I am Naagloshii… lowest of the mighty orc tribe Urukakthor I am banished, hunted and cursed…

I was born twenty and four cycles ago on a cold night where the moon did not rise. My mother Nerdanel was a full blooded elf. She was taken by my father as a battle prize three years before my birth. My mother was a slave but she was lovely, intelligent, understanding, patient and loyal and I killed her… She was my Star, my endless champion, my hero and I killed her. I deserve to be damned…

My tribe is a very proud, extremely capable group dedicated to the teachings of the great god Grumsh. The tribe itself is almost three centuries old and has a well-deserved reputation of inspiring fear and perpetrating slaughter. It is said that the mighty Urukagrathak single handedly slew Tavreth the Life Giver; an ancient Silver dragon of immense size and power. From her bones and hide, he fashioned the arms and armor that he used to break the backs of three score of other orc tribes, subjugating them into become his own.

My Father’s father bore these weapons with great distinction during the chaos war, unfortunately for him he was felled by a great human priest and the prized objects of my tribe were stolen from us, our tribe was nearly destroyed and my father was left with the ruins of a once great force. In the years before my birth we were little better than mercenaries and highway men.

Thing went poorly for my tribe until a great victory over the hated elves ushered in a new era of prosperity for my people. My father took my mother as battle prize and with the location and plunder taken from the elves, my tribe started re-establishing dominance in the region. Our tribal shaman Urukengegal received omens of great import concerning the offspring of the chief… When it became clear that my mother was quickening on the night of no moon great things were expected with the coming of my birth.

Then a most terrible of thing occurred; I was born… I came out of my mother’s womb small and weak, I had to be fed from the teat of my mother and was not able to digest blood or meat for many moons. OHHHH… how I wish my father would have listened to Urukengegal and just discarded me as was the custom of my tribe but for whatever reason my father stayed his hand and by the act of sparing my life, sealed my mother’s fate and perhaps doomed our world.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been weak; I grew up bullied, beaten and ridiculed for my inability to fight well and my lack of strength and fortitude. If I were not the chieftain’s son, I would have rightly been killed but I am the chieftain’s son so I was carried and pitied and despised by my betters but I was always loved by my mother.

When I was twelve years of age; I was given my last chance to pass the Hourai-targ (the blooding) every orc is expected to have their first man kill by that age, many, many orcs slay their first being well before then. I was soft, I hesitated in the moment of truth and failed, as I had failed so many things… I could see the shame in my father’s eyes and he never again spoke to me as a father speaks to a son. My mother comforted my father and I with the suggested that perhaps I was meant to serve the tribe in another fashion by being a witchdoctor or shaman. This prospect did cheer my father as due to my incompetence, he and Urukengegal had an uneasy relationship at best.

The next few years were the best of my life… I was winning grudging respect both from Urukengegal and my father as my talents as a witchdoctor flourished. My mother helped me every night by going over the properties of herbs and plants as well as basic magical laws. She taught me about the stars and how to track and procure food so that I could always be useful. She told me that I had a special magic and that someday soon I and the others would see it.

I even took hope that I had caught the eye of Urukengegal’s beautiful daughter Hagangakkel (Ohh… what a beauty she was) When she smiled the whole world stopped, we barely ever spoke but when we did she would teasingly mock me, she even pretended to like other orcs more than me… Great Grumsh! I loved her! Then came the night… that terrible night, when everything changed.

In the weeks leading up to that night; I had begun to have strange dreams, it was soon to be a night with no moon, as it was upon my birth. My mother told me that there would be something special that happened that night and I thought she had guessed my intent to take Hagangakkel as my mate. I had planned for weeks on how best to take her and thought that the night of no moon boded a good omen for me… (what a fool I was).

The night came and I had sent word for Hagangakkel to meet me at her father’s medicine hut. I knew that despite the ground I had gained in Urukengegal eyes that he would not approve of me to be a mate for his daughter so I thought to foster his respect by having the gull to take his daughter in his very own hut. It was exciting, it was bold, like nothing I’d ever done! Surely this would win him over.

Hagangakkel came to the hut looking beautiful as always and asked me what I wanted. I told her that “I want you” and I pulled down my breeches and presented my swollen orc manliness to her and, and she laughed… not the laugh of an excited lover but a mocking laugh full of vitriol and scorn. I stood there exposed as she laughed and told her that soon she would not be laughing but would be my bride and as is the custom of orc’s; I sought to take what I wanted! For several minutes we fought as I tried to make her mine but in the end she beat me down, broke my nose and kicked me several times in my man region which was no longer swollen in excitement… she spat on me and mocked my naked form and left with a promise upon her lips to tell all of Naagloshii hobbit-cock.

