A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 010: The Price of Victory

As told from the perspective of Sir Tobi

15th – 16th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 010:
The Price of Victory

We begin in the midst of a stalemate between the party and group of Abashi Devils. Thayd puts his foot down and has had enough of talking. Holber in the back of his mind does know that higher level beings never simply die, there is usually a remnant of a soul after the death of the body. As Thayd hears the negotiating over the body of Isosil, he looks up and says: “No fuck this!.” He yells out: “Isosil, lend me your strength! Lend me your arms!” He tries to use Call Weapon: allows him to call the weapon of an ally within 30 feet. The greatsword from Isosil’s large grasp flies over into Thayd’s arms!

Mercy dashes down the hallway to channel a healing burst which heals up Tobi and Taiven. All hear the voice, “Foolish mortal you dare to touch me, creature of neutrality. You will pay dearly. But first we will bring woe to evildoers.” The greatsword in Thayd’s grip glows in an azure light. He grows to a large size. Thayd feels that the greatsword is using his soul to power itself. It appears as though the Greatsword is intelligent and decided to go on its own initiative. “Craven creature of neutrality destroy the servants of evil.” Thayd feels a compulsion in his mind to attack a servant of evil. He immediately strolls into the room easily swinging the sword and cleaving a Lemur in half instantly slaying it. Thayd’s fortitude keeps a tamp on his soul energy. Tobi swings his hammer furiously at a floating White Abashi and a Lemur. Holber, while invisible walks into the corridor, and Mercy channels to heal everyone. The Intelligent Greatsword finally takes over Thayd’s mind. As it does so, Thayd’s Speed drastically increases and he proceeds to double chop against several of the White Abashi demons, demon parts flying left and right. The Black Abashi hovers high above the battlefield and double pushes the button which closes the Wall of Force off to the hallway: it orders the 3 summoned White Abashis to focus on Thayd and take him down. Tobi fends off several grapple attempts by lemurs. Thayd slashes with with Intelligent Greatsword instantly killing one White Abashi and painfully hurting another White Abashi. Tobi takes out one Lemur as it tries to grapple the Templar but leaving itself open to an attack of opportunity. Tobi then swings his hammer finishing off one of the White Abashis in the room with the lake. Thayd steps up closing the wall of force behind the Black Abashi with Mage Hand. The blade speaks: “Creature of Neutrality you have shown courage of your type, but I am killing you. Release me now or you may very well perish.” Thayd lays the blade back into the coffin, afterwards his body shrivels considerably as though his body is partially a husk: he looks as though something just sucked the juice out of him (think “Meth face”). The second to last White Abash at the back of the lake tries to cast a fear ability at Taiven, but thanks to Tobi’s Aura of Courage it fails to effect him. The duo of Tobi and Taiven are back together again! Mercy gives combat advice to Tobi and casts Evil eye on the White Abashi next to Tobi. Taiven goes wild on the two Lemurs that have been pestering Tobi, destroying one and heavily injuring the second. “Taiven where you been buddy!?” “Yeah I just needed a pick me up Tobes.” “You’re looking fresh man. But Thayd… he doesn’t look so fresh anymore.” “You need to lick the flaking skin off my nutsack and thank me for what I did.” The battle continued on until all the demons were slain from the Hell whence they came. The last demon killed himself in the hallway the Abyssal Wolf made his home. Thayd walks up the victorious group, he is coughing blood heavily into a rag. Tobi says: “We’ve missing a wizard corpse guys?” Holber says: “I’m here!” Tobi says: “Tough fight, tough fight.”

All of the sudden, a dwarf appears out of seemingly nowhere. Full plate armor, battleaxe, and very handsome. He has a bow stowed in his backpack. The dwarf has a symbol of Moradin on his shield. He looks confused to be here. His clan is from the Barrier peaks, which closed off doors to non-dwarves 45 years ago. For almost 5 decades it has been warring with drow. “I’m Thorgle.” “Is that with one or two Grrl?” “I am a Templar of Phlthus.” Thayd walks over: “My name is Thayd and I am a Sea Prince of— HURL.” “Do you need any healing?” “I need all the healing.” “Where does it hurt.” “Where am I?” “This is a place of law.” “I am a follower of law.” “Then you are amongst friends. I suspect this place of Law summoned you here.” “Well a friend of mine cast a spell on me, some kind of change location spell, whilst we were fighting drow.” Holber states that the Underdark is famous for its wild magic zones which has unpredictable effects upon spells. Tobi will give the bodies rites of Burial. There are still some unidentified items on the bodies: elven boots of unknown value and ability. Mercy will re-establish links to everyone relevant. Thayd says: “The weapon is made for a diety and it overcame my will. Every moment I held the sword it stole a piece of me, would have killed me if I hadn’t let go. It was as though Tritherion himself. The creature before us is a demigod if not a god himself. Any mortal who would pick this up and grasp it would suffer the same.”

Tobi tried to touch the Intelligent Greatsword: Overwhelming sense of good, law but also hostility. “You were a lucky fool.” Tobi lets go. “It did not wish to be wielded. We move on.” Dwarf explains his combat abilities to the group.

Everyone heals up, regroups and begins exploring the watery cavern. Thayd spots a box partially floating in the water. Examining it further revels it to be an old fashioned coffer. It is not set in place, but floating beneath a mushroom. Thayd runs his blade around the floating coffer, finding a chain holding it to the bottom. It looks as though it was originally hidden underneath the mushroom but in the heat of combat may have gotten disturbed in some manner. Detection of magic, evil, and poison fail to yield anything of note. Thayd disables a poison trap on the coffer. Examining the chain finds another coffer with another poison needle trap which Thayd also disables. There are no false bottoms, duplicate tops, portals etc. Inside the 2 wooden boxes the party finds treasure!



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