A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 008: Unwelcome Barghest

As told from the perspective of Sir Tobi

15th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 008:
Unwelcome Barghest

Sir Tobi asks the Tomb Guardian: “Can you watch over us?” The giant answers: “This is but a remnant that has mere seconds left on this plane. Be warned: This is a holy place that has been desecrated.” With that he lays down and the force animating him seems to extinguish. Meanwhile, the Sea Prince Thayd is examining the doors and walls of the chamber. The walls are 2 feet of stone followed by a wall of force followed by 2 feet of stone. Sir Tobi tries to reach for the doorhandle, but a wall of force stops him.


Tobi thinks that whatever force animated this creature was an ancient magic that doesn’t discern intent too much, but Tobi’s guess given same moral background, Tobi would have the best chance of not being instantly zapped. Sir Tobi goes to pick up the corpse: instantly he sees flashes, skeletal face, giant sword, huge battlefield, but afterwards he is able to snap his senses closed. Sir Tobi moves the corpse to the front of the coffin and puts the corpse in a sitting position. Beneath the body lays a giant ornate scroll. The Mage Holber examines the scroll, unable to make anything of it: it appears to be made of hide or something like that. Someone probably skinned something to be able to write on it. The scroll is magical, or has magical properties, and is made out of a creature’s skin. Bruug recalls with his knowledge that any object can be used as a scroll: this particular piece of flesh is definitely extraplanar in origin – otherwise it wouldn’t last this long (e.g. human or elven flesh rots after centuries). This skin is, in fact, abyssal. Sir Tobi touches the scroll and an enervation spell misfires not effecting Sir Tobi. Below the scroll is a staircase that leads down, and that opens up into a small walkway that goes towards the right side. Sir Tobi picks up the scroll, but no one can read it. No one knows what language it is written in, but it is in a repeating pattern of a very structured language. The scroll is 7 by 3 feet in dimension: overall it might take 4 hours to copy. Sir Tobi mentions that if we end up resting Holber should try to make a copy or tracing of it.

Paylis points to something unnatural 40 feet up above the door on the left: it’s a depression in the ceiling about the size of a pinky. The same small tunnel is present above the other door on the right. Holber finds that it does not detect as magical. A similar hole is present above the front door (entryway). So, Holber takes a glob of melted candle wax and standing on top of Sir Tobi’s shoulder will plug up one of the holes using mage hand: it seems successfully plugged by the wax. The open hole at the other end of the room is the next to be investigated. The party makes a human pyramid. Paylis at the top of the pyramid finds a button to disable the blade that cuts off things that are jammed into the small holes (so far 4 of our arrows have been destroyed like this, but this destructive mechanism stopped after the button was pushed). There was no button above the left door that was found. Above the front door a button was found and pushed, this stopped the front door hole from cutting off objects placed inside. Putting an arrow inside the left-door hole deactivated the right-door field of force, but only for 2 minutes, after which the force field reactivated. The party uses candlewax to force the force field to stay open.


With the right force field down, Paylis examines the right door for traps, not finding any, but hearing something moving on the other side of the door. Paylis picks the lock successfully. Sir Tobi opens the door a crack to peak inside. Palyis stands on one side of the door and hides himself. The rest of the parties readies their actions to attack what’s on the other side of the door. Tobi opens the door and sees an empty dark hallway, stepping inside and beckoning the others to follow him. After a few paces, Tobi encounters a man-sized wolf 5 feet tall.



The wolf says: “Welcome, dinner.” It bites on Tobi’s armlet ineffectually. Tobi swings back but being flustered misses the massive canine. The gaze of the creature seems to stop Taiven in his tracks. Mercy summons a spiritual weapon that fizzles out of existence when it contacts with the giant wolf. Thayd chucks a chakrum but misses. Holber casts grease and the black wolf trips falling down. Bruug does an orc dance at the wolf, and the wolf becomes shaken, standing up and running back down the hallway whimpering. Thayd hurls a chakrum but most of the damage is reduced by the wolf’s thick hide. Holber tries to recall what this creature is, but his memory fails him. Sir Tobi charges at the wolf yelling: “Bad Dog! Stop resisting!” His hammer crashes into the wolf dealing his maximum payload of damage. Paylis rounds the corner and the wolf stares him down also causing him to be utterly paralyzed from the canine’s gaze. Thayd’s second charkum connects but fails to penetrate the hide utterly. The wolf chomps down on Tobi’s arm, and trips the Templar, but Tobi calls forth healing and stands right back up. Multiple party members are paralyzed at this point. Thayd chucks a chakrum straight at the canine’s throat, dealing massive damage. Mercy casts her Evil Eye at the giant wolf, reducing its defenses (-2 AC). Mercy follows that up with a Stardust, blinding the wolf partially. However, even Mercy succumbs to the wolf’s paralyzing gaze: at this point every single party member except the Templar is completely frozen paralyzed and unable to do anything for at least a minute. The wolf continues to trip the Templar. From the ground, Sir Tobi calls out to Pholtus and Smites Evil against the giant dog, reducing it to dust as it disintegrates from this plane of existence.



The rest of the right-hand room and hallway is entirely empty. Therefore, the party backtracks to the main sarcophagus room again. Most of the party is exhausted and ready for rest, however, Sir Tobi decides to investigate the small passage that leads beneath the sarcophagus. He finds a warded door, but putting his hand on it, the ward dissipates. Behind the door Tobi finds a treasure room. The treasure room beneath the sarcophagus contains magical armor (Chain Shirt, Full Flate, Half Plate), magic weapons (Scimitar, Longsword, 2-Handed Sword), and 17,000 gp including gems, jewels, scrolls, spellbooks: which hold Mirror Image, Knock, etc. Tobi will warn everyone not to steal anything from the room and to rest here since there are so many wards to this place. Finally, the group figures out that the button on the ceiling above the left door works as follows: 1 click opens the Right Door, 2 clicks opens the Left Door. They decide to rest beneath the sarcophagus in the treasure room, which was wise as there are no ill encounters overnight.



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