Race: I will run just as soon as I can silence all the people with dirt on me…
Class: I have lots of class. I have never felt overly compelled to use it but I do have it.
Level: Between the 2nd and 11th floors
Gender: Male
Size: Bigger than yours
Age: 47ish
Special Abilities: I can ruin your life for fun and profit.
Alignment: Varies by mood.
Location: Earth
Languages: Money talks.
Occupation: Talking to idiots.


Strength: In what?
Dexterity: I can dodge and weave accusations like the best.
Constitution: EverReady
Intelligence: I am the smartest person I have ever met. The most humble too…
Wisdom: Is something you can buy but it only comes at an hourly rate.
Charisma: Depends on the day and how big her tits are…

Membership Status: Active

Group Member since July 2013



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