Taiven Dradoma is a 6’6’ Scandinavian pile of muscle. His good nature and gentle wisdom mask’s a burning hatred of injustice and subjugation of the weak. He has a talent for marble and can sculpt with the best of them. So, if you’re in need of help in righting justice or a bust of your late mother he can assist.



      Taiven is of Royal Blood, forth in line to the Duchy overseeing the lands of Geoff. The Dradoma family found their place in leading the Duchy by breaking the legions of undead during the last battle of the Mage Wars 250 years ago that defeated the Silence and Lich King Kallkrasse. Since that victory, the Duchy of Geoff has only seen piece and prosperity under the good and charitable eye of the Dradoma family.

      The defeat of the Silence was as much a strategic and political victory for Vallent Dradoma as it was a battlefield victory. In preparations for, what was to become known as, the Three Mages Battle Vallent sought the assistance of the Hornwood Monks. Known as much for their isolationism as for their hatred of the necromatic arts they had, to this point, never joined the fray insisting that the monastery needed the protection of all monks. Vallent beseeched the head master insisting that if the duchies army fell their would be nothing that could stop the undead hordes climbing the sacred walls like a rising tide of evil drowning the monk’s home.

      What is told in the history books is that Vallent’s humility and convincing words moved Head Master Ofiellia Vass to take up the fight against the Lich, but there are a few who know the truth. The head master told Vallent she saw the strands of fait showing the battle’s outcome and the Silence would consume the realm and that only divine intervention would be able to turn the tide. It is recorded in the monastic library that at seeing the sincere regret in Master Vass’ eyes Vallent, full of tears knowing the abject torture his people would suffer, knelt and ask the Dawnbringer for aid. The call was answered; the Dawnbringer radiated down on Vallent. However, intertwined with her light was a soothing darkness. The Raven Queen, patron of the Hornwood Monks, also stood before the two leaders.

      In an intermingling of their divine voices the sisters explained that Kallkrasse sought aid from the Demigod Vecna bargaining his life away to become a Lich and that much of the undead legion was under newly minted Lich King’s control. They further explained that it would take their combined strength to defeat Kallkrasse and Vecna. The radiance of day and the passage to night would be needed to shepard the legion to its rightful place. Laying before Vallent was the longsword Smorboll, a Vorpal Holy Avenger; whereas each of the Master Vass and the other senior monks saw their bodies surrounded in a dark radiance.

      The sisters smiled and told the leaders that with their faith and the tools bequeathed they would be able to defeat Kallkrasse, but that Vecna would remain a threat to Oerth and the realms beyond. A partnership needed to be forged on the material plane as it had in the heavens between the Dawnbringer and Raven Queen to ensure that when Vecna returned the people of Oerth would be ready to respond. To this end they ask that the Dradoma family and the Hornwood Monks forge an alliance against any and all undead. The sisters asked that Vallent Dradoma commit to interning the last born son of every generation to the monastery and that the Hornwood Monks commit to training the Dradoma acolyte in fighting undead. Since then there has always been a Dradoma trained as under the Raven Queens tutelage to guide the Duchy in preparation for the Silence’s return.

      The Hardwood Monks and Vallent Dradoma eventually destroyed the Lich King and his undead legion. To this day, Smorboll is past from the previous Duchy of Geoff leader to the next and the last born son of each Dradoma family generation has gone for monastic training.

      Much of this history has been lost to the Duchy, to even the Dradoma family. It is only the last born son who adopts the Hornwood monastic traditions learns the full history of of what occurred during that faithful battle. And, how pray tell are you reading the full story from the journal of a simple man you met on the street? I am Taiven Dradoma last born of Korson and Herras Dradoma, Acolyte of the Raven Queen, defender of Oerth against Vecna’s undead hordes, and keeper of the eternal black flame.



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