Guidelines for Spellcasters

Spell casters in our campaigns also follow these rules.

  1. Spell components are needed for spell casters. If you have a spell component pouch; you are automatically assumed to have what you need for spells with non expensive material components, (If a group fund is established, I’ll periodically charge the costs of Spell Component Pouches to it, so that you as players will not need to sweat it). It should be noted that if the material component of a spell exceeds the value of 1 gold piece, then the caster, in order to cast the spell in question must purchase and stock that spell component separately for each casting of the spell in question.
  1. A spell caster may create spells at any time as long as he is of sufficient level to cast the spell he creates. (If he is not a high enough level to cast the spell you may still write it up for him to use when he gets high enough to use it). The in-game process for creating a spell is as follows:
  • A spell caster must spend 1d3 weeks per spell level and spend 1d10 x100 + any expensive material component costs in Gold pieces a week researching and refining his spell for it to be useable. During this time the spell caster may not adventure it is assumed that he will be spending at least 12 hours a day in magical experimentation. (In-group terms you write the spell up then submit it to the group for approval. The entire group then votes on the spell. If the spell receives a majority vote it is approved and may be put into play immediately. If it does not, it fails and must be re-written and may be submitted again starting from the beginning of the process described in this sub-section).

• On an unrelated note, I allow players to make up their own command words for their magical items.

Hiring Spell Casters.

There are times when the magic users in the group simply are not powerful enough to do a desired task, but since there are other wizards and such about a player for the right price may be able to hire a wizard to perform the task.

  1. Spell casting services costs follow the book price listed on page 159, equal to 10 x spell level x caster level + specific component costs.
  1. If a spell caster is hired for the purposes of creating a magical item, contingencies or casting permanency; he may charge the Player Character whatever amount he deems appropriate for the task. (The player may walk away from a price that he finds to be to outrageous).

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Guidelines for Spellcasters

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