Medium Aberration

This creature arose from painful recollections of history and ideas, like a scab on the wounds of Nietzsche’s dead god.


Age: 32
Special Abilities: using my imagination to assemble ideas from forgotten nuances
Skills: Theology, Philosophy, Pizza-Making, some mathematical theory, but really not much
Alignment: Heterosexual
Location: Small Town USA (Ste. Genevieve)
Languages: Some Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, and tidbits of programming
He currently makes pizzas at Domino’s.


Actual Current Ability Scores:
My ability to carry things 14
Walking through revolving doors 13
Getting through being sick 13
Supposing there is a theoretical explanation of why 16
Admitting that there is a practical reality despite “why” 12
Getting along with people 13

Group Member since June 2004
Membership Status: Inactive
Member of the 2005 Dungeon Crawl Champion Team
Co-DM – A Manifestation of Chaos – Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month – Sept. 2012



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