A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Sesssion 005: The Forest and The Druid

Strange visions disturb the caravan and a missing druid complicates the situation.

11th – 13th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 005:
The Forest and The Druid

Location: Ardi ForestWorld Map
Map Tab Color: RedMap Tab Symbol: Two Crossed Swords


_ (Low Summer, Plains, sunrise: 4:45 a.m, sunset: 7:10 p.m)_

Date Day Name High (°F) Low (°F) Precipitation (duration) Wind (from, speed) Luna Celene
 11 Godsday  (worship) Warm  (75) Moderate  (52) Thunderstorm  (4 hours) Severe  (S, 35 mph) 3/4 New
 12 Waterday  (work) Warm  (72) Moderate  (44) Clear Strong  (W, 21 mph) - -
 13 Earthday  (work) Warm  (73) Moderate  (46) Partly Cloudy Light  (NW, 5 mph) - -

Cast of Characters
Arixidor-Greenwood Holber Brom Mercy Elandrin Palis the Blue
Taiven Dradoma Tharg Thay’d Catiph Tobuscus

During the evenings routine many saw Thay’d, one of the main saviors from the previous evening, and the elven Prince Siradar enter into an intense conversation. They stepped away from the rest of the caravan seeming to enter into an almost meditative state, only intermittently and quietly the elven prince touching on points instruction. After a few hours of conversation Thay’d went to his sister and entourage. There he was seen having a short and terse exchange with his right hand. Turning he met the eyes of his sister, gave her a hug, tied a light pack to his saddlebags, leapt into the saddle, and left the caravan behind. Tharg and Palis later walked over to find out where he had gone from Thay’d’s sister; she only said he had gone to see the elven court and would be back in a few days.

Later that evening as the caravan slept many were roused in the middle of the night by vivid dreams of an ebony army doing battle with a hoard of disfigured demons. As the caravan started to wake several of the party saw visions of this same battle standing awake and in shock. It was the Druid princess that felt the pull the most, heading towards the reverent wood with haste. The ever vigilant Eric caught the movements of the princess as she made her way into the dark forest and calling out to her tried to give warning; asking her to hold and wait for the elven rangers to escort her. The princess persisted asking Eric if he hears the calling, saw the visions…saying “They beckon me. They beseech my presence. I must go now; come with me young Eric.”

Eric having the wit and wisdom to know when to seek help reached out and held the princess tight. Saying ”please trust me. Wait for your rangers. We will keep you safe in your communion.” Holding fast to her arm Eric heard a low guttural growl over his left shoulder. A cold chill came over his arm and the princess took the opportunity to break the grip and flee into the woods with her bear keeping close watch on the adventurer/protector. As the rest of the camp roused Tannis came up and spoke to the bear absentmindedly gripping the big beast’s fur. He turned to Eric telling him that the princess has the right to enter the forest to commune with the forest if she feels it’s pull and was not particularly alarmed.

Lord Tharg, Sir Joss and the rest of the caravan leadership came upon the seen. With the bear’s not-to-happy expression making it plain that none should chase after her friend Tannis Calmed the beast telling it that “We must be civil to the riffraff.” All was explained to the group and the non-elves were extremely nervous. Lord Tharg explained to Tannis his concerns for the well-being of the princess. “We were charged with her safe return to your people, but were told to expressly stay out of the forest. How are we to accomplish both of these things when she runs into what is effectively off limits.” Tannis chuckled, saying “ I see your quandary.” He offered his help in entering the forest to find the princess but could not be gone long because of his leadership duties. Tharg accepted his help and the party began to prepare to enter the forest.

As Tharg began to prepare himself many of the caravan felt abandoned. They saw their leader leaving to help a fare princess maiden, with little regard for their safety and well-being. Sir Joss the stalwart, Sir Joss the caravan’s protector, Sir Joss the brave and loyal champion of the people stood to take the reigns of power in the Baron’s absence. The ever present Sir Joss has already seen to the needs of the his people and will do his duty in caring for all how are under his charge. Rumblings have been heard throughout the caravan that the dragon man does not care for the little humans and it is only the protection of Sir Joss that prevents him from devouring any who cross his path. \

