Race: Less Than Human
Classes/Levels: Psychiatrist Level 14, Archetype Forensic Psychiatrist, Archetype Disability Analyst, Archetype Addiction Psychiatry, Model builder 3
Gender: Male
Size: Medium 5’6"
Age: 46
Special Abilities: M.D., Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry and Disability Analysis, Licensed to practice in Missouri, Licensed to prescribe Buprenorphine,
Alignment: NG
Location: St. Louis
Languages: English, some Korean and Spanish
Occupation: Psychiatrist


Strength: 13
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 13

(Explanation: goes to the gym about 3-4x a week, eats healthy, IQ about 140 + education)

Skills: +6 to medical related rolls
+15 to Psychiatry related rolls
+5 to model building
Equipment: Home movie theater, air-brush, car

Membership Status: Active

Group Member since June 2017



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