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Race Clarification 1: What happens when an Eidolon suffers Ability Damage or Ability Drain?

Remember also that the eidolon does not heal naturally. Just like hit point damage, any ability damage or drain the eidolon has persists between when it is banished/dismissed/killed and when it is resummoned. The exception is an eidolon killed by Con damage (which, if resummoned, would still be at 0 Con and immediately die and vanish); in this situation, the resummoned eidolon is cured of 1 point of ability damage or drain so the amount of damage or drain is 1 less than its actual Constitution score, allowing it to live.

Effects that cure ability damage or drain work on the eidolon’s ability scores when it is summoned.


Pathfinder - Rules Clairifications - Races

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