x Arixidor Greenwood


      Born on the low end of a noble family, Arixidor spent his youth mostly tending to farming, shooting arrows in his free-time but occasionally dabbling in the magical arts. Too low in Elven nobility to expect a position of power at least for several decades (if at all), but high enough to enjoy enough free-time to explore his interests, his archery sharpened to the point where it as noticed even among elves. Although skilled in magic, Arixidor greatly enjoys the attention he’s gained as an archer, and when seeing others who practice the bow wanting to see who’s best. He’s too thrill-seeking to devote himself solely to the studies of magic, but has a natural skill and amusement in using it.

      Being an Elf of noble blood, he was raised in a family imparting they were superior to humans, even most elves, but Arixidor knows humans hold the true power in the world because of their diversity and sheer numbers. To make a mark in the world he’s decided to enter the world of humans. At this point in his life he is feeling delight in seeing the new experiences of a new culture the human world presents, but sometimes this comes into conflict with his Elven identity and faith.

      Young, intelligent, and thrill-seeking, Arix seeks adventure much to the chagrin of his family. He is a follower of the “Light” like most elves, and doesn’t have problems adhering to his religious faith in short because it encourages a love of beauty, (sexy women), dance (being physical), love (sex), freedom (no need to abstain), and excitement (kicking butt), but has considered joining the world of humans may put him at odds with his heritage and his sincere belief that as an Elf he must hold their interests and that of his god Correlon as important.

      Personality: Arix has the optimism of youth, avoided excessive hardship because of his family’s position, but is balanced by his years of farm work with the patience and humility it often brings.


x Arixidor Greenwood

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