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Class Clarification 1: Magus Class

1. Threat range is based off of weapon.

2. Critical modifier is x2 for spell and uses the weapons critical modifier for the weapon.

3. Weapon cannot “hold the Charge”

4. Channeled spell is not vs/ touch attack AC it is vs/ regular armor class and it
does not still deliver the spell if it hits only the touch AC.

5. Spell Combat as an ability only means you can combine an attack with casting a spell. It doesn’t mean that the spell suddenly changes into an ex ability, it follows all the normal rules for casting a spell. As noted above, spell combat isn’t why you’re casting defensively. It’s because the spell you’re casting is still a spell; the spell combat ability only LETS you cast that spell in that way. It doesn’t make it not a spell, and therefore it provokes attacks of opportunity normally.

6. The magus’s Spell Combat penalties are built in to the class; he only suffers penalties for 2 weapon fighting if he’s actually using two weapons.

7. Spellstrike: The free attack is NOT an extra attack. It’s a free attack you ad on to spellcasting. Casting the spell still takes the normal amount of time—spellstrike just effectively adds the weapon attack as a part of the casting of the spell. Think of the attack as a somatic component if you will. So when he uses spellstrike, he does NOT get his full iterative attacks—his primary action in that round is the spellcasting, and normally that means he gets NO attacks. Spellstrike lets him make ONE attack as part of that spellcasting.

8. It would not be possible to make a vital strike as part of spell combat or spellstrike as all of the actions are at least a standard action.

Class Clarification 2: Alternate APG Classes

May choose alternate class features as long as they are not based off of the same class ability.

Class Clarification 3: Gestalt

So first, the academic part – I have always played (and DM’d) Gestalt characters as being locked into their ‘blend’ as a single class. Thus, if you are a 3 rd lvl Fighter/Wizard Gestalt – you can’t change to 4 th lvl Fighter/3 rd lvl Wizard + 1 st lvl rogue. It just gets way too abusable, in my opinion, if you allow such. You are absolutely correct on this not being allowed. We refer to this as the Jeffstalt

Similarly, if you are a Gestalt Illithid/Wizard 3, with the race treated as a class – once you reach full potential with the race, you have only one choice – to use the advanced race rules to continue ‘improving’ your race class.

I really frown on the races that obviously should not be PC Races; frown on does not mean won’t allow, but it does mean that I will do nothing to facilitate that choice. A gestalt Creature of this nature would indeed be limited to the option of improving the race. Race options have a chance to lighten up in the future; I need to see how the game plays out in the higher levels before I think I would be comfortable allowing high power races in at lower levels.

However, what if a Fighter/Wizard Gestalt 3 wanted to ‘give up’ being Gestalt in order to multi-class into something else? Does one advance, for example, to F/W3, Rg1, then F/W3, Rg2 and so on and so forth?

This is absolutely allowed.

If they do so, are they still considered Gestalt or now just multi-class?

They are always considered Gestalt and would also be muti-classed under our rules. I would be willing to adapt the xp table but even as a Gestalt/Single class that character would still have to earn 10% more xp per single class level.

Can they go back and increase a level of their Gestalt class later? (Yes) If they cannot go back and continue to Gestalt – are they still taking a Gestalt slot? Yes they count for the gestalt slot even if they only took 1 gestalt level.

Class Clarification 4: Alchemical Items for Alchemist Abilities

An “Alchemical Item” is any item that is listed in the equipment cost tables under the heading of “special substances and items.


Pathfinder - Rules Clairifications - Classes

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