Poison Crafting

These alternative rules have been created to make poison crafting and use a viable addition to the players tool kit. They are subject to the DM’s discretion and are apt to change if tweaks are needed.


In order to craft a dose of poison, a player must obtain the ingredients they require from whatever source they can (purchased from a vendor, survival check to locate the proper plants, survival check to harvest creature organs, etc.) It is generally assumed that the active ingredients can be obtained from a single check or source (you don’t need to track down five different ingredients to make a single poison).

Basic Check: To attempt to craft a poison, the player must have access to an alchemical lab of some form. They also require a fairly quiet environment similar to that required for crafting magic items. The time required to craft a poison is equal to 8 hours per 1000gp of the item’s base cost. A crafter can only dedicate up to a max of 8 hours a day to crafting (time spent crafting other items counts against this). Crafting must be done in 4 hour uninterrupted blocks.

If the crafter is interrupted before the block is over, the progress for that block of time is lost, but not the ingredients or previous progress. Someone coming in and asking a couple brief questions or the equivilant would not be considered an interruption, but beyond that it is the DM’s call. A poison that costs only 250g or less only requires 2 hours crafting time. If they have the time, a crafter may craft multiple items in a day (creating four 200gp poisons in a single day for example). The player can declare they are crafting “on the road” if they have access to a portable alchemy lab. They can devote 4 hours a day while traveling to crafting (split up during rest stops, meals, etc.) but this only generates 2 hours worth of work.

At the end of the time required to craft the poison (or the end of each block of work if the poison must be crafted over multiple sessions), the player makes a Craft: Alchemy check. The DC is equal to the DC required to save against the effects of the poison. If the check is failed then the progress for that block of time is lost (all previous progress is still retained, however). If the check is failed by 5 or more, the ingredients are lost and the crafter must make a second check at the same DC to see if they accidentally poisoned themselves in the process.

Enhancing Poisons
A player may enhance poisons in various ways, but doing so increases the DC of the crafting checks. All enhancements must be declared prior to beginning to craft the poison, and may not be changed during the process. Enhancements (and costs to do so) may be stacked with each other except where noted.

Increase the DC of a poison – For every 2 points the player increases the DC to craft the item, they may increase the DC to save against it by 1. This can be done to a maximum save DC increase of 5. The base material cost of the item increases by 5% per point of save DC increase.

Increase the duration of a poison’s effect – If an poison has a duration on it’s effect, the player may increase the duration by 25% (rounded down to a minimum of 1 increment increase) by adding 5 to the DC to craft the poison. This adds 15% to the base material cost.

Reduce the onset of a poison – A player may increase the DC of crafting a poison by 5 to reduce the onset time of a poison by one increment (1 day → 10 min → 1 min → 1 round → none). This increase the base material cost of the item by 10% and may not be stacked to provide further reductions in the onset.

Change the method of delivery of a poison – A player may increase the DC to craft a poison by 15 to change the method of delivery of a poison. This may not be stacked with itself to add a secondary delivery method, and it may not be stacked with any other enhancements to the poison. This increases the base material cost by 25%.


Poison Crafting

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