A Manifestation of Chaos: Extinction Event!

Session 009: Deals with the Devil

The heroes are in a fight for their lives and consider dealing with the devils.

15th – 16th Day of Flocktime – CY 647
Session 009:
Deals with the Devil

Under the watchful eye of the ebony angel the party slept, awaking to the silent realization of the tasks ahead. As everyone awoke the realization of the wealth they slept with started to seep into their bones. The awareness that just a small amount of the wealth in this room could solve so many problems began to blossom in their minds. Toby, however, looked around the angel’s treasure room, telling everyone to “Don’t take anything out of this room. We don’t know what would happen.” Palis asked “what about just the armor or weapons? “. Toby retorted “Nothing. Take nothing!”. As they all exited the angel’s last resting place they all took a last look around at the sheer accumulation of wealth they were leaving behind. Swords and bows were drawn, necks were cracked into place, and spells readied for the days work.

From the night before the party new that pushing the button twice next to the door opened the force shield leading to the next room. They built their pyramid Palis climbed up and stuck his finger in the hole twice; the force shield shimmered and blinked out. They’d looked around saw Palis staring off into space, waiting and nudged him with his chockrams, “Check for traps on that door, would you?” Palis stepped up looked around the door, into the lock, and felt confident there were no traps. However, instead of opening the door Palis stepped back to let someone else take the first steps. They’d looked at him sideways and checked the door himself, then opened it. Sir Toby gestured to They’d for Taiven and They’d to follow him into the room and Toby step across the threshold towards the dark pool of water inside the cavernous room.

As Sir Toby reached the dark pool, writhing masses of flesh reached out to pull him into the depths. Reacting to the sudden appearance of mounds of writhing flesh, Sir Toby lashed out with his sword and taking a step back to see what was reaching for him. The cancerous mass writhed and teamed with elven, human, and dwarven faces pressing themselves against a hellish membrane seeming to torture the souls inside. The twelve humanoid infused membranes seeking only to devour Sir Toby’s soul, struck at him, but the armor of his god held them at bay. The swarm of hellish mutilated flesh leached toward Sir Toby who seized the moment to put one out of its misery, but soon after Toby was unidentifiable in the mass, sending Taiven and Palis to his rescue.

Mercy, Brugge, Holber and They’d entered the darkened hallway being careful given the action occurring at the other end. As they cautiously entered flying hellfire appeared from the ethereal in the shape of a dragon/demon and shook the stragglers to their core.

Mercy and Brugge fell to the ground helpless, seeming to writhe in pain.

Holber’s legs went weak and he sprinted out of the room.

They’d Steeled himself and threw two chockrams at the devils causing them to back away, but they just smiled and persisted. The devil dragons sensed the blood of a good and kind soul. They began to lick their lips, their black onyx eyes gleaming with soul-consuming desire. Mercy saw the danger closed her soul to the world as she did so many times before, praying to be let loose from her bonds. This time Mercy’s prayers were answered. As these Abbashie licked their lips and skulked closer and closer, the greed in their hearts palpable, Mercy’s eyes went clear. The fear left the former slave and began to sink into the he bones of devils. A cleansing fire sprang from her eyes melting the devils where they stood. Mercy’s prayers were answered; she was alive and the 2 of the greater devils were not.

They’d understood how unbelievably helpless the position was for everyone in the hall and acted. He had to make a choice; he had to choose between Mercy, the person who has save every single one of us from deaths door countless times and Brugge. Mercy was drug to relative safety into the ebony angel’s crypt and Brugge felt the cold teeth of the Abbashie devils begin to devour his soul. His last thoughts were of the terror that consumed him as the devils did the same.

Palis looked down the hall and saw Brugge bleeding; being consumed by devils and redoubled his efforts. Focusing, he drew his short sword and stepped behind one of the lemurs. In a single thrust he downed a lemur set on Sir Toby’s blood and turned his attention to his next victim. Palis recognizing his situation slipped into the shadows and waited for his opportunity; he saw it in a lemur that tried to take the downed ones place. Again, swift as lightning two more strikes and another fell. However, as he felt the final blow to the lemur others filled in behind him cutting off his escape. Palis’ calculus knew it was going to be his life or the life of Sir Toby and in a selfless act shoved his blade one more time into a the writhing faces of the devil to protect his friend. His blade spent lemurs came from all sides stacking one after another crushing, biting, and tearing Palis’ soul from his body. He lay dead mere moments after saving Sir Toby’s life.

Oblivious to what was happening behind him Sir Toby was focused on the flying devils and writhing faces to his front. They were thick over his armor; understanding that there was fresh succulent Paladin soul for the sipping if they could just peal back this metal from the flesh. Sir Toby took his hammer to the lemurs pulverizing their wet fleshy bodies on the left and right. The devil dragon however was a different animal. He kept just out of reach seizing his opportunity while the lemurs took the brunt of the Paladin’s abuse. To Sir Toby’s right Taiven saw the predicament and leapt in the air and drug one of two devils to the ground and looked back at the Paladin. Sir Toby’s wry smile let Taiven know he knew what to do and dropped the hammer straight on the devils head sending brain matter across the cavern. With the script written Taiven jumped and drug the second to the ground drawing it’s ire. The devil latched onto Taiven with its teeth and with on quick motion stabbed Taiven in the torso with its needle-like tail. This gave Sir Toby all the time he needed to send his maul to the head of the devil; it was enough to hurt it, not kill it. As Taiven held fast to the devil the sting of the tail finally took hold and a searing cold took over causing his senses to go black. In was seemed an eternity to Taiven but for Toby was mere moments, the Paladin called to his god reaching out to seal the wounds of his friend and comrade.

When he awoke Taiven saw his predicament. He laying on the ground. Lemurs all about him. Sir Toby engaged with the Abbashie and no way out. He lay motionless hoping that the lemurs pay him no attention but he knows a reckoning is coming.

In the crypt room They’d and Mercy saw the plight of their friends and began to make a plan to save them. As they stood the largest of the devil dragons appeared in front of them some 40 feet in the air. His eyes seem to role back into his skull and three more Abbashie appeared. As they materialized choices had to be made “go after the wizard or the priest and her well kept consort”. They’d acknowledging their dire straights reached into the recesses of his mind and found the twinkling of a spell. A simple spell. One that was taught to him years ago to protect him when he would venture into the wood. He hadn’t called on it in years, but it came fast; it came faster than the Abbashie. They struck the barrier and recoiled in pain. They kept trying to pass; to get to the fresh soul of one so connected to her god but They’d’s spell was to practiced, to steady, to powerful. All devil ten devil eyes turned to Holber the wizard. The only prey left to the starving devils and they began to collect around him like dogs around a butcher.

The summons devils surrounded Holber. The largest amongst the devils looked directly at They’d and Mercy and pronounced “give up now. Drop your weapons and leave this place or your souls will suffer under my torture for an eternity. They’d looked evenly at the monster and said “what are your terms?”



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