Mercy Elandrin

Shaman(Witch Doctor), Multiclass Cleric



      Mercy Elandrin is one of two remaining descendants of the Elandrin line, a half-elven family of distant royal blood that had a long and prosperous history, gaining prestige and renown as merchants and craftsmen, adventurers and champions.

      Mercy Elandrin was tested when she came of age and was found to possess the power needed for the shaman calling. This was a fine discipline according to her family and she was given little choice to choose another class. She specialized as a witch doctor and secretly trained with one of her clergy friends to learn how to be a cleric, which was the calling of her heart. She even went so far as to have holy symbols tattooed in cleverly embedded artwork so she wouldn’t need to carry around a holy symbol and it wouldn’t be able to be taken away. She choose a restorative life spirit in the form of a hare for her animal; as it would give her the closest path to her calling to heal the injured and sick.

      She grew up very close to her older brother, who was a devilishly handsome and quick witted rogue who took on the mantle of a traveling merchant to the public. They went on many an adventure in their youth and relied heavily on each other to make it through several scrapes. She would constantly give him advice during combat that helped him keep an edge over his opponents, and healing when he was injured. Unfortunately, outside of people in need of her healing, Mercy gained some attitude and habits from her brother as well. She was sharp-tongued and merciless, able to make any sailor or scoundrel blush or turn in disgrace from her words alone. While she still felt the calling of the healer, she was no simpering foal but a dangerous woman when needed.

      About a year ago, a crime syndicate was paid to destroy the family and kill all members; however one member, Mercy, was sold into slavery instead and her brother managed to escape unbeknownst to the syndicate and their client. Mercy keeps her virtue (such as it is), by way of her wiles and magic, as shamans are not trifled with due to their ability to hex. Folklore plays some part in the effectiveness of this strategy as witch doctors are rumored to be able to inflict the rotting itch, a vile venereal disease (think syphilis but way worse and makes things rot away permanently). Mercy is willing to trade her healing ability for her eventual release, essentially offering to work off her slave debt. Any lecherous owners of weak mind has been “persuaded” to sell off the foul-mouthed and troublesome vixen to someone of more discerning temperament.


Mercy Elandrin

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