I laid there weeping for a time, then did what I always did… I ran to my mother. I arrived at my father’s hut and it was plain that they had already heard of my shame. My father shook his head and left and my mother came to me and told me that there was more to a man than all that and that she had something to share with me. She began chanting but I was too hurt and angry, she tried to assuage my emotions in between chants and I lashed out at her, she told me to stop and I told her that “I.. I wanted her dead!! I wanted everyone dead!!!”

Then it happened, what can never be undone. A creature burst forth from nowhere and savaged my mother. It clawed her fingers off and bit her throat out before my very eyes. I could not do anything… My father burst in to see what had happened and attacked the creature, I shouting in anger to my father kill, kill, kill!!! But the creature seemed to go berserk and attacked everyone in sight save myself. Urukengegal and Hagangakkel came with others and finally the creature was defeated and vanished into thin air but in the victory Hagangakkel suffered the loss of an eye and vicious scars to her beautiful face.

Urukengegal declared that the creature was a curse resulting from the use of black magic and demanded that my father execute me. I fled like the coward I am and managed to elude capture. In the days that followed, I was hunted by my tribe and haunted by the creature. I could feel its presence always. I managed to avoid my tribe most of the time but there were three times they caught up to me and each time as my anger and terror took hold the creature appeared and slew my tribesmen.

My anger and desire for vengeance upon the creature was so great that I took a foolish chance and reached out to the presence in my mind and intentionally called it forth. The Creature appeared, instantly I knew this was a foul and ancient evil, it took the form of a hideous multi-limbed, snake looking thing and just stared at me for a moment… I knew from my lessons with my mother as well as Urukengegal, that dark, twisted creatures such as this would seek to usurp my will, to make me its slave! I summoned up all my will and hate and showed this evil thing that it could not dominate me! I no longer had the luxury of weakness, I had to be strong for it was my will and my will alone that could combat this creature’s evil rage, endless malice and keep it’s vile, murderous nature in check. After several tense minutes the creature looked away!! I had beaten it mentally and by Grumush! I was going to make it pay for what it did to my mother.

I beat the creature to death every day for the next tenday but I never lost the feeling of it’s presence and with each new day I was again able to call it forth. For the next seven moons, I lived in the wild experimenting on the creature but I was careful never to converse with it save commands… never to invite intrusion as surely this creature was as sinister as anything I’d ever heard or read about. I killed it several dozen ways, yet it never stayed dead!

To date, I’ve have killed the creature 417 unique ways, I have used magic, elements, special materials and still it survives, mocking me with its wicked powers. I admit, I have begun to despair that the creature can be killed permanently…

There was only one conclusion that I could come to and as hard as it was, I had to admit; I needed help to destroy this creature. I went to one of the human cities seeking to speak with sages and wizards, only to be mocked and turned away. Even with coin, there was prejudice and likely some sinister influence from the creature that yielded little results for me.

After months of pursuit, I finally gained admittance to the guild and a wizard named Melitial, a half elf, we spoke and he agreed to help me. I was elated, finally it looked as if the creature was going to be destroyed but alas ever the fool I am, the hope was short lived. Melitial had me summon forth the creature and he ran some experiments and even spoke with it (I warned him about that, he should have known better but he spoke to it anyway).

Melitial then tried to tell me that the creature was something called an Eidolon and that they were an entity that for some reason serves beings from our plane and that they are not malevolent in nature (It was here that I knew Melitial had fallen prey to the creature’s evil mental intrusions). He went on to tell me that these creatures are often bound to bloodlines and loyally serve and that my mother was killed because I had not paid attention to the ritual… (This is when I killed Melitial) Even after all this time my mother’s death hurts, the damn creature knows it and used its insidious powers to dominate Melitial into pouring salt into the wound. I feel for Melitial but better the poor bastard die rather than live as slave to the creature…

After poor Melitial, it was sometime before I decided to expose another person to the influence of the creature. I decided to destroy evil, I must seek out evil and hired an Asmodian sage with expertise of Occult, Demonic and Infernal areas. The sage told some of the same lies as Melitial but I had expected that, however there was one new bit of information that was brought up though. It would seem that powerful outsiders that are killed on our plane are normally just banished back to theirs for awhile and where-as he could not explain why the creature could always come back the next day; he did suggest that killing the creature on its home plane should kill the creature permanently…

So that is what I am going to do, I will find the name of its home plane, it’s location, travel there and kill the creature, for my mother and my freedom. This I swear…


A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event! Leonidas300