Pathfinder - Rules Clairifications - Spells

Spell Clarification 1: Sleep Spell

Sleep spell will differ from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. This spell will function the same in every respect, except that its casting time has been reduced to 1 standard action. The Sleep spell states that it affects up to 4 HD. This has been interpreted to mean that creatures are affected if they fall asleep. This is important because in order to determine who is affected, some creatures may save. If they save, they are not affected, therefore they do not count against the HD limit.

1. For npc groups affected by sleep, they will be given a move action when they wake up, so that they can take some action but not be allowed to wake up all sleep monsters in a domino-like effect. This also presents a simple solution that doesn’t necessitate rolling. A person can be woken from the sleep spell by doing a point of damage to them or by using a standard action.

Spell Clarification 2: Terrible Remorse

Official Update: In the description of the terrible remorse spell, change the final sentence to read as follows:

“If the creature saves, it is instead frozen with sorrow for 1 round, during which time it can take no actions and takes a -2 penalty to Armor Class, after which the spell ends.”

Spell Clarification 3: Blood Transcription

What spells are eligible? It should be memorized spells for Wizards/spells known for Sorcerer’s and Bards.


Pathfinder - Rules Clairifications - Spells

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