. Listen, you’ve dealt us a wound, but I’ll replace those wererats within 3 months. Replacing Woofgar’s 2 sons that ain’t gonna happen. You cost us our lab, you cost us an alliance, you also exposed an agent who worked for years for us undetected. We’ve lost manpower, capitol, real estate, but there is way more of us than there are of you. The real answer is we can’t just beat you in a straight up fight without losing a lot of manpower. Now we have a guy I have a lot of faith in I could name champion, and you’ve no shortage of those skilled with a blade. No one else has to die.”

Mathain: “I don’t like you, and I don’t like who you choose to align yourself with, but I like your style.”

Shadowman: “You can call me Dread Smith. I am the Dread Smith.”

Paladin: “Prove it.”

Shadowman: “Soon.” He has an obvious magical mask.

Paladin: “Just a few more details.”

Dread Smith: “It would be champion’s means. You bring it you got it, nothing precasted, you bring it you got it. Woofgar is a natural lycanthrope. 8 hours.”

Tharg: “I would take Tom’s word.”

It is strange that Croclator, the Werewolf, the Drow hasn’t said anything.

Tobi: “Is this Woofgar?”

He appears to be 8’1". Tobi doesn’t believe he’s ever seen a more muscled creature in my life. He has a beautiful gleaming sharp greatsword. Black eyes, like pits into hell. Mithral Chain shirt. As Tobi is sizing Woofgar up, he strolls up to the dragonman, “I hope its you. You killed my boys. Fight me, coward.”

Tharg: “I’m sorry you’re gonna have to remind me, who were your boys.”

Woofgar: “If I kill you I’ll cut your wings off and wear them.” He walks up to Sir Tobi and Mathain to really try to indimidate all of them.

Sir Tobi: “Were they really your children?”

Woofgar: “Yes.” In reference to the Elf Princess; “Her pussy tasted like sweet butter, after her head was chopped off. Do you weep for her, puny man?”

Dread Smith puts a hand on Woofgar’s shoulder: “Its time for us to go my friend. All this posturing will get us shot by crossbows.”

Woofgar: “Brin ga friend, half-elf.”

Mathain: “Is that an offer pup?”

Sir Tobi: “Mr Smith would Mathain plus one more be a fair fight for your hulking werewolf?”

Dread Smith: “Yes, if the ability of flight is eliminated from the fight.”

The drow lady looks comely, white hair, young appearing. Holy symbol of Llolth, Rod with Tentacles on it at her side. Wearing a dress of grey silk.

The crocodile, Croclator, has a full magical glass rod. He keeps a bit of fur in his left hand, probably for lightning bolt spellcasting. He also has a necklace with 3 different colored dragonscales on it: blue, red, and black.

Dread Smith simply looks like a shadow. All four detect as evil, the drow Cleric has the strongest aura. Sir Tobi thinks without a doubt, the werewolf to be the least evil of all of them. The most sickening hit comes off Croclator, there is some yard-deep evil in that guy, but the aura isn’t as strong as the drow. Dread Smith has Disguise, Displacement. No aura of evil detected. No obvious weapons visible. Dread appears to have a thin muscled build. He carries himself like he can handle himself in a fight, doesn’t have the intimidating warrior’s gait.

Mathain: “What did this cost?”

Thomas Bone: “This was 23,000 gold to set up and they paid for all of it. If you decide to do your trial by combat here, it would be 7,500 gold maybe. I’d cut that rate in half if I was allowed to watch.”

Tharg: “Hell maybe we should offer tickets.”

Sir Tobi: “Thank you Mr Tom Bone, we shall await you at the Palace at 8 am with our answer to the counteroffer.”

The meeting ends. Tharg, Tobi, and Mathain arrive at the Palace.


The heroes prepare to face Woofgar. Each of the two combatants will have: Water and flour are a good idea to have in case he is invisible.

In the morning a message arrives:

“From the guy with the strange eye who likes to drink I’m at the dwarven temple and I don’t like to travel alone.”

The Heroes of the Realm gather together and bring 10 guards as they travel to the Dwarven Temple. They knock on the door of the dwarven temple.

Thorgal appears, without his gear and looking a lot thinner, beard has lost its luster, also minus one hand. “I had to fight my way out. I can tell you they’re decimated. They were prepping to leave. They said they wanted to be outa here. I don’t think it was an act. I think they were trying to leave b/c their power was greatly reduced. I also blinded some of them. If you see someone blinded its probably one of those god-damned wererats.”

Baron Tharg asks about Silversheen (250 gp 1 hour), Silversheen Metal (750 gp), Mithral and Alchemical Silver (200 gp).


Thomas Bone: “Sir Tobi, I’ve news. Thorgal escaped.”

Sir Tobi: “Does that change the deal at all?”

Bone: “Despite the objections of guild leader, Woofgar is willing to fight any two of you at the same time. There’s gonna have to be some way to end this, otherwise you’ll always watch your back. Woofgar said that if you’re able to best him he will provide a cure for Lady Lollee.”

Tharg: “An intermediary would have to hold the cure and check to make sure the cure is actually real.”

Bone: “I don’t know how long it wuld take to authenticate a cure like that. I do know that Lady Lolle has 30 hours before she is howling at the moon. I believe there is a schism between Woofgar and the rest of the leadership. This offer for a cure seems to be a personal offer from Woofgar. I’ve seen a lot of vengeance in my day and he aint gonna let this drop. Prince Thayd?”

Thayd: “How do you ensure one party holds true to the bargain?”

Tom Bone: “As in getting them to leave town? My role is to communicate, not enforce terms. By the way do you have Thorgal? Gotta admire a one armed dwarf who escapes by his lonesome.” He notices Mercy. “Your slave mark has been removed. That’s a righteous removal. Should you ever decide you don’t want to work around these folks, I know of several who would be willing to pay for your services. Same goes for you Baron Tharg. I don’t like Prince Thayd, I’ve done everything you’ve wanted from me and I’ve had nothing but crap from Prince Thayd.”

Sir Tobi: “When do they want this fight to take place? Still no flight rule as before?”

Tom Bone: “Yes still no flight. They want this in 2 hours. I will hold on to the cure, but it by no means guarantees the cure is legitimate. It’s my good faith belief that this werewolf wants to fight so badly he wiill probably give the cure just to get the fight.”

Mathain: “We require that the cure be provided in advance. Tell Woofgar that its what his pups would have wanted.”

Tom bone sends word that Woofgar would provide the cure up front, if it were dragonman and Mathain to step in the ring.


Sir Tobi, Baron Tharg and Woofgar step into the ring. After an absolutely brutal fight, Baron Tharg is slain and Sir Tobi survives just barely by the skin of his teeth. He stands over the bodies of the Baron and Woofgar, shedding a tear for his half-dragon companion.



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