Oin March

Personal Champion of Joramy Wendell




Oin March, simply put is a killer. He is not an assassin but is rather a professional duelist. Oin started out as most sellswords, serving in the military but was discharged when he killed a superior officer in a duel. After his dismissal from the military, Oin became an adventurer/mercenary but became quickly disenfranchised with having to count on other people and split shares. He dealt with this disappointment by killing members of his group who he felt did not earn their share. Needless to say, this approach quickly ostracized him from finding work as an adventurer.

Oin bounced around for a time and ended up getting into a winning several duels and trials by combat. As is tradition in duels and trials by combat, the victor keeps the property of the loser. This proved to be quite lucrative and Oin developed a taste for it.

Oin is a fierce and dirty fighter, he is not concerned with honor, only victory. He abides by terms of a trial by combat or duel but is exceptional at goading people into rash words and deeds and given his exceptional combat expertise whether he is the challenger or the challenged he is almost always in the best position to win.

Oin married a woman by the name of Jenya Tylelor about five years ago, she was in the service of Joramy Wendell, a powerful advisor to Drax the invulnerable. Oin previously turned Wendell down twice on offers of employment but since his wife was in his employ, he took Wendell up on the third offer. Oin and Jenyra separated on amicable terms after a time but Oin, by then had become accustomed to the many benefits of working for a nobleman of Wendell’s influence and he decided to stay on. Officially, he is one of Wendell’s personal bodyguards but in truth, he is Wendell’s personal champion for duels and trials by combat. In that role he has killed almost 100 men, the last was Uthgred, son of Uthnash the chief of the ice barbarians. Uthgred was a hulking and legendary warrior amongst his people and as legend had it killed two frost giants in a single blow of his great axe.

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At a banquet held for the dignitaries to the council on the great beast, Uthgred was into his cups and spilled his drink on Wendell’s evening companion, he went on to say “what was the puny man going to do about it” Almost before the words had left his mouth, Oin stabbed him in the temple and nearly killed him straight off and would have finished the job right there had Wendell and Uthnash not intervened. Uthgred bellowed challenge and the trial by combat was set for noon the next day.

The battle, if it could be called that was brutal, Oin destroyed Uthgred… disarmed him, tripped him multiple times, Oin dew it out and mocked him viciously. Oin hamstrung Uthgred and while Uthgred was on his knees, Oin pissed in his face and while looking at King Uthnash asked “What was the big man going to do about it” Oin, then stabbed Uthred through the eye, took Uthgred’s axe and cut off his head; then proclaimed he was going to have the head made into his dogs’ new piss bowl…

Oin March

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