Etan Niful

Ambassador of The Theocracy of Pale



Etan is the current ambassador to the Great Kingdom from Etan the Theocracy of Pale. It has been noted that ambassadors are usually quite a bit younger which has led to speculation that Etan may have made enemies of someone very powerful.

It is known that Etan is a shrewd clergy member of the Pholtan church and throughout his twenties and thirties he rose quickly within the ranks of the clergy and was on the path to being named one of the youngest Bishops in the history of the church. It is not know why his star declined but it is rumored that Etan had several indiscretions and he was not ordained as a Bishop until he was 42 years old.

Etan has few friends and to all appearances he is a bitter and wrathful man. In CY 645 Etan ordered the burning of an entire village in the Duchy of Tenh, a short time after that he acquired a silverfish scar along his jawline that he now covers with a beard. Etan never goes anywhere without his two bodyguards, who are hulking warriors.

Biographical Information about The Theocracy of Pale

Region: Old Aerdy West
Ruler: His Worshipful Mercy, the Theocrat Ogon Tillit; Supreme Prelate of the Pale (Cleric, 14th level)
Government: Theocracy
Established: 450 CY
Capital: Wintershiven
Major Towns: Eltison, Hawkburgh, Hatherleigh, Holdworthy, Landigard, Ogburgh, Rakervale, Stradsett, Wintershiven
Provinces: Twenty-seven city wards and low dices divided unevenly among nine archdioceses
Resources: Foodstuffs, copper, gems (IV)
Coinage: Bright (pp), gold glory (gp), silver sun (sp), silver moon (sp), basic (cp)
Population: 395,000
Races: Human 96% (FO), Halfling 2%, Elf 1%, Other 1%
Languages: Common, Flan
Alignments: LN*, LG, LE
Religions: Pholtus*, Saint Ceril, all other religions suppressed. Beory, Phyton, Velaeri, and Wee Jas worshipped in secret
Allies: Many churches of Pholtus, Tenh nobles converted to Pholtus
Enemies: Dimre, Iuz, Stonehold, all orcs, goblinoids, and giants; heretics, pagans, wizards, religions with criminal or evil aspects

Etan Niful

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