Tharg Feuir Ker was born of the rape between an ancient red dragon and a human. So far not so unusual for a half dragon. However Tharg’s father was the human…

      Tharg’s mother is the ancient red dragon known as Fiery Death to those beings fortunate enough to survive her rampages. She does make a point to leave survivors to rebuild after all this means that they will accumulate wealth faster for her to take. An empty dessert bereft of life does not mine gold or gems. Her full name is Feuri Heritza Menjir Ober Hizbocha that roughly translates to “Fiery Death Eater of Lessor Peoples.”

      Fiery Death is a daughter of the union of Tiamat and Bahamut and one of the first and most powerful red dragons on Oerth. The union of the two did not last long and the divorce has been contentious to say the least.

      Tharg’s father Tuorg Es Ker is the son of the God Kord and a Suloise priestess of Kord named Es Aho Ker. Tuorg was possibly the greatest barbarian warrior of his age. It certainly did not hurt being a half god and Tuorg excelled in violence unmatched by any in recent history.

      Upon learning the location of Fiery Death’s lair (She doesn’t keep it a secret after all that would prevent adventurers from brining her treasure and snacks.) Tuorg single handedly stormed the lair and slew Fiery Death’s current mate and subdued Fiery Death. Tuorg seeking to humiliate Fiery Death even more so that the subdual would last longer then proceeding to rape Fiery Death. (The suspicion is that an Enlarge Person potion was involved but Tuorg denied this and had the habit of killing those that questioned him too often so that suspicion has been left out of the stories…)

      However Tuorg was wrong about how to humiliate a female red dragon as killing the current mate, subduing the female, and then raping her is the correct matting rites for red dragons. Only the strong can take what they want and force the weak to submit. Fiery Death felt no humiliation and was quite moved by the violence and domination. Tuorg while only briefly her mate is remembered fondly as a strong powerful one. She is still angry about the amount of treasure he stole from her though, not that she wouldn’t miss a single copper piece.

      Tharg’s hatching was uneventful. Tharg’s is the only half dragon in his clutch as Fiery Death’s former mate sired the rest of Tharg’s clutch mates. During the hatchling stage Tharg and his siblings happily played on their mother’s treasure hoard and learned that they were superior to all beings. Being red dragon spawn they of course engaged in fighting to establish a hierarchy amongst the clutch. Tharg was in the middle of the rankings as blinding fits of rage do have their place.

      Once her hatchling’s reached the very young stage it was Fiery Death’s practice to distribute her young to likely locations around Oerth so that they might grow on their own to dominate all others. However Tharg was not quite as developed as his full dragon siblings. Half dragons growth being a combination of dragon and the other race Tharg wasn’t ready to be on his own.

      Instead of killing a defective offspring Fiery Death decided to use Tharg to get a sort of vengeance on his father Tuorg for stealing from her hoard. She did not want to face Tuorg in combat again already having lost once as she might lose more treasure. Fiery Death tracked down Tuorg and deposited Tharg on him telling him that it was now his turn to care for his son. She did this in the most public way possible to both involve Tuorg’s pride in having his raping a red dragon story proven and as a trap for when Tuorg failed to raise the boy to be anything other than a monster. Tuorg’s reputation as a hero would be forever tarnished when Tharg turned out to be more like his mother. It was also common knowledge that Tuorg wasn’t real consensus about any long term task other than violence.

      Tuorg was vexed raising any sort of a child wasn’t in his skill set and frankly he didn’t want too. On the other hand his pride was now involved and he certainly couldn’t just not do it as it would cause him to lose face. So he did what many dead beat fathers do he dropped the kid off with is mother. After all she had raised a half god so she should be qualified and Tuorg would be able to get back to adventuring. Unfortunately for Tuorg he really should have retired as this adventure would be his last though his death was glorious.

      Es Aho Ker is Tharg’s maternal grandmother. It is she at the age of 63 who undertook to raise and civilize Tharg. It only took her 10 years to get him to be able to survive in more or less normal society. It is possible that Tharg’s grandfather Kord may have played a role. He is still known to visit Es though she married after the birth of Tuorg and has five other children from her mortal husband. Her mortal children have given her dozens of grandchildren.
      Es is currently a 73 year old human priestess of Kord she appears to be around 30 years old and when questioned about her age is known to reply. “Carrying the seed of a God has interesting effects on the longevity of mortals.”

      Tharg considers Es to be his second mother and loves her completely. He knowns the true nature of his actual mother and would go considerably far out his way to avoid meeting her. At least without proper gifts.

      Tharg as the only legitimate child of Tuorg has inherited the title that Tuorg earned defending the Great Kingdom. (The King thought that a title would be a good way to pay off Tuorg and bind him to the kingdom. Better to bring the barbarian in that have him storm the castle.)



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