Tannis saw the party into the forest and soon picked up the elven princess’ trail . A single kinkedblade of grass gave the princess’ hurried steps away and the party was soon on her trail. Tannis found a the resting place and we set off in the direction he sent us, but even the great elven tracker Tannis of the elven wood stood no chance against a Druid in her own home. We soon lost the trail and for the majority of the day wondered lost. Tannis, already away from his charges to long, bade us farewell and went back to the caravan to assist with feeding the people. Lord Tharg to the lead and began tracking the princess with few results. As the sun hit early afternoon and the party hopelessly lost, we took a rest. Mercy explained to the group that she could take a look above the trees to see if she could find the princess. Lord Tharg wondered how she would be able to see through the thick “FOILAGE!!”, and she replied her senses allowed her to see through the vegetation. Everyone agreed, the best hope is finding the princess was to have Mercy take a look. She closed her eyes, spoke a few words under her breath, and as she opened her again a flash of translucence shot into the air. Looking around Mercy could not find the princess but she did find a Druid Circle (a likely place for Druidic communing) and mountains of mobile vegetation heading in the party’s direction.

Shambling Mounds
Baron Tharg attempted to circumnavigate the moving mountains of putrid compost but as we entered a slight clearing of trees three of the monstrosities attacked. Holber, Mercy,, and Eric were trounced at once. The mountains of vegetation had eyes and stomachs for elven blood. They attacked each of our elven friends with devastating efficiency. We were not to give up our friend so easily and Baron Tharg reached into his dragon soul releasing the fire given to him by his mother. With reckless abandon Tharg tore into the putrid shrub getting its attention.

The second of the shrub mountains saw its chance to taste sweat elven meat and locked its attention on Eric. As it attacked it connected with one of its large trunks battering Eric, but as it tried to rend Eric in two he went translucent and the blow past right through him. Sir Tobias, seeing his compatriot in dire straights leapt to Eric’s aid and cut the monstrosity in two with one great strike his sword.

The third mound of putridity sniffed out another of the half-elves and almost tore Holbar in two. Feeling the rotting vegetation surrounding him, Holbar reaches into his front pouch, produces a vial, drinks, and vanishes. The next the party sees of Holbar when he appears in a a flash of light as it is hurled towards the mound that attacked him. The mountain of rotting trees roars as it reaches for it’s eyes and reacts by slamming its tree trunk arms into the ground finding no purchase Toby seeing Eric is safe charges the mound and cuts in to the ground dead

Taiven spins, leaps and takes a tactical point behind the first mound, strikes with a knee crashing it into it’s side. The first pile of refuse knows that it must get through the dragon man to get to the elven flesh and so beats the shoulder of the Half dragon as it grabs and attempts to tear him in two. Taiven watched though as the monster clearly snapped Tharg shoulder it began to knit itself back together. Looking around to see who may have done that Taiven saw Mercy standing looking as though her shoulder was out of place. Seeing his advantage, Tharg rushed the pile of grass cutting it first from shoulder to midsection. Then repeatedly slamming the six-foot long blade into now unmoving mass like he was reaping wheat.

After the battle was finished Mercy and Sir Tobias generously gifted the party by leading all. The mounds began melting away and within were found a potion, a pair of boots and 400 gold nobles.

As the party continued to wander lost in woods a clearing was spotted. Thinking it the clearing Mercy had found, the band made haste to see if they could find Princess Estinas. Instead as they entered the clearing music could be heard, superficial dancing shadows could be seen along the fringe of the clearing. In the first light of sun seen in hours they witnessed two nymphs enjoying each other’s company in the most adult way and a Satyr lifting his spirits with a tune from his Pan flute. As they entered Eric, Taiven, and Holbar found themselves enraptured by the scene. The Satyr friendly as can be, said “ Welcome friends!! Share my circle and all within! I haven’t seen people in such a long time. No one enters this forest and I am missing the company of intelligent beings.” He smiled and handed a bottle of what smelled to have been very strong alcohol to the group in general. Taiven walked into the circle, smiled, took a single large swig, and passed out.

Eric seeing the intertwined nymphs flooded at the Satyr; the Satyr looking between him and the nymphs, smiled, and said “Be my guest friend.” Eric slinked between the nymphs and began to feel the warmth of the nymphs dance. It soaked into his veins as he closed his eyes and began to keep time with the nymphs music. Sir Tobias shrugged “interesting elven custom.” and turned his attention to the Satyr feeling something afoot.

