One Shot


It is my hope that this missive finds you swiftly and well.

Several years ago, your group came to the aid of the Kingdom of Keoland and you were pivotal in bringing about the destruction of the vile Sakatha, the Lizard-King. Your heroics provided security to our trade routes and cleared the way for vital goods to be imported and exported for the prosperity of all the realm. Your courage and bravery stands the test of time and sadly I have need of it once again…

It is with dread cause that I write to you. I must inform you that my sister’s son and your good friend Ambrose Scotti has gone missing. It has been four months since any have heard from him and I fear the worst. I have employed wise-men, trackers and even diviners and all they can say is that Ambrose is shrouded in darkness.

As I’m sure you remember Ambrose was just becoming a man grown and took to you all greatly. I remember being so angry when I found out that he followed you to Sakatha’s lair. How foolish I thought the boy; but then you all returned and told the tale and I realized that he was not just some hero struck boy, he was a courageous man. About a year after you all went on to other adventures, Ambrose took the oath of Heironeous and began on the path of a Paladin. It is with great pride I tell you that he was knighted six months ago.

Upon receiving his knighthood, SER Ambrose choose to take up a quest to retrieve the fabled whetstone of Clangeddin Silverbeard; it is said any weapon sharpened by that stone would become so sharp that it would be able to cut through adamantium.

I’ll admit, I did not think much of his chances, the rumors of lost dwarven artifacts are many but the reality is nearly all of them are just that, rumor. The hard truth is even in the annuals of legends, the evidence on this one is scanty. It was very much a surprise when I got word from SER Ambrose several weeks into the quest that he had found a lead and was heading to the Joten Mountains to search for the lost dwarven city of KaQaz AnQour. He set out with several good men and a retinue of thirty retainers, no one has heard from any of them since.


I beseech you to come to my aid and recover my nephew. I will give 5,000 gold crowns to each of you if you come to find him.

His Peerless Majesty, the King of Keoland, Kimbertos Skotti; Lord of Gran March, Plar of Sterich; Protector of the South. 17th day of Ready’reat – CY 591

A Pathfinder 1st edition one shot, for 4-6 level 9 characters, set in the World of Greyhawk

One Shot

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