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Feat Clarification 1: Power Attack

power attack can be used with a light weapon.

Feat Clarification 2: Empower Spell

I think the intent behind empower is to multiply dice based variability. Non dice based variability such as bonuses based on caster level or static effects like bulls strength should not be empowered. I agree with the fact that empower should not affect Dispel Magic.

Feat Clarification 3: How do Stabbing Shot (Combat) + Manyshot (Combat) + Rapid Shot (Combat) work together?

(How many total attacks for a character how has a + 7/+ 2 BAB)?

Let’s start with the simple answer; a character with a + 7/+ 2 BAB using many shot and rapid shot would get three attacks the first would be the many shot (1 attack roll shooting 2 arrows) this would be at a + 5 (“All of your attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot”). Your next shot would also be at a + 5 (the rapid shot off the primary attack) and you last attack would be at + 0 (once again for the penalty with rapid shot)

Now if we are to combine all 3, very technically the many shot action has to come first (“When making a full-attack action with a bow, your first attack fires two arrows”). This attack would be at a + 5. Then you could do the Stabbing shot (This melee attack replaces the extra attack from Rapid Shot, and all of your attack rolls for the round (the melee attack and the ranged attacks) take a –2 penalty). so you would think that attack would also be at a + 5, however (The arrow is an improvised melee weapon and, in all respects, is treated as such. This means taking the -4 non-proficiency penalty on top of the Rapid Shot penalty. You would also not add the enhancement bonus of the bow (since the arrow was not fired from it) nor things like Weapon Focus or Weapon Training in bows). The arrow is essentially an improvised dagger it does 1d4 points of damage. So very technically this attack should only be a a + 1*. Then the last shot would once again be at +0.

• I would be hesitant to enforce the -4 non-proficent penalty; I do not believe that it is in the spirit of the way this feat is intended to be handled.

• In any case though if the stabbing shot was done first, then many shot could not be used.


Pathfinder - Rules Clairifications - Feats

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