Sir Tobias stayed back taking in the scene with the contempt reserved for the weak. Holbar and Tharg both saw the goings on and smiled, reached for, what one could only assume, was a bottle of alcohol, and drank. Staggered the two faring better than the passed out Taiven and Toby suspected that the Satyr was not just the jolly free-loving forest icon known for stories. Suspicious of the openness, Toby asked “ Good Satyr have you seen a elf in these parts in the last day? We are in need to find the maiden and return to our friends.” The Satyr, irritated by the break in revery, said “Why should I answer such questions from a man that would not break break with me or share my drink? You can never trust anyone who does not partake.” “And you lass”, speaking to Mercy, “come join my nymphs as your friend has. Take that ugly armor off and come join the fun.” Mercy at once fought wind of the deceit. Her eyes narrowing she stepped back from the Satyr next to Toby.

At this point Toby, Tharg, and Mercy were weary of the Satyr’s act and were looking to get out with there pride intact. Tharg spoke up “I have partaken and my friend speaks true. We need to find the elf maiden and get back to our business. Please good sir, if you have seen her give us her direction and we’ll be on our way.” The satyr sighed resigning himself (for he was definitely a male) to the loss of his quarry. The elf maid went towards the Druid Circle that way, pointing to the north. Here’s a map that will take you there.” Reaching out he gave hugs to each of the party saying his farewells, as we were saying our farewells to a significant portion of our treasure. The only one of us who received services for the payment made was Eric. The party went on their way following the Satyr’s map until the party was lost again.

Back on track the party saw the deep shadows falling across the forest floor and decided to stop for the night. Many in the party thought traveling by night would be a fools errand and decided to make camp. Taiven handed out hard tack to everyone to get something in their stomachs after a long day of being fleeced and beaten. Guard duty was set and everyone else went to sleep. Peculiarly, Taiven climbed the tree built a hammock and fell fast asleep with everyone else. Tharg heard a sound coming from the darkness and as he crouched he began to hear the sounds of giant. “I smell food stuff from over this way”. “Many different smells; yummy elfy smells, other smells too.” The green long nosed giants crept into view of the Dragonborn and his side kick. He shook Mercy awake saying “wake the others; trolls.” The trolls raced in to attack and were met with steel from Tharg’s massive blade. The trolls countered tearing a huge piece of flesh from Tharg’s chest. Mercy seeing the violence goes into action and in a loud voice reached into her well of magic and sealed the wounds inflicted by the troll.

Mercy’s battle cry awoke the rest of the party; Eric quickly assessing the situation tried to step back away from the nearest troll. But, the troll see his quarry beating a retreat slammed both of his giant hands into the elven archer, severing his arm, and dropping his lifeless body to the ground. Taiven looking down from his perch jumps to Eric’s aid, if a little late, and lands next to the giant meat eater giving two swift punches to the kidneys sending the troll back a step.

Holbar quickly rose from his sleep and stepped away from the fray readying a spell and as the green Goliath pursued Holbar sprayed a spell at his feet. The troll looked at what the Wizard pointing to and fell flat on his back. The wizard grinned and began preparations for the monsters demise.

Palis readied his bow and let loose an arrow straight at the first green meat eater. In position Tharg screamed into the monster’s face and released a torrent of steel in retribution for the fallen Eric. The Troll feeling the wet sticky green substance pouring from his wounds smiled and returned the favor sending Tharg reeling back towards Mercy. However, as Tharg stepped back into the fray his wounds had noticeably diminished from when the blows had been landed mere seconds before. Taiven, trying to distract the beast, dove into its back. The troll looked over its shoulder and smirked at the little man. But, before the monster could remove Taiven’s head from his body a blinding light hit each of the monsters causing them to reel in pain.

As the trolls attempted to look up, the first troll slammed an attack that went wild missing Taiven by a mile. Holbar smiled and said “They’re bind. Cut them into tiny bits but save some of the blood so I can bathe in the morning.” The pack knowing their advantage set to carving up the beasts with steel. Holbar know trolls for the regenerator monstrosities they are dumped acid all over their bodies to seal their wounds.

The rest of the night went rather peacefully